Hey everyone my name is josh and today i’m going to give you a tour of this 2019 ford transit connect camper van a couple of things i want to mention before we get started uh most of the products that i talk about in this van build will be linked below and then i’m also going to put my contact info down below so you can shoot me an email if you’re interested in

Having a van conversion done now the majority of the electrical system in this build was purchased through a company called renegy which is a very well known name especially in the van conversion world unfortunately i had one of the worst experiences i’ve ever had dealing with renegy i strongly recommend not using any of their products they have extremely bad

Customer service and if you do have a problem like i did you are going to get nowhere next you’re going to notice some windows on the slider doors in this van and those are purchased through a company called van windows direct i also recommend not purchasing anything through van windows direct save yourself the headache and just look elsewhere and now let’s get

Started so like the other van tours that i uh have done start on the outside and then we’ll get to the interior so i’m gonna jump behind the camera and give you guys a look so up top here you’re gonna notice three 100 watt solar panels connected together on a simple frame to try to minimize the length of the panels behind that you’ll see the max air fan again the

Model will be linked in the description below and here you can see these windows the idea with them is to have a small window that you’re able to open it’s kind of within the glass so it is a cool concept that way you can have some ventilation when you have your fan open and you don’t have to reach forward to lower these windows uh using the controls on the door

Here i have made a platform like this before and the older body style of the transit connect just a simple platform that allows for some extra i don’t know storage below it’s it has a leg that’s supporting it just on a hinge and then you do also have a little bit of storage underneath the platform it utilizes a handful of contact points to provide support for the

Platform like you can see here this is a bit of wood that’s cut to rest on the plastic part of the seat here and then when the door is closed it really has nowhere to go this way so now we can take a look inside uh we’ll start over here on the right up top this is a very common request to get in these vans to extend the there’s a factory shelf built into these

Transit connects and all i do is extend it forward so that you can have a bit of storage up here again in the older body style the height of the van is much taller and you do get more space in this overhead bin this client was interested in having roller shades as opposed to any sort of a curtain for privacy with that said roller shades are very square so it is

Needed to box in uh a ways to fill in the light leaks that would happen because of the curvature of the van but behind here is just your standard shade uh self-closing which is convenient and then down here is kind of a bench style cabinet um this would be the the pooper over here is just a little bit of storage for your tp and whatnot and then this is just a

Removable top so that you can access your waste bin and then this bin over here is actually designed for a cat pooper this was a bin purchased by the client so the cabinet was designed around these two items primarily this is kind of like the cat door entrance the idea is the cat will walk in here and hang a hang a left and make its way to the cat box do its

Business and come back out there’s a little extra space behind uh that box there to store your cat litter and then that’s also a door that opens to be able to remove the cat box out the side which i’ll show you here sorry for all the noise i live by an airport and i guess we need fighter jets here in wisconsin so just leather drawer pulls and door handles and

Whatnot but this door pops open so that way you can slide out the the business box and then this is a large drawer that pulls out which is nice in the event that you have something on top of this panel here uh you don’t have to move it to get to what’s inside and then this is also hinged so that way when the door is closed you have access to what’s inside that

Drawer now from this angle you can start to see the inside of the van here i’m going to hop back around the other side here these freaking jets so now we can take a look on the left here you’ll notice a sink just a simple hand pump faucet my idea here was to try to minimize doors and whatnot because this is might be the smallest van i’ve ever converted what i

Want to do is make a false wall here it’s on soft closed drawer guides just slides forward then you have access to your your fresh water and then just a small gray water so then that just pulls shut it’s out of the way now taking a step inside here it’s like i mentioned just a minute ago this is just that storage bin with the drawer and then this is also just

A large compartment for all the goodies this box here unfortunately is just uh it’s it’s covering the receiving end of the slider so you can see this pocket catches the mechanism on the door and when the door closes and it kind of just sticks a steel little box right here and it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world this side it’s buried

Inside of the cabinet so taking a look over at the main cabinet here we have our lights this is just a dimmer switch and then some 12 volt ports and you know usb plugs and whatnot and then this is actually an on off switch for the inverter which i’ll show you here in a little bit allows you to not have to access your inverter to turn it on which is pretty nice

Above the counter there’s just a small little storage bin uh using a little leather strap to kind of keep things from falling out below that just some various hooks and and things you have a 110 outlet trying to use a little bit more space i was able to recess kind of like a cubby back into the wall for some additional storage again a little leather strap to

Hold anything you want up here is just a leather loop likely to be used for just like a hand towel or whatever i guess on this side i can show you this is a hinge top and this actually reveals a extremely large cooler refrigerator freezer type deal this is currently it’s set as a freezer to keep frozen food inside so that uh tucks away and then you can use your

Counter space again now just below the countertop is an additional little i don’t know pull out tray so you can just kind of maximize your counter space and then below that is a microwave now i’m no microwave guru but just a as a heads up in case this helps anyone in the future this microwave was purchased because it was marketed as a low wattage microwave on the

Product page it says it’s 700 watts and so there’s currently a 1000 watt inverter in the back 700 watts is what the microwave uses to cook the food i guess but the the input wattage that is required is 1050 watts so it does not work currently so unfortunately we had to upgrade to a 2000 watt inverter which is not here yet but double check if you are i don’t know

Crunching numbers to figure out what kind of power you’re going to need if you are looking to include a microwave to make sure to uh check what the input wattage requires to run so then below the microwave we have just a little drawer it’s kind of shallow because the wheel well is actually behind there just some paperwork from all the products and then this is

Kind of a longer drawer here that i was able to squeeze underneath this freezer one thing i forgot to mention is this is actually a stainless steel panel the idea was to allow the client to if you know you decide to go with anything magnetic that you can just stick it right to that sheet on this side it’s simply just a mirrored box but this is just using carpet

Instead of the metal it’s a little leather strap to hold in all the goodies up top here is another roller shade just like the front um pulls down and it clears behind this countertop here to give you some privacy and actually you can see i’ll show you here in just a second but that’s a little storage cubby i was able to squeeze inside the door so now i’ll crawl

Out of here and we can go through what’s in the back again this is that little storage cubby that i just mentioned on the left here the last little storage compartment contains most of the electrical this particular van has a 175 watt lithium battery and then the idea was to get all the fuses kind of in one place so that that could be the first check if anything

Is not running can check if you blew a fuse or whatnot it’s hinged so below that is actually going to reveal all the wiring and then here is a battery isolator and that’s going to allow you to charge this battery when you’re driving down the road a little bluetooth i don’t know antenna or something so you can monitor the solar from renge’s app i believe so then

That just tips back down and then you can close it up so this is your charge controller that is regulating what’s coming from the panels to your battery and below that is our inverter again like i mentioned you do have your on off switch here as well as a couple of 110 outlets but there is the uh the remote feature and that’s what this kind of like data cable is

Doing i’m allowing you to turn this on and off from that switch by the sink to the right of that this is simply just a vent to allow that freezer you can actually kind of see the vent of the freezer through the the grate here giving it some ventilation and then because of it being a corner cabinet you often end up with some dead space so i was able to squeeze

One little drawer in the back here underneath that freezer as well so one thing i forgot to mention was the slider doors actually have the roller shades mounted to them there’s enough clearance that when the doors are open the roller shades don’t interfere with anything on the outside and they clear the corner when closing the door so that was kind of a pleasant

Surprise so i don’t think i forgot anything uh if you do have any questions about any particular part of the the van build please leave me a comment below i’ll try to get back to as many people as i can this was definitely a challenging build being that it was a new body style compared to the other transit connects that i have done in the past but the client seems

Fairly happy with it and hopefully they’re able to take it on some fun adventures thanks for sticking around through the entire tour again if you are interested in having a van conversion done my contact info is going to be down below feel free to reach out and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can thank you so much for watching hit the good old thumbs up button

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FULLY LOADED MICRO CAMPER VAN | FULL TOUR!!! (2019 Ford Transit Connect) By Josh Oakes