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Fully modified BMW M3 F80 LCI II 2 build video

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Join us as we modify this brand new 2018 BMW M3 F80 LCI II 2 at BMR Autowerkes! The vehicle was completely standard when we received it and we set about transforming it with some of the best aftermarket bits available including BC Forged Wheels, H&R Springs, and the M3 Akrapovic Titanium exhaust finished off with some very nice Carbon Fibre aero kits. What are your thoughts post-transformation?

Hey youtube stewart from bmr auto works here just got my hands on a fresh bmw m3 if you haven’t seen our last video be sure to check that out because they’ve got a lot of positive feedback and i’m excited to bring you another project this is an alpine white m3 which might not seem as exciting as the bmw individual bridger telesto paint of the previous one but we’ve

Got some really cool mods to make sure this one stands out we’re just pulling up at the workshop now so let’s get started the exhaust we’ve chosen to go with for this project is the titanium a crop of each evolution system complete with carbon fiber exhausted it’s an amazing sounding exhaust and suits to the nature of the m3 perfectly another great addition

To any m3 is a carbon fiber diffuser as you can see here we’ve got a nice subtle looking one on we’ve got something really special for this car just going to make it stand out okay check it out but it’s really nice aggressive carbon-fiber under trade that ties in perfectly with the diffuser now in normal racing applications the purpose of this is to create

Downforce at the rear but in this case it just looks awesome okay so we’ve just finished installing the pretty extreme looking for psm style diffuser to even things up on the top of the car we’re going to add the m performance a carbon fiber from spoiler this is a genuine b&w item and it’s pretty subtle in its looks but we think it’ll complement the cart

Nicely without detracting or anything else some bmws m engineers have done a great job with the m3 suspension out of the factory however the car rides just a little bit too high to fix that we’ve gone with a set of h&r sport springs which is going to give us a great ride height fence down wheelz can make or break any car up with this project we’ve gone

For something special these wheels were made to order so the customer actually came to us about six weeks before picking up the car so we could plan out a style and color combination the finished product fantastic it’s a brushed bronze center with a polished lip and contrasting silver hardware move the wheels on let’s move on to the front of the car the f80 m3

Is already a very aggressively styled cut but to make this one a bit more unique we’ve got a few additions we’ve got a virus star carbon fiber front lip to add but also to add a bit more aggression with vinyl wraps this bit here and here in gloss black okay so here it is the finished product as you can see the car has undergone some pretty drastic changes from

The custom-designed bc forged wheels all the way to the race-inspired psm stop diffuser we hope you guys liked it and the video let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to hit subscribe so you don’t miss the next

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Fully modified BMW M3 F80 LCI II 2 build video By BMRAutowerkes