Future Drive Ep.6 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Super Cruise

On this edition of Future Drive, Brian Moody drives the Chevrolet Bolt EUV with Super Cruise. Super Cruise is a fully hands-free automated driving system. While others may claim to have a self driving car, brands like Chevrolet have the real thing right now. Super Cruise is only good on mapped roads. In order for it to work, you have to be driving on a highway that’s been mapped into the database. While there are more than 200,000 miles of mapped roads in the U.S. and Canada, those are generally divided highways with clear on and off ramps. Super Cruise doesn’t work on side streets. But on those highways, you can take your hands off the wheel for hours at a time, never needing to touch the steering wheel or pedals. However, you do have to be paying attention and looking forward. And yes, the car can tell if you’re not paying attention.

Foreign this is the chevy bolt euv it’s a lot like the regular chevy bolt except the euv means it functions more like a small suv it’s a little longer than the standard bolt ev and it’s a little taller too euv stands for electric utility vehicle the chevrolet bolt uv has an approximate range of 250 miles that’s a little bit less than the smaller bolt ev but the

Bolt euv has one very interesting feature that you won’t find on most other electric cars it’s called super cruise and today it’s about as close as you can come to a self-driving car the main selling point with the bolt euv is the price it’s a tiny bit pricey for a small car but for an electric car it’s an affordable thirty five thousand dollars while electric cars

As a whole are quite expensive the chevy bolt and nissan leaf are two exceptions if you’re looking for an affordable new electric car the chevy bolt should be on your list you may even be able to get a tax credit if you purchase a new bolt or a bolt euv in 2023 or later now add to that the availability of super cruise and the bolt is an impressive electric car

Here’s what super cruise does it’s a hands-free driver assist technology that uses precision lidar map data in addition to real-time cameras sensors and gps to maintain control of the vehicle super cruise is only available on certain compatible roads roads that have been mapped into a database usually these roads are separated from traffic going in the opposite

Direction so think freeways and highways by 2023 even more miles of hands-free driving will be added including roads like route 66 the pacific coast highway and the trans-canada highway cruise is available on other gm vehicles too and here’s how you use it to engage super crews you just press the adaptive cruise control button on the steering wheel and then you

Press this button once that happens a green light will come on on top of the steering wheel and the car will break steer and accelerate all on its own now you really can take your hands off the wheel and you can do this for an extended period of time this isn’t possible on every road but it is useful on the highway in north america there are hundreds of thousands

Of miles mapped into the system and super cruise is being added to even more gm cars and trucks every year super cruise works with the car’s adaptive cruise control system but it is an added option adaptive cruise control is not the same thing as super cruise the super cruise group of features adds about 2 200 of the price of the car and you have to get the bolt

Euv premier trim level to have the option of super cruise total price on this car is just under forty five thousand dollars is that worth forty five thousand dollars maybe it kind of depends on what you’re after because the tesla model y is roughly sixty five thousand dollars and tesla’s controversial full self driving is 199 a month or twelve thousand dollars just

For that feature the hyundai ionic 5 starts at about forty thousand dollars but can easily run up beyond fifty thousand dollars with similar features and the same is true of kia’s all-electric ev6 however the kia can be had with a longer range and is quicker from zero to sixty if you can make do with a car that’s smaller than a toyota corolla and it’s all electric

The chevy bolt is actually a pretty good deal but the bolt isn’t the only car with supercrews other gm vehicles like the cadillac escalade as well as the ct4 and ct5 chevy silverado and hummer ev have the option by 2023 the cadillac lyric gmc yukon and chevrolet tahoe and suburban will have the option of super cruise as well if the idea of a car that essentially

Drives itself appeals to you then check out one of these eventually gm will probably have super crews on every car they sell

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