Nyong, of course, for these prices, it can be said that they are expensive, nor can they be said that they are very cheap. we don’t even want it, if we can get it again, it’s really cheap. of course, it’s also not expensive. we’re definitely selling it because we are the first ones. seller speed hi assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh see you again kemal i’m from

The zir auto team today i want to sell a car that can be called a luxury car caste from bavaria from germany this car is also not very old and also not hope mad is curious about cars ok, check it out hi how you saw earlier, it’s as easy as both of you know that the car that is currently for sale is the 2008 sonderklasse w221 s350, only this car has been facelifted to 2010

The difference with those who haven’t had a facelift from the exterior, you can clearly see the light grille from the led under the bumper, the chrome bumper is also a model hi, i’m train it’s safe to call it like a locomotive head, taillights, you can already see that it’s a new model with a 2 exhaust trap. this trapezoidal model and this car also symbolizes most people’s

Success cars are actually successful cars, for sure the one who owns this car, the average person is happy, not it must be rich people who have it, but what’s sure is that people like makane, sometimes for sanmori or for daily use. it’s okay if you use mobilio for daily use, you can also use pertalite, the feeling, too. i also use pertalite. i’m sure i’ll even fill it with

Pertalite. for him, what did wolter break down ? i think it’s also not because it’s compressed and everything else is enough just to use pertalite and as far as we know, pertalite costs 7650 rupiah. if you talk about being extravagant, this car can still get around 1819 per km for city use. it just depends on where the fat is. if it’s just full hartvig for days and hours,

He’ll be taken away, it’s just you if you ‘re still using normal gas, step on the gas, it’s also not the gas that wants to race. actually, it’s still okay. hi, it’s a neat animated film, it’s very special, it’s strange that ace’s car is cold, the clock is ondel, like jamsostek, similar to what many the distiller, which is mostly made of suspension, is also hermetic up and

Down , everything is still active, he has a monitor screen, the display can still turn, it’s still safe. km is only 80,000 km. 80,000 service records can be checked at any workshop for the condition of the steering wheel, there’s no such thing. retrim has never had a service tooth, nothing has broken, but everything is still preserved as it was, and what i know for sure is

That if you want a facelift from my eyes, this 221 laughs from year to year, i’m sure it’s over 70 million to accept it all fullpage received neatly, for sure with the number 275000000 already got those who want the model to have a facelift so it’s the same as in 2013 so it’s b isa can be said to be not very old, what is certain for these prices to be said to be expensive,

Not to say very cheap, things are there, we also want them, if we get them again, they are very cheap, yes, we must sell them too, not sell expensively. definitely selling because we are the first ones, it’s the speed of selling and also we have to see if we are ready to sell this car or not because many are cheap but if we sell anti-ends we can only complain right and left,

All kinds of things make the sick better so yes, the suspension is so calm, the power is just 3500cc 6 cylinders, how did you see everything inside, you can see it’s still very good, you could say the most there are minor minors that are reasonable to use, but overall it’s all memory as well. still on the road, we don’t have anything to give can adjust all telescopic coil

Steering wheels. still on the road, there are no strange symbols on the speedometer, brother, just sell the petrol. u turn on hi, eh, touch the price, we’ll talk about it later, we’ll definitely get bored of talking about money in a car, mulu lotito, price ok for this s-class, he doesn’t look very old in 2008 because in the facelift in 2010 11 12 and even 2013 it still looks

Like like this we open the price of this car at 275000000 rupiah we can also help with credit with a minimum total down payment of 75 million in small 7 million installments for more than three years, waste from year to year, the maximum warranty is 12 months for the automatic r module transmission engine, we also give a guarantee for one year, okay guys and we didn’t make

This video to bring down anyone because we just want to sell more, not sell less and just to make a statement that we are also here selling not all luxury goods, we also sell cheap cars. cars under 50 million cars 60 million cars here. under 100000000 cars 200-300 700000000 we also have hi ok that’s it from me don’t forget to like hey subscribe ring the bell, okay? press

The bell for free. fourth, follow our ig @mobil_auto zir for a sales phone number that you can call immediately. also, it will appear later if you bring it because it is brought to the bottom left of this screen. okay, assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh

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