Gen Z ROASTED For Being Lazy Over Quiet Quitting, Crew Rags On Lazy Youth

Guest: Don’t Walk, Run

This is from new york post act your wage is the new quiet quitting visibility doesn’t pay the bills say gen z workers yo the future is yours for the taking gen z not all of them but they are such lazy vapid spineless and pathetic individuals this is what your wealth hath wrought could you imagine going to like the greatest generation and being like if you fight

This war you will you will make this and them being like well that’s a noble cause let’s do it they’re gonna be like wow that’s sad these gen z workers are saying don’t let them see you doing anything and just do nothing and get paid because you’re worth it what do you think andrew um is that a fair depiction money is a human right or something like i this the

I’ve heard all about this this you know the quiet quitting and i’ve talked about uh with friends about people actually working like going back to work in an office and um you know i was watching uh last night tucker carlson was interviewing dana white and he was like yeah like you know a couple weeks after the beginning of the pandemic everybody came back to the

Office and was working in the office and there’s there’s a lot to say about working in an office because you can it’s easier to micromanage your team it’s easier to say uh get your work done as opposed to i’ll just keep moving your mouse like every 15 minutes while you’re you’re showering and cooking and playing with your cat you know uh it’s it’s almost i think

At the beginning of the pandemic a lot of people were were worried about losing their jobs i’m working at home i need to show my boss that i’m actually doing stuff now we’re having this this debate whether you should you know work your worth or you’re working too much for for less money it’s just it’s it’s all ridiculous all of this from remember van life that was

Really big yeah yeah i’m just like uh well let me slow down there was this woman who made two videos and got like two million subs and they said it was an it was a mistake in the algorithm or something and i’m just yes i’m like it’s really convenient that there’s a movement forming telling people to sell off all their positions and live in squalor at a time when

They’re also campaigning against climate change i’m sorry it just doesn’t sound like a coincidence it sounds like they intentionally prioritized talking about how cool it is to live in a van would it be great to have nothing i bet the algorithm you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy and then they’re like wait where do i poop and then like this is horrible you

Have an rv and you have an rv do you have an rv i built a van and it’s got a full functioning uh black water system with a toilet and a shower and everything yeah like you know a human being like you’re you know you guys you guys have you guys have a decent amount of income that you can do that not everybody can uh can take a sprinter van that’s not that’s not the

Point i’m trying to make it i’m sorry youtube was promoting people giving up their possessions to live in a van something about it is charming though i’ve always kind of had the desire to like hop in a motorhome and tour the planet you know in my retirement my old age or whatever but then the realism is that it’s hard to get stuff done well here let me let me ask

You guys uh how do you feel personally about the debate that you know people should you know oh nothing corporations want people to work in an office in their space workers either want hybrid or they want to completely stay home and they think that they deserve it they think that that’s yeah and and if they don’t get it they’re gonna quit and they’re they’re gonna

Quietly quit good they should they should so and companies should be happy if you’re a corporation if you’re yeah if you’re and your employees are like i won’t come to the office and be like exactly we’re letting you go and best of luck and both parties will be very happy in that scenario because if you’re running a company i’ll tell you this because we need this

Here too you want your employees in a space to build a culture to share ideas and help develop i like everything that’s happening in the space so we get people hooking us up being like i can do that job but i’ll do it remotely i say it we can’t do it and they go like well i’m looking for a remote good luck man you know best of luck to you we’re looking for people

Who want to come down and and help build something and that means no matter what your job is someone might be like i’m working on this game and you could be like oh yeah try this i’m like i didn’t think about that that’s the kind of stuff that can only happen when people are hanging out together that are friends that are working together to build something you

Can’t do these things over slack or teams it’s not the same thing and it’s an environment that also challenges you and inspires you when you see someone next to you working really hard it inspires me to work even harder so even coming here when i’m when i’m not here i’m i take things a lot easier but when i’m here i’m seeing everyone work and i’m like okay i gotta

Step it up i gotta you know put all my intentions and put all my energy into being the best version of myself as you could clearly see i’m doing a lot of that and and and and i’m only getting better as time goes on because i’m around that environment so i i think a lot of these you know young people they’re being taught a lot of really bad things in college and

When they hit the real world they’re kind of devastated because one they’re in debt two they’re also in a situation where they’re going to have to work for a corporation or a situation that they’re not going to be happy about so i i think this is why we’re seeing it correlated and now i’m sorry tim we’re we’re in we’re about to what nothing what are you talking

About your boots i mean we’re we’re on the we’re in a recession and it’s only going to get worse and all these people that that overpaid uh on homes paid like two hundred thousand dollars more for a house than it was worth they’re gonna lose their jobs and then we’re gonna have a major housing crisis so oh man this is the crazy thing right now let me tell you

We uh you know we’re we’re we’re working on expansion i got good news two of the walls at freedom of stan are up on the new on the new headquarters it’s steel frame building and paid in cash well what do you mean you didn’t take out a mortgage yeah there you go yeah yeah we hired a company to build a building yes and so you basically you pay by invoice though so

They’re like we bought this then you got to pay them so over a period of time you’re you’re paying in cash it’s not like you write a check for a million dollars and hand it to them or anything like that right but we got two of the walls up this is really good news the other thing is we’ve been talking about doing a brick and mortar shop and so i’ve been look i’ve

Been i’ve been looking at various properties the funniest thing in the world they just raised interest rates and all of these property owners for some reason are convinced their properties are worth fifty percent more than they’re worth so i go i go to this building and they’re like you know they want x amount of money and i’m like are you nuts like there’s a labor

Shortage a supply shortage we’re in a recession we’re in a bear market they just raise interest rates they’re going to raise interest rates again and you think i’m gonna give you that price and they go you know what we’re gonna wait what happens two months goes by the rates go up the price drops and i come back to them and i say i told you what it was worth you

Could have sold it i’m inclined to offer you less but these it’s just insane right now that prices are dropping across the board property is popping up everywhere because rates are going up but there are still these people who are convinced that their empty lot is worth millions of dollars and it’s laughable and you’re like you’ve been on the market for two years

I’m just you know that’s that’s sort of a you know anyway behind the scenes the kind of thing but what i want to say right now is when it comes to these gen z people being like this is what the story says from new york post this this woman sarai marie acts out this the scene where she goes hey veronica i’m gonna have you take this home and work on it tonight and

Then she goes respectfully susan i’d rather spend time with my family slurping an iced coffee from starbucks okay well look to be honest if you’re a wage worker i totally agree with that if you’re being paid by the hour and your boss comes to you and says i want you to take this project back home and finish it you’ll be like okay well i’ll bill you by the hour so

If i’m if i’m working for you and you’re paying me hourly then i’ll say we’ll commit four hours to my home time and it’s time and a half overtime sure and then you know okay but what they’re talking about with a lot of these young people is not wages but salaries look i’ma tell you something you know how he we hire here i don’t care about people who want to do a

Job i care about funding people who are already like living that life like what i mean is somebody might be like i want to write a book and i’m working on these stories i’ll be like okay i’m gonna give you money to keep doing that that’s what i’m interested in somebody so instead of being like we want someone to do the job it’s more like do you like doing this

Thing you do how would you like to get paid to do that thing yeah i’ve noticed the people that work here that that works out are leaders like self-incline and that you’re facilitating leaders to function in the thing that they do well when people come and they’re waiting to be told what to do it’s not the right environment and so that’s that’s the thing with these

People if you ever get somebody who’s like i’m gonna act my wage and quietly quit it’s like okay you’re fired you know no beef i mean we’re letting you go because you clearly don’t want to be here i tell everybody if you don’t want to be here you shouldn’t be you know if you want to be here then you know we’ll make it we’ll figure it out what i identify with with

People’s disgruntled uh nature right now is hourly wages for things that can be done like you’re here for 40 hours a week and just sit there and we’ll give you things to do through the day and i’m like because i would get things to do and they’d i could get them done super fast and then i’d be like okay i’m done and they’re like well you need to be here for six

More hours and i’m like damn this is a waste of my life i can get things done super fast so pay me for projects that’s what i think people need to start focusing on if you want to please your employees is pay them per project doesn’t matter how fast they are in fact it’s better if they do it fast and it gives them more free time that’s the thing too we don’t do we

Don’t we don’t do hourly we do all salary and so it’s like if if your job is to like let’s say move box from room a to room b i don’t care how long it takes you to do it you did it you can leave i don’t care you know just you we got you message me and if we need anything else this is your task you did it go watch go play video games whatever like it’s insane to

Me that you’re gonna pay me to play video games if i hire you to paint a picture of bucko the cat and you get that and and i’m like it’s uh you got to paint this picture and uh i don’t know how long it’ll take you but we’ll pay you x and you go okay and then an hour later it’s this beautiful masterpiece i’d be like well here’s your pay like now you can do whatever

You want because this was the agreement these are the terms of the contract you know what i mean so per project like ian said yeah well like sort of so my i mean maybe it’s it’s that these people are looking for that kind of work right maybe it’s that these gen z people want the environment where they can focus on what they want to do sometimes people get taken

Advantage of like they’ll be like okay they want me to paint a picture of bucko they do it an hour it’s done it’s amazing and then the owner is like that’s fantastic now paint me another one and you’re like dude i could have taken eight hours to do this and then you wouldn’t make me do a second one so like it’s like the important to work you’ve shown your hand you

Know like you i got an a plus two minutes we know that you’re a super fast person you know i’m in it as an employer i’m gonna take advantage of that and say well this i know that he’s going to do these this great stuff within an hour and i’m going to have him do like three or four of them a day i used to get that in school i would get all eight pluses when i was

Really young and then i started to get b’s because i was just so bored with homework i kind of didn’t want to do homework and my parents like what’s wrong you get you’re an a plus student what’s wrong something’s wrong i gotta see in there you’re grounded until you until you approve your credit and i’m like i should have just gotten b’s and c’s the whole time so

I stopped trying i was like i’m just gonna phone in the bare minimum to get through this and i did and i’ve got immensely successful and i had lots of free time as a result that was my attitude with school it’s like the way the school fun way at school functions is extremely detrimental to like to to gifted kids to hard-working kids some kids some people it’s

A lot harder to learn stuff and so they’re sitting there and they’re struggling so you punish them for it which makes no sense some kids solve the problem instantly so you punish them for it wow really made no sense so for like i i for me it was it was similar i’d be in class and they’d be like today we’re going to learn this subject in math i’d open the book i’d

Look i go oh i get it and then they’d be like do the problem i go oh yeah it’s like this and they would say okay that’s that’s monday but tuesday through friday we’re still doing this friday is the test i’ll be like okay well i don’t need to pay attention to you mumbling what you already told me so then i’d be daydreaming or doodling and not paying attention then

The teacher would think she caught me and be like you answer the question and i’d answer the question then i would get punished because i didn’t do the weird nonsense formula they wanted because i could do math in my head and so i was just like at that point school is a complete waste of time the the purpose of it clearly is to push people into a box and compress

Them it’s not making kids successful it’s not teaching them to be hard-working individuals who can succeed it’s teaching them to not try to hold themselves back because you’ll only be punished if you work harder which is why i’m not surprised this is what we’re getting with the new gen with the next generation but teaching them to comply to follow orders it zaps

Their creativity and zaps away any kind of independence or entrepreneurial spirit because you’re not supposed to draw outside of the lines you’re supposed to do as you’re told and i think a lot of modern education is just rinse and repeat instead of hey let’s see what you’re naturally gifted in let’s see what you’re naturally talented in let’s explore those ideas

Let’s see ways that we could help the world rather than of course exploit it for our own personal benefit and you know this this culture this work culture is just so weird where people feel that they’re you know that they’re all that they belong to work at home do you think that like somebody comes out of college has never worked in an office before it gets a

Job working from home oh man and does that person think that they’re going to be working from home until like they retire like that they’re going to be having that they’re that they’re never going to work in an office they’re like i’m this is sustainable this is something you know this is why everybody bought all these big houses that they didn’t really need you

Know uh but it’s just such a it’s just the whole thing is it’s such a weird culture and uh it’s the argument the the argument to stay at home and completely miss those interactions and completely miss that inspiration and stuff so it’s just so bizarre to me like i i loved going into an office unless i had a terrible boss what it’s probably easy to be like hey do

You want to come work for a big you know podcast and silly comedy show and ghost stories that’s probably easy to convince people it’s a fun place to be but if you’re like working at the cracker factory i can imagine you don’t want to be there you know well let’s stick well unless you’re passionate about different kind of crackers but not you know and and that’s

And that’s another thing uh not everybody has the privilege to work from home you can’t be a barista and work from a home you know unless you’re controlling some barista robot or something like a drone you know which maybe you’re coming sure uh but not not everybody has a privilege so to for for a certain for a select group of people to be angry about having to go

Back to the office think about everybody else retail workers manufacturing workers like they don’t have that privilege thanks for checking out this segment from the timcast irl podcast but if you want to check out the full show live tune in monday through friday at 8 pm and if you want more special access content head over to and become a member your

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Gen Z ROASTED For Being Lazy Over "Quiet Quitting," Crew Rags On Lazy Youth By Timcast IRL