GENESIS G90 SLAMMED – Fireball Malibu Vlog 481

GENESIS G90 SLAMMED! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 481 – Fireball Malibu Vlog 481 follows Fireball as he starts his Children’s Book Campaign, heads to the Beach with Kathie and then slams the new #GENESIS #G90! SHARE Today’s Vlog! #genesisg90 #genesisg90slammed #g90genesis

Come on this is vlog 481 i’m gonna be headed up into town i’m taking my book i think there’s a few places in the downtown area malibu that’s gonna be selling my book i need to talk to them this is the time it gets really excited for christmas want to make sure that the book isn’t in every place i can possibly get it though the kids can have it for christmas it’s

Gonna be awesome once again hanging out with graffman and again he’s had way too much coffee now walking around town bumbling around looking for places to sell the book and it’s awesome there’s not an empty place up here but we’re hanging out and having a good time but when we did spot martin sheen so that was kind of funny that was awesome the president just walking

Around malibu but i ended up at our lady of malibu which is the elementary school down here when i talked to the principal a friend of mine mike smith and we’re gonna be doing some seminars wacky car seminars for the kids towards the end of november so that would be pretty fun and just went into webster elementary school did the same i’m gonna be given a seminar

To be third fourth and fifth graders i do this fight off and this is for the wacky car seminars so i go in and i do a drawing with the kids help so if you belong to a school an elementary school local los angeles give me a call to come in and do these seminars and the kids help me draw a very cool wacky ride you’re not supposed to be working right now scared me

You’re supposed to take the day off today you’re in trouble i give up bulwark kathy and i have been working all day pretty steadily now it’s time to go and hit the beach just for a little while i said it too loud we’re going to a sand function too many days left where the waters really warm enough to swim in this might be the last day emily sure but we’re going

In anyway even if it’s cold although sue ellen c really helps with that we’re not really sure we want to do this now it’s a little on the cold side and there’s a very strong undertow we’re kind of getting chicken you go first you want you decided to go here almost lost the camera on that one that was epic work is very important to me sometimes i push things

Off so that i can spend a lot of time working i’ve got a lot of stuff that’s going on right now especially with the the publishing of this last book spent the day poking around town putting a few deals together i got a few places that looks like they want to sell it that you just kind of start slow you know i’ve been through this before with books and you just

Got to build that momentum and children’s books are one of those those areas that require a slow build over time it’s probably going to be a process over the next couple of years but it’s fun you know it’s fun to be able to create something and then be able to get it out there and expand as much as you can so i believe in the book i think it’s a solid concept and

I think it’s gonna do well it’s just a matter of taking every single day as long as you do with just a little bit more each day you make some progress not a lot of cars today that’s okay you know there’s some other things that they’re happening i tried to do as much work as i could today i actually didn’t even have a blog yesterday i put out some flash back blog

For christmas i do that sometimes because i just need to spend that extra time working i get up at 4 o’clock and to have that time in the morning to be able to to work sometimes instead of edit is crucial especially when there’s a lot of stuff going on so i took that time i hope you guys don’t mind to be able to look at some of those those older blogs there’s a

Lot of really cool stuff and there’s so many you know that you might have missed a few but let’s – sure there’s always cool stuff coming i think tomorrow i’m going to be going there’s a small event that’s not too far from here i might that i know on sunday i’m going to be automobile driving museum gotta see some stuff there then the next week i have a an event

At honda and a bunch of things that are going on kind of like what happened with car and driver the other night and then of course we have wilson waves that’s coming on the 20th that’s a little ways out but we’re slowly building like i said a little bit each day so you create success is one step you know if you’re trying to walk all the way to new york from los

Angeles all you do is take one step you gotta know where you’re going you gotta know what you want to do but you gotta take that step every day i didn’t mention in the last blog that i was gonna take it the genesis g19 i was gonna do a treatment took about 15 that’s no big deal but here’s the before this is what the car looks like inlets glory nice side view nice

Lines everything else but if it was a malibu car and probably would end up looking like this and in this version it’s been slammed the wheels are bigger i know i just grabbed a couple of wheels and i don’t go ballistic on me for not picking nice wheels i just picked something that was really quick just wanted to throw it in there just to give it a stance some

Proportions i think it looks pretty badass blacked out the windows blacked out the chrome it would be a pretty sweet ride okay that’s it for blog core 81 or 8 what better than going to the beach and having the whole place to yourself it doesn’t suck i’ll tell you that right now ok back to work we’ll see you guys later i’m susan smile

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