Genesis GV60 Second look – Fresh new colors of Genesis

2022 Genesis GV60, the first Genesis built out of E-GMP, Hyundai Motor Group’s EV-dedicated platform is finally here. Put aside the platform, there are many new features introduced with this GV60, find out all about it in the video! This is the part two, mostly covering the new color I’ve missed out on the first video:

I introduce newly released genesis, hyundai and kia cars. and the reason why i came down to genesis studio hanam, here is because they have the colors that i have failed to capture and i’ll be going through all the colors that they have up here. if you are coming in for the review and the detail of the car, the only thing that i am missing at this point is essentially

The drive. and this color right here is one of the four brand new colors hanauma mint, atacama copper, and atacama copper matte. and this sao paulo lime color right here speak out loud that this car is driven by performance. so that being said, this is the genesis’ new signature color as it emphasizes the active and dynamic character of the vehicle. and we have the

Same interior color that i have covered on my previous gv60 video. and the ui, the system is the typical genesis’. same thing. so it’s not hard to play around and you can just set everything at the tap of your finger. so right here, it will show me all the information about the car, the steering wheel itself is also speaking out loud at that it feels like it’s just

All right to do a sporty driving. again, it’s in my previous video. so check it out over there. then right here is for to recognize your fingerprints and biometrics to change your driver set up immediately. instead of going through the displays to change all that. when the some ac is on, you can control everything. and the best part is all these are physical buttons.

Some of the buttons. i just prefer it the physical way. if you like the digital full digital buttons versus having some physical buttons. and that being said, there are also physical buttons within the steering wheel right here. and the buttons are right there where they need to be. the boost button. okay, it’s a little, little little i can live with because you this is

Not something that you use every time you drive, right? so more of the physical, practical buttons are sitting here. in comparison my veloster n has the boost button known ngs, n grin shift. which is located right here. so as i am driving, i can just reach for it right away and touch that button. it will change. of course, accordingly to the drive modes and i can feel

The bolsters squeezing and bolsters moving in different directions when i put the car into sport mode. where you can obviously personalize the drive mode. and look at that reflection on the back. i love that. i like the fact that they have put this wireless charging on an angle and also it’s quite tight now. and that way, when you are putting a car on a sporty driving,

The phone does not fly around. and are you get the both ventilated and heated seats. especially what stands out the most from the center console would be this crystal sphere. a lot of people are asking if this is just a fancy thing that genesis has come up with, but no. it is to show and let the driver know that the car is turned on. when the car is turned on this

Will flip around and come up with a dial that you can turn the car into and there’s a parking button right in the middle right here that you can press and turn the car into the park mode. so, that means when you see a crystal sphere facing up, that makes the car has been fired up. it’s good to go. it’s a visual aid of letting the driver know that the car is turned on.

You might think that is not something significant, but that helps a lot from time to time and you’d know what i mean if you’ve been driving the electric vehicles. and then it’s something that we’ve been seeing throughout the genesis brand. and genesis is trying to be sustainable, using it on various parts that is made with eco-friendly material and recycled materials.

Starting with the seats that you see, before you right here, and this right here is royal blue that i have before you. and this is the brand new emblem that has been implemented starting with genesis gv60. use a lot of copper colors on the grilles, on the headlights. so we are actually quite familiar with copper colors on genesis brand. the exterior color will also come

In that atacama copper and atacama copper matte. atacama copper starting with genesis gv60 will be the signature color of the brand. so we’ll be seeing much, much more on that for the future genesis to come. so what do you think about the color of the genesis gv60? actually you can drift this car. genesis gv60 comes with drift mode. so i know what this car platform,

The e-gmp is completely capable of. genesis is actually pursuing performance, having fun behind the wheel. and this has been one of my favorite color ever since gv80. so i showed you sao paulo lime, royal blue and uyuni white. but just to look at this, take a moment to appreciate this interior. i absolutely love the bright interior colors that genesis coming up

With recently. i love the super white bright interior that genesis coming out with. as i have told you, these are all recycled materials. but they have come up with a brilliant way of making and giving the suede feeling. the buttons as well, the first time seeing this design on genesis gv60. i know because of the lighting, it’s not actually giving us the best color.

The green touch with this bright interior color as well. there are a lot of people who didn’t really like that two-spoke stteering wheel that they had on genesis gv80. but at the same time it feels very, very different. honestly, right before i just mentioned about the two-spoke wheel, i did not even notice that. this was actually a two-spoke steering wheel. the crystal

Sphere right here, also in different color. so do let me know what you guys feel about the genesis gv60. and like i have said, i cannot wait to test drive this amazing car.

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Genesis GV60 Second look – Fresh new colors of Genesis By CarSceneKorea