Geneva 2016: 600bhp Aston Martin DB11 Exclusive Walkaround And Full Details

We take an exclusive look at the new 2016 twin-turbocharged Aston Martin V12 DB11 at the Geneva Motorshow. The aero is immense and the exhaust note is sexy as hell!

So this is the new aston martin db9 it is a db9 successor and i think you’ll agree it looks i mean it looks smoking hot there is so much cool stuff about this car especially underneath this massive clamshell bonnet there’s a 5.2 litre twin-turbocharged v-12 downsizing no downsizing here bro the boosted v12 is an all-new aston martin engine that produces 600 brake

Horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque it’s the most powerful production db model ever and will hit 62 in 3.9 seconds before hitting its 200 mile an hour top speed the engines also got bank activation to make it more efficient but don’t worry about it sounding naff as you’ll hear in a sec this thing’s noise is sexy as hell and it’s got loads and loads of really

Cool aero we’ve got a strake here which kind of channels air across and inside there’s kind of vents going in here and then the air comes out here and underneath here it is ribbed for added pleasure so the air kind of goes in gets tickle is like oh that’s nice and then it gets chopped out we also have a cool air duct in the side here so air goes in there and then

It gets shocked out of the rear here so it’s kind of a virtual spoiler so you’ve got more downforce and a less drag and this teeny tiny boot spoiler lifts about 90 miles an hour at the rear i mean that that just looks daleks sexual this is a this has been flagged for porn but i’m going to show you anyway now let’s do the all-important fist test and yes as you can

See i can pretty much fist this exhaust and as we all know an exhaust you can put your fist into is the sign of an awesome car the brake discs upfront or a massive 400 millimeter 6-piston units while the 4-piston rear is measure of beefy 360 mil we’ve also got really nice big multi spoke 20-inch rims they are 2 9 5 35 20 at the back and 255 40 20 at the front power

Is sent to the fat rear wheels via an 8-speed zf gearbox that’s mounted at the back and the car sits on a set of adaptive bilstein dampers so this being a 2+2 gt car let’s talk about practicality the boots big enough for many shoes and feather dusters and inside there’s plenty of space for activities you one of the really cool things about this craft and you’ll

Have to excuse me i’m quite simpleton but check this out the button here it’s electric the fit and finish inside is also a talking point thanks to leather that smells good enough to smother in barbecue sauce and bite into chopped carbon inserts and a new infotainment system that’s been co-developed with mercedes this is a good thing because it means you won’t

Want to bludgeon it to death with a meat hook as you do in other astin’s as for the seats they’re comfortable but could do with better bolsters the price for all of this if you’re in the uk you’ll be looking at 155 thousand pounds while you guys in the us of a will need two hundred and twelve thousand bucks so it isn’t cheap but when a car sounds as good as this

I think people really give a damn what it costs so what do you guys think let us know below and make sure you download the car throttle app for way more jeneva content and general awesomeness today well not look for

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Geneva 2016: 600bhp Aston Martin DB11 Exclusive Walkaround And Full Details By Car Throttle