Get Ready, Car Prices are Going to Crash

Buying a used car. Here’s Why Car Prices are About to Plummet (Buy Later and Save Big), DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Best time to buy a car. Cheap cars to buy. Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevy, and GM, do they still make good American cars and should you buy them now? Should I buy a car now? How to get a good deal when buying a car. Best new and used cars to buy this year. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.

Rev up your engines while things are getting so wonky and you use car business that now tesla dealers are trying to buy cars back from owners with cleverly worded text messages they say you want to sell your car back to us you may be eligible for tax savings if you trade it in of course like all the other used cars since the search supply demand and the new cars

Aren’t being made fast enough used cars are often going for more than new cars in many cases tesla used cars are going for more than new models and tesla even changed their lease policy so it could have more control over the used fleet so it turns out the tesla is sending unsolicited text messages to owners that say you get a free valuation in your vehicle it has

A little sales pitch at the end it says you might be eligible for tax savings if you trade it in of course trading in means you’re selling yours to them and then they’ll sell to somebody else for more money one man said hey they’re offering me as much for my model x as i paid for it years ago and 40 000 miles ago another guy said i didn’t have to buy another car

They told me that you have to buy another one trade and buy another one they’ll just buy it i personally find the whole thing patently absurd and when the recession comes of course all this stuff will go down by the wayside and it’ll be boy why were people that dumb to pay that kind of money for that because recently there was a guy who bought a model s plaid for

120 grand and a month later he sold it for 190 000. when i was in houston years ago next to our neighbor bought a model s the original owner paid 120. he bought it used with 15 000 miles on it for forty five thousand dollars that’s what they’re really worth that was before the coronavirus pandemic nonsense pulled all this stuff that’s what they’re really worth a

Lot less so if you can make money on it now my advice is take their offer and take the money because soon they’ll be going down and you’ll have wished they were going to give me all that money for their car no they’re not yeah that’s what happens when the economy goes decades ago in thing factory in new york state glass their fiber optic cable too right

At one point in time the stock was trading at over three thousand dollars a share it was going bananas months after it reached its high i bought a thousand shares for 99 cents a piece don’t be fooled by the mythical bloated prices today they’ll come down just be patient andrew culley says what do you think of the newer dodge darts not much the original dodge darts

From the economy car and some guy put v8s back in the 70s and stuff the newer dodge dodger basically a lot of fiat technology and just like fiat cars i mean fiat owned there used to be fiat chrysler now it’s still on this but still when they were making the dodge darts it was fiat and chrysler they had a lot of fiat technology and it was garbage they were terrible

Cars and they weren’t like a cute little muscle car they were just a cheap econo box i rented one once i thought what a pile of junk the only advantage was i was renting and it did get phenomenal gas mileage but i could tell the transmission was already starting to go out and slip on it and it only had like 12 000 miles on it seating art says scotty what are your

Thoughts on alexis rcf with five liter v8 do you think it’s reliable car and a reliable engine well a lexus makes excellent vehicles and they’re reliable for quite some time the only problem is mileage everything breaks now generally those things don’t start breaking until they get 180 200 000 miles or more but when they do the money goes flying out i had customers

In houston with them they love the cars but eventually they got rid of them and they found out that they needed a brake master cylinder was part of the whole assembly and a part alone was eighteen hundred dollars and the window switch was 700 the parts are outrageous on those v8 lexuses but they do last quite some time so if you’re talking about buying you know a

Used one that’s really high mileage i’d think twice but if it’s lower miles it can still last quite some time just realize everything eventually breaks you’re better off if you want to get a long long long life out of a lexus to get a six cylinder ones the parts are much cheaper having less horsepower they also wear out slower too agent 666 says how can i diagnose

The car with a laptop why do it all the time but you have to have software there are hundreds of companies out there that sell software for diagnosing car it depends on what kind of a car you have and what you want like let’s say you got a volkswagen audi product there’s a really good company out there and it’s only like 500 bucks and it just plugs into your laptop

And then it plugs into the data pool lord there are all kinds of systems out there it depends on what you want to pay and what you want to get okay you already got the laptop right the laptop’s got all the hardware why buy all the hardware when all you need is a software so there’s a lot of companies out there that sell but it depends on what vehicle you have how

Far you want to go i mean if you want to just kind of toy around as i talked earlier you might just use a smartphone and use that blue driver stuff if you can find it for 99 on sale even at 129 it’s still a deal it does a tremendous amount of stuff and that’s only you know 100 bucks a lot of the laptop software is made for pros like man some of that stuff costs

Thousand fifteen hundred three or four five grand some of them cost even more because they’re being used by mechanics and some of them you can only buy in a subscription you buy the subscription from the manufacturer and then you plug it in and use your laptop for it and the subscriptions aren’t cheap because they’re professional mechanics turtleman says scotty

What’s your opinion on a 14 to 18 sub brew forester 2.0 manual transmission excellent vehicles the weakest thing of subarus has always been their automatic transmissions they’re better now than they used to be but they’re still not honda or toyota reliable and 14 to 18 they didn’t have problems with blowing head gaskets the earlier ones did those did not so that

Can be an excellent vehicle those foresters i got customers with them that love them the other thing is they’re always rated as one of the top safety they’re just the way they’re designed the engines or the boxes so they’re low to the ground so they’re hard to tip over because the weight’s lower down they’re well made vehicles a lot of standard transmission they’re

Really the best with the standard and of course they’re all all-wheel drive so you won’t get stuck in the snow or the mud or wherever you’re going well otherwise talking about new batteries better batteries that big chinese company cattle that makes electric batteries now says they’re energy dense m3p batteries are ready in production and will be ready next year

For cars now these are different than the lithium iron phosphate ones that they’re present using fords that they’re going to put him in the lightning elon’s putting him in as a tesla is the cheaper teslas because realize the lithium iron phosphate batteries have less range they’re less energy dense right so this new m3p battery one they claim can go up to 30

Percent further that they have more energy in them and what’s the moral of the story as far as i’m concerned don’t buy an electric car yet the technology who knows let’s say you buy a lightning it’s bad enough it’ll only go 80 90 miles towing something with the batteries that are in it now they’re not going to put the lithium iron phosphates and then the range

Goes down even further and this m3p one it goes further than the lithium iron phosphates and they claim it’s cheaper to mac yada yada yada it’s still not as good as the lithium ion phosphate once it’s cheaper to make yes but the whole thing about electric vehicles are people are going to have range anxiety you keep making these batteries that don’t go further

Just because they’re cheaper to make kind of defeats the purpose of an electric car we got these batteries they’re real cheap to make you know but they don’t really last all that long this is cattle the chinese company that they’re making them now but they’re not going to debut in vehicles till next year then they have to be tested out to see how they actually

Work in real world situations this electric car stuff is way in the future let’s say you waste all your money on a lightning with a crappy battery then you find out that five years down the line now they got great batteries but you got the old battery if you don’t replace it’s going to cost you a ton of money to replace it if it’s even replaceable with that type

Of battery these things aren’t set in stone yet so buying one now as far as i’m concerned be kind of a stupid idea look in china they got ones where they replaced the battery pack instead of recharging it they replace the battery pack but then of course they have to be standardized it i’ll have to have the same batteries maybe in the future they all will have the

Same branding but the insurance hack don’t now or have ones that can swap them out fast either in most cases phillip says scotty how do you maintain your weight i know you like to eat well my wife does it she tries to control me i’m presently on a diet because i ate too much in rhode island the food there is so good i couldn’t stop eating and they fry everything

You know they fry everything and my son and the grandkids love eating pizza all the time so we go all the time and get pizza so now i’m on my shake diet with protein and a sandwich for lunch the main thing is you got to control the intake people saw you’re gonna eat and exercise it off no you can’t like you ate a brownie you have to jog for you know 10 miles or

Something 15 miles to burn it off so the intake is the crucial part do not intake too much otherwise you’ll just get carried away amount of sodium glutamate and there’s like 50 words for it so natural flavors or whatever that stuff makes you eat it makes you eat more and more like chinese restaurants a lot of them pour it on they’ve got it in jars when i was a

Kid my mother actually used it she didn’t know it’s the stuff was called accent it came in a jar and they were flakes it was pure amount of sodium glutamate we were kids in high school we’d stick your tongue out pour some on the tongue and somebody else would look you can actually see what magnifying glass the pores of your tongue open up it just opens it up and

Everything tastes better so stay away from things that have msg oh you will never stop eating you know they used to say i went to a chinese restaurant ate an hour later i was hungry yes you were because the amount of sodium glutamate is in your system saying eat eat so try to stay away from that stuff it’s dangerous so if you never want to miss another one of my

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