Get to know: FFP Beta (Mobile) – On demand vaping more than an induction heater. Dynavap/Dynatec

A Dynavap evolution I did not see coming.

There you go all right guys welcome back to the ffp series uh last time we talked about the desktop version quick recap it’s just a button to press station that has a female 510 to accept the induction module from dynavat so we’re gonna put this to the side because today we are taking the ffp on the go which makes this a really different experience something

That i had not seen um out of a dynavap before the closest thing i could really equate it to is maybe something like a log or a tiny mite um so let’s get set up to show you what i’m talking about we’re going to get a stem with an adjustable airport to make this more one-handed we’ve got my mini mvs here i’m going to just close the airport down so it’s really

Small i also use the turbo twist with this since you don’t really have to mess around with the airport uh the reason i’m not doing the turbo twist today is because i’m going to be putting a tube on the end of my mini mvs that way you guys can see what’s going on with the induction heater and not my head in the way hitting the vapor on the other end i just have a

Stinger little mouthpiece kind of a fun whip setup all right so i’m going to jump right into it i’m going to show you the way i like to use it with the mod and then i’m going to go over some of the settings and setup of the aegis x itself just because it is a little complicated and there are a lot of settings in here um most of them which we don’t need for our

Application but i just want to show you how i use this first just because i am that excited about it and i think it really changes the way that the dynavap works with an induction module especially for on-the-go use so for starters we’re going to take our device we’re going to set it to 55 watts which is the baseline that i start for titanium stainless steel i set

To 50 watts and again changing the cup by unscrewing it like this is what allows you to change the ingress and that’s like moving the torch up and down the cap changing the wattage is like moving the torch towards and away from the cap so i’m going to set mine at 55 watts now you’ll notice that if you have it screwed onto the mod and you fire it it’ll say ohm

Too high that’s normal that’s fine it’ll change once you put a device in inside so it is actually kind of nice that it won’t fire with uh without the device inside makes me feel more confident about putting it in my pocket if i might forget to turn the device off to turn the device off really easy put the device put a vap cap inside one two three four five and

It turns the device off one two three four five and it turns the device back on okay so like we talked about in my last video uh using this as a standard induction heater um when you put it on the mod using it like a standard induction heater doesn’t really change very much you just insert the device and hold the button till it clicks the only thing to keep in

Mind is that with this mod there is a 10 second shut off for safety because this is a nick mod there are certain things that we just can’t edit about it that they do as a safety for coils that fire with without needing a device inside so that means if you have the cup screwed all the way down and you’re at 55 and you’re using a titanium tip and you push and hold

The button you’re probably going to hit that 10 second cut out so what i do is right before that 10 second cut out i just left let go of the button and push the button again because on the mod at these settings i’m getting anywhere from 13 to 16 seconds to my second click so you’ll need to just jump that 10 second cut out but again you can even just let go of the

Button at eight or seven seconds and once you really get the rhythm down and kind of get used to how this device works it makes it really easy to uh to operate um okay but that being said using this as an induction module is great and easy and works like any other on the go induction module but what this does that other induction modules can’t is basically turn

The dynavap into an on-demand heater vape device like a tiny mite or a log and i’ll show you what i mean by that so some of us are calling this the sip and dip method um you know drop any fun names you can come up with in the comments it’s always cool to see what people come up with quick recap cup all the way down 55 watts because i’m using a titanium tip and

I have a device with an airport that can close down it’s fine if you don’t have a device that has a non-adjustable airport it just means you’ll have to do your work with the your fingers and it makes it a little less of a one-handed device because then you’ll need to click the button and hold the airport at the same time as you inhale which is fine but using an

Adjustable airport or something with no airport even makes this a very one-handed device so just so you know again this is just going to whip to my mouth just so i can keep everything in frame and show you guys what’s going on so basically what’s going to happen is i’m going to put the device inside of the chamber and i’m just going to leave it there and i’m going

To push the button and pulse the button to heat up the vap cap inside and as i’m pulsing the button i’m going to be inhaling to taste how hot the vapor is and how flavorful it is coming through and this is going to be similar to uh the style of using maybe a vat man where you have to check how hot the vapor is and once i hear the first click after pulsing the power

I am only going to click as i inhale so once i hit that first click i’m going to let go of the button i’m going to inhale and then i’m going to click and pulse the button basically to keep the heat up and at this point the button becomes like a gas pedal you want more you want more heat more vapor and you want to get more out of the the bowl that you have in there

Just click the button if you’re going to exhale and take a break stop hitting the button because then you’ll cook it too hard and and the goal is to not push it towards combustion so let’s just show you kind of what i’m gonna be doing here and and mostly just keep in mind that when i am clicking i am inhaling not for these first couple seconds though so as you

Saw or i don’t know if you guys could hear but i did actually hit the second click there i was a little too aggressive with my clicks but again you know it’s hot it’s a little warm inside the room that i’m in so it varies and will change uh how often you need to click if and i still haven’t heard the cooldown clicks so i can just drive the induction heater and

Inhale and do everything by taste okay that that felt pretty done there so let’s take a look that was actually an interesting experience doing that with a whip i hadn’t i hadn’t done that before so it was a little bit of learning there for me and as you can see a very thorough dark extraction which is awesome awesome that you can drive it all by taste you get

A full throw even extraction there uh and without without the whip you can just you know put the device in and you just uh basically at that point take the whip off and you just can drink it like a sip in your cup of coffee or something it looks very discreet you know and in the day and age that we live with all these crazy nick mods out there hitting this in

Public isn’t so wild i don’t know because of the way the form factor is you know with the wand it was always real weird because you had to like hold this and hold the wand over it and kind of have this real like obviously you’re not smoking or you’re not vaping like a nick mod because of the way this looks like you could almost get away with this just doing this

In a really crowded location and no one would probably think twice about it which is another thing i really like about this style of the sip and dip the other really good thing about doing the sip and dip is that it’s good for battery management right because you are leaving the tip inside of this glass cup and this glass cup does get kind of warm i wouldn’t say

It gets hot to the point where it’s gonna like burn burn you or give you a blister or anything but it does get warm right so when you touch it you know just be careful especially out of a lot of back to back use it might be a little startling but i have to say after using my puffco proxy the top of the that cup also gets very hot so this doesn’t get any hotter

Than my proxy cup at all but the benefit of the cup heating up is that when you leave the device in there now you’re making like a little oven for the tip and the tip won’t cool down click as fast because the glass cup is retaining that heat and and making a little heat chamber for it also because it retains that heat you have to you you push the button less and

You drive the unit less which also helps for battery life right so overall using this in this style is very efficient super effective really nice that you don’t have to um wait for both clicks you can kind of just drive it like a like a gas pedal or chris the guy who is the developer of this induction module he calls it surfing the clicks which is a pretty good

Name you know because that’s really what you’re doing you just hear that first click and inhale and push the button to just keep it right around that first click or just after that second click and uh you can get these wonderful deep dark extractions which has led this to be my favorite induction heater at this point as much as i was an advocate of the flicks and

Absolutely loved the flicks it has now been shelved and i sold my wand and this is it the ffp is the way of the future and i cannot wait to see what custom makers start making for the top to this i think it’s going to lend a lot of potential to make some really cool custom wood induction modules or even maybe some titanium anodized ones would be really awesome and

The last thing i wanted to touch on is i know a lot of people are going to be asking about the battery life for this um i’m getting minimum 50 plus sessions especially using it as uh like this log situation or sip and dip or whatever you want to call it um i i’m getting a lot of use out of this and the battery life is great using it just i you know i gotta be

Honest once i discovered the sip and dip method with this mod is really the only way that i use it now using it like a normal induction heater kind of feels archaic at this point so i go days without having to charge this and on the go out and about it’s a really easy system to use and you still get to use your favorite vac caps so highly suggested to go this

Route if you guys have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments and that’s it for the ffp so stay lifted hmm

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Get to know: FFP Beta (Mobile) – On demand vaping… more than an induction heater. Dynavap/Dynatec By Moo I am a Tree