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Getting Coffee In The NEW Maserati MC20

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Uh hello on and on welcome to scene through glass welcome back to alexander’s prestige uh hopefully you would have seen one of my recent videos where i came up here to return the urban defender 90 that alexander’s very kindly lent me for three months well when i arrived this morning this was in the car park the brand new maserati mc20 i got to be honest don’t

Hate me for some reason i haven’t paid this car much attention since it launched a couple of years ago just kind of fell off my radar until early this year when the international press drives took place and since then every journalist i follow online has been going crazy about it saying it’s the best thing ever so when i arrived this morning saw this car in the

Car park and realize we had a beautiful sunny day ahead of us i begged and pleaded andrew from alexander’s to have a go behind the wheel and he has very kindly said yes so we’re going to be giving it the ultimate scene-to-glass test for any new supercar by taking it to get a coffee i’m gonna be bringing andrew along with me to find out why he ended up buying an

Mc20 how he’s been getting on with it and what i should know about it because i feel like i’ve kind of forgotten all the important facts and stats no surprise seems to happen quite a lot seen through glass doesn’t it anyway let’s go i’m really embarrassed to admit i didn’t know i had butterfly doors no that’s the college thing he was like oh that’s the coolest

Thing i i’ve been trying to work out why i’ve paid such little attention to this car because theoretically right up my street italian brand yeah the engine supercar like i should have been all over it well it well it launched but then they didn’t do anything the press didn’t didn’t do anything with it did that drive around two weeks ago yeah yeah first drive it

Was like maserati’s best secret i don’t know why they did that it took some of the excitement out of it i think yeah but when it did get unbelievable this would be cool you know what initially turned me to turn me off it is it launched this great frau and there were some leaked clips of it like revving that did not sound good yeah and then it all went quiet because

You said like no one drove i guess because of covid but now suddenly people have got behind the wheel of it and are going nuts and you’ve been texting me saying oh this thing is very good so i’m intrigued i’m excited so thank you for this opportunity this is very cool um so we’re gonna go get coffee should we go over yeah i mean it’s essential i’m gonna we’re an

Italian car anyway so it’s good it’s gonna be done let’s do it let’s do it see i mean how have you been founding the sound that’s probably the only downside to this car they haven’t they haven’t nailed the noise they’ve nailed virtually everything else i mean butterfly doors carbon tub the way it looks it looks fantastic i prefer the front to the rear is that

Uh yeah directly on the rear it’s it’s not its best angle it’s okay it’s not it’s best but front and side rear quarters pretty car oh she’s gonna get a coffee let’s go always keen to go and get a coffee let’s let’s let’s do it this place is lovely all right isn’t it super nice yolk yolk kitchen they were very friendly in there weren’t they yeah lovely lovely

Place for lunch about this one but sometimes uh baristas get a bit stressed out when i when i tried to film there was some pressure there yeah and he i could tell he was like i thought he was quite new as well wasn’t he i got that feeling again very nice um should we head back we should where’s that is there one cup holder i’ll let you try it i’ll let you take

It home none of us can reach yeah oh yeah i was going to say that the interior design and layout actually super simplistic and really nice but that seems like an afterthought does that that’s an afterthought yeah but i i i like the simplicity see that the thai thing what’s the time how simple is cold okay or hot super straightforward just that’s all you need to

Know so you know when it’s blue you know you know it’s going to be slippy and that’s it it’s things you don’t expect from an italian supercar yeah do you know like it’s a weirdly non-italian i’m gonna set you a task actually what’s that well one i’m gonna let you have a drive because thank you very much i’m gonna set you a task to see how you can actually open

The boot with the engine running is that not a thing just when you get your sun in the car and you’re sending to school and you want to get his bag at the boat and everyone’s looking at you because you’re in a maserati sure try try over the boots and there’s the boots back there there’s nothing there’s a little little one but the big ones the big ones back there

Okay amazing right let’s head back to the showroom enjoy our coffees because we’re not gonna well you’re not gonna enjoy yours whilst driving and then yes i would love to get behind the wheel of this thing that’s so cool let’s go this is good coffee by the way genuinely really good coffee this car is kind of surprising and confusing me maybe it’s because i knew

So little about it that there are things that i’m like oh wow it’s it’s got this lovely sort of marbled slash crushed carbon fiber and the doors go up like this and the f1 tech in the engine is genuinely genius i mean these are things that i probably didn’t know in the car launch but i just forgotten over time but there’s a whole lot of things that i never was

Expecting like well the simplicity of the interior the fact that the cars are very comfortable and usable gt car that drive to the farm shop just now was lovely it was sedate it was do i say even a bit boring the car is as good as a 911 turbo s a mclaren gt even a bentley continental just doing the everyday stuff okay i haven’t checked out the boot space yet

But i thought it was going to be harsh rattly carbon tub noisy just italian supercarless but no it feels german very german anyway i’m gonna finish this and then get behind the wheel because as i mentioned at the start every journalist that’s driven this car recently has said it’s absolutely incredible so before we judge it fully i need to get behind the wheel

Now unfortunately paul wallace is here um you’re currently on a road trip in an aston martin dbx you decided to swing by here and surprise me which i admit was quite a nice surprise unexpected but nice can i get a ride in this well well actually i’m using you more than okay you think oh this is great get to experience mc20. paul’s become my cameraman as seeing

As he’s here i might as well use him um so yes you’re going to come with me and uh and capture some fly by to this car because i’m excited to see and hear this thing from the outside i’m excited to see it because i want to know what the road presence is like because parked up it’s much bigger in person than it is on photos um okay so really nice in here start up

I don’t like that i’m sorry i died do you know what it sounds like attract a really powerful 4c okay okay you’re not wrong yeah um not dissimilar to the defender which i just returned to alexander’s procedure this car has said that sound is not designed it has a camera it’s the rear view mirror if you look at the back can’t see anything oh yeah i’ve just been

Saying that this car isn’t very italian that part is very italian you just you cannot see anything out the back um so we’ve got various sort of readouts on the on the virtual cockpit uh telling me that while the tires are cold the engine’s not that warm and things like that so we’re going to do a little bit of a drive to to get everything warmed up look at you

Yeah that’s very helpful just getting some b-roll don’t mind me i think people are keen to see the the driving section oh okay i was just filming the cold tires okay we’re out of here oh very nice m3 getting parked up next to us so yes anyway we’ll crack on down the road let everything warm up hopefully and then you’ll join me when fingers crossed we can push

On a little bit in this mc20 and see if it’s really as good really it’s good that’s all the journalist type oh it picks up over 5000 rpm oh my lord the brakes have got a similar feel almost to a mclaren break where it’s quite a long pedal not what happens until the end maybe we just need to keep them up oh this thing is fast how are you going on over there

I was just amazed at how fast that tarmac disappeared it is so good and it feels super right oh my god okay this is a joke this is a joke i’m still i’m still not a fan of how that engine sounds it’s very unrewarding reminds me a little bit of my 7 18 cabin s but yeah it feels so like a nimble and i’m being a little bit careful with the throttle pedal there sorry

Andrew if you’re watching this although i’ve seen pheasant in the road be careful of the wildlife you know what you mentioned something at the start of this drive reminds you of the 4c yeah behind the wheel oh my god it’s so 4c like really it’s the way that the turbo’s spooling up it’s even the feeling of the gear paddles it’s such a weird experience this car

Because it’s fundamentally very very quick and light really fast but there’s just something there’s something almost missing and it’s something to do with either the noise or the kicks from the gears or something what can we ah ah what are you in gt mode no we’re in sport let’s go into course oh god can i go into course oh yeah it’s got a lot of load of water

And the suspension lights come on okay so now we’ve really stiffened things up which i have to say suspension is a big win it’s felt it’s felt comfortable yeah the minute we got in here yeah but i think it’s going to be one of those cars that is like really good but too you know like there’s a there’s a butt which is the problem for every new car is intense

And that’s about twenty percent fresh really yeah careful blade yeah oh my god paul corso is terrified yeah oh my god awesome it feels like the car’s gonna go even lower like i can’t even see anything out of the front of course it’s got soul oh my god of course it’s got so much stuff i’m actually quite scared i had to um whoa people this is manic the throttle

Response is in i can feel the throttle responses insane because there were kangaroos everywhere oh my god okay drive this car solely in course mode it has come to life oh those are cyclists two cyclists that’s about 5 000 points isn’t it my god careful there’s another is going on a show now how how has this car gone from what it was in gt mode into corsa

Is absolutely spectacular i’ll get the brakes the brakes get a lot of warming up the brakes still look at that yeah oh i mean okay sold yeah sold it’s just too boring in its day-to-day modes but it’d be like a 720s or a 911 turbo s maybe that’s the appeal of this car the fact that it can do absolutely everything i mean this is genuinely one of them i’ve been

Up and down this road in so many cars one of the most exhilarating yeah yeah my heart is definitely increased okay i get the hype now yeah and then look and then look we keep talking about how we like to just cruise let’s do some flybys okay it’s all about core cement yeah i think that car comes to life in course mode because a bit like the 720s i think it’s

A bit confused in its comfier modes or maybe it’s confusing sign yeah it’s confusing in its comfort mode because you don’t expect it it’s so nice in gta mode as well just cruises around this is lovely yeah then corsa mode it’s too fun those gear changes are savage aren’t they throttle response mate like it’s just it’s just magic do you feel what i feel it’s like

Instant isn’t it like nothing over the color i said it was similar to a career gt in terms of really instant rev yeah the minute you touch the pedal straight up like mad i love i mean cozmo i loved it i’ll be honest the rest of the time i was like ah maybe it’s just missing that little fizz that you expect from an italian supercar yeah but i think that’s noise

Related noise related potentially and also as all of these cars become more accessible and things like that all of them do the same thing you know they all are more accessible yeah anyway so thank you very much a very special experience yeah very impressive very impressive i’ve got some tires left yeah just about good great to see you as always thank you very

Much i will be back at some point you’re welcome anytime you know that thank you very much bye you

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Getting Coffee In The NEW Maserati MC20 By Seen Through Glass