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Getting to know your 2018 Lincoln Navigator- part 1

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Getting to know your 2018 Lincoln Navigator – part 1 is an orientation for new vehicle owners. I walk around the vehicle demonstrating the various features, how to access them and how to use features such as foot – activated rear liftgate; power fold rear seats; intelligent access; power adjustable driver seat with memory settings; adaptive cruise control; driver settings and more. Presented by Jim Brickell, sales & leasing consultant at Ed Learn Ford Lincoln – 375 Ontario Street in St. Catharines ON Canada. #AutoIQ

Hi i’m jim brickel and this is getting to know your lincoln navigator this is an orientation video for new owners just want to show you where the controls are located on your vehicle so you’ll have a great ownership experience as we come around to the back end of the vehicle you’ll notice there are a variety of sensors they help with the auto parking feature and

This is a cover over your trailer hitch reach underneath that will pop off so you have access to your trailer give a kick underneath you can open up the rear tailgate there is also on your key fob and right here where you can uh hit to close open or close the vehicle you can also change the height of the opening by pushing that in pulling it down when you

Hear that tone next time it opens it’ll be to that height the other place for opening it is right under the letter l in lincoln this time we’re going to push in here go back up manually wait for the tone so next time it’ll go all the way up inside back of your vehicle you can fold down the rear chairs so it’s third row second row and the second row was back

A little bit far that’s why the chair did not fold all the way so you do have capabilities there and second rows can be folded coming around on the driver’s side your fuel door push it in it pops open there is an easy fuel system there is not supposed to be a gas cap and in the event you run out of gas you do need a funnel as a jerry can will not fill now it

Has intelligent access in this vehicle so when you touch the inside part of the door handle it unlocks the lines will lock the vehicle it’s set up so the mirrors can automatically fold in and then once again unlock the running boards come down so you make it easy to get in and as we get into the vehicle the power seat adjusts from the door so this would be your

Headrest the back of the chair the base of the chair and these ones here are down here this part of the chair can move so it can accommodate to the size of your leg and the other neat one is right in here and that is our massaging chair so once the vehicle has been started put on the brake hit the start button now when i hit this button that’ll activate the

Massaging chairs it can also be done on the screen so you can individually do the driver or the passenger chair and the massage feature moves different parts of the chair in and out to allow you to feel nice and relaxed as you go along now after you’ve got the chair where you want it there’s buttons one two and three so you would push and hold until you hear

A tone that’ll lock the chair in at that position so it can be me myself and i driver number one driver number two driver number three however you want to set it up in your particular case then we have the power locks the mirrors this one here will fold them in those will choose which mirror and then use the arrows to direct uh which way you need to move them

And then of course your power windows moving over here we have our fog lamps the headlamps and if you turn it all the way to the left to the right that’s your automatic setting you can open the tailgate from here and this one is adjusting the pedals how far in and out they go sideways on the side of the steering column you can move the steering wheel down up in

Or out so you can customize your driving position and you can lock all of those in with your memory sets on the left-hand side of the steering wheel we have our cruise control so it’s we want to set the cruise control it’s adaptive cruise control so you can set the distance it stays behind the vehicle in front of you there’s a cancel there’s an on and off and

The plus and minus while you’re in cruise control if you want to increase your speed without touching the the accelerator hit plus it’ll go up one mile per hour hit minus it’ll go down one mile per hour well above that you’ve got your volume for your radio and then seeking to the next uh stations on the other side of the steering wheel we have our voice control

We have answering the phone and hanging up on the phone hud that’s heads up display so it’s on and i’m not sure if the lighting will let you see it here or not uh yeah with the bright sunlight it’s sometimes hard to see right now it is showing that it’s 554 it’s 33 degrees out and we’re 175 kilometers to empty so this one is your settings so your display setup

Um the okay so you can have the speedometer in miles per hour you can add the tachometer to your view measurement units we can go miles and gallons kilometers and liters per hundred kilometers or kilometers and kilometers per liter so we find a lot of people now are going with the kilometers and liters per hundred kilometers so we’ll leave it there next one

Is your temperature you can do fahrenheit or celsius we’re in canada so we’ll leave it in celsius as we go down you can have the tire pressure displayed in pounds per square inch language can be an english french or spanish i only know the english version so i’ll leave it there then things like traction control most the time it’ll be on hill descent control

Allows you to keep a constant speed while going down a hill trailer sway control when you’ve got a trailer hooked up right now there’s no trailer so we don’t need that in play uh tow haul once again we don’t have a trailer in play so we don’t need that on at the moment so we can turn that off go back under driver assistance blind spot monitoring trailer blind

Spot cross traffic alert and your cruise control so trailer blind spot right now we do not have a trailer on so we don’t need that in play cruise control we have adaptive or normal adaptive it’ll stay set distance behind the vehicle in front of you so if that person slows down you’ll slow down as well whether you’re paying attention or not normal just keeps you

Going at the constant speed and then driver alert so we’ve got that on lane keeping system is on pre-collision is on then we’ve got our tow settings and under advanced settings for the vehicle the alarm auto engine off easy entry exit that’s where the seat will move back when you’re getting out of the vehicle so it stays back until you get in when you start it

It’ll slide you back underneath the steering column into your preset position so a nice handy feature under lighting automatic high beam you’re driving at night got the high beams on picks up the lights of an oncoming vehicle and will automatically dim your high beams auto lamp delay uh when you get shut off your engine how long will the light stay on right now

I’ve got it set for 20 seconds you can have them go off immediately 10 seconds or you can even go up to 2 minutes and welcome lights so as you approach the vehicle at night the vehicle senses the fob on your person and then some of the lights start coming on to welcome you to your new vehicle other controls that we have here the audio system by the musical note so we’ve got

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Getting to know your 2018 Lincoln Navigator- part 1 By Jim Brickell – Ed Learn Ford Lincoln