Getting to know your 2022 Lincoln Nautilus part 2

Getting to know your 2022 Lincoln Nautilus – part 2 is a continuation of the first video. Jim Brickell of Ed Learn Ford Lincoln continues the new driver orientation. He shows how to use the voice activated navigation system and more. Jim Brickell is “your car guy” at Ed Learn Ford Lincoln – 375 Ontario Street, St. Catharines ON Canada. Contact Jim with your questions or comments #AutoIQ

Other choices on your vehicle so the auto stop start do you want the engine to shut off when you come to a stop rear occupant alert do you want the vehicle to remind you you’ve got passengers in the back seat your onboard uh modern modem serial number door keypad code where you can change it to a new one then as you pull your finger down it shows other choices

That you’ve got clock your personal settings and under general so this you can also choose your language your distance your temperature um you want it to beep every time you touch the screen about sync sending feedback and then you’ve got to reset in the event you sell the vehicle trade the vehicle you’ll go into reset that will wipe out your personal settings

Your personal profiles your phone your navigation it’ll go back to factory presets and that way subsequent owners won’t have all of your information and now he’s just hit the arrow to go back to the main screen so now radio is on your sources you can browse sources will give you your am your fm your serious bluetooth audio right now it’s on sirius you can also

Turn it off from right down here so audio is off then the phone we’ve got navigation so now see where we are you can search recent the stars would be favorites and it displays the whole screen with this one here it gives you other choices as to what can be displayed on the side and so when you’re in motion you’re going to want to use voice control so on

The steering wheel to the right find a place to find a place say the name of the place for an address just say the address 375 ontario street st catharines here’s what i found you can say set his destination set his destination starting route to 375 ontario street obey traffic laws be alert and use voice commands while driving please proceed to the highlighted

Road cancel route canceling route so whether you say route or route the vehicle understands you if you’ve put in a destination and you don’t want to go there you can just cancel it so it’s a very easy to use system now as we continue down we’ve got to keep like the keys on a piano so putting it into gear reverse neutral drive and just above that sorry we do

Have p which is navigate to parking or use the active park assist so the vehicle can park for you so what you would do is you would hit the active park assist and then follow the instructions on the screen it’ll be doing the steering you’re going to be doing the gear shifting and you’re going to control the speed of the vehicle and the braking this one here is

Your camera so that’s a uh what we’ve got in front of us and a 360 view hit it again just what’s in front of us split screen to give you a wider angle and then shutting it off down below that driver assistance the auto stop start and auto hold auto hold allows you to put your foot on the brake it’ll stop the vehicle and then it’ll hold the brake pedal until

You touch the gas pedal so your volume control for your uh stereo if you want the screen to go blank you can do that your source for your stereo your four-way flashers seek and then tune air conditioning and heat where you want it all flowing your heated seats your cooling seats and when you slide this door open you can charge your phones and there is a wireless

Charging pad in there and as we scan up you’ve got the controls for your power moon roof you’ve got some lights you got the switches for the roof to retract and then your power screen so we hope you’ll be enjoying your new vehicle if you have any questions any concerns i’m jim brickell and this is ed learn ford lincoln and sync athletes thank you and have a great day

Transcribed from video
Getting to know your 2022 Lincoln Nautilus part 2 By Jim Brickell – Ed Learn Ford Lincoln