Girl Learns To Drive New Audi R8

Jude from Phil Ireland Performance Car Specialists learns to drive the brand new Audi R8 V10 Plus – Subscribe to STG:

Hello wanna know welcome to seen through glass and welcome to the very windy british countryside today i’ve been filming a few different videos here and there and i finished up and was about to head back into london when randomly i bumped into phil from phillip island performance car specialists you may remember phil from a few weeks ago during the 100k subscribers

When i drove his for 5a and r8 with lewy knee pipes well this weekend phil has been driving around and this the brand new audi r8 v10 plus i haven’t experienced one of these cars yet already see one on the road this seem like waked an opportunity to pass up so i asked him if we could do a quick video with it hi welcome to having a fantastic okay jude is in the

Car now fill your taking thank you so much for this enjoy is an interesting work enough enough exciting some interesting word this is your first experience in this car no no i mean it’s gonna be great i’m sure seatbelts are really good now obviously you drove immaculately in the fight last time we did it but like this cars do you know this one is obviously start

Okay yeah things are things are in the right direction okay yeah i trust you windscreen wipers on oh what a natural get out of here yeah i know well i’d say i literally we just never filled two seconds before we got to take off to see his client and this thing oh my god this thing is quick it’s yes it’s yeah i’ve is quite wet how does it feel first impressions

Fantastic now phil does it there’s an exhaust button somewhere which we have to open up okay where i’m guessing underneath your start/stop button there’s one that looks a bit like a pencil let’s try that again sound sports yeah flashed up learning experience should i stop pushing about this for you go then for something your manual the indicator that’s the

Indicator that’s the gears so you’re still in man you i apologize okay you know what you’re doing comets have a great speaker it’s good to have to indicate 100 times i guess making all seriousness i’m not taking the piss i know you are a very good try but you’re obviously learning this caucus when you in the four five eight it was amazing and the ra you drove

Like a boss better than me yeah yeah that’s a good point well we can go on some road trip doesn’t about but this this car it just takes a lot to get you still with a new set exactly but it feels quick should we put you back in i think what still two sons can you wait around the car wait i think fillings to their pastor i’m gonna show them a few tricks it’s if

You though at this price point 150,000 pounds let this be the car that you and it is easy would you fill as being a mom being and whoring and demise had more appeasable most about which corey wants to get and i don’t know about you but i’m not well you’re kind of guy sure to marry me i believe for our eyes it like ilambda it obsessed lakers i love throw is that

Much lambos are too ostentatious repeatedly me but so this car tend to be anything they do tend to be a they like wife beaters as well i can insert neutral comments now for this car you get the performance of a lamborghini but you can be far more subtle as a german and clinical but you can easily take the same you take us through the weekly food shop i can tell

Now now you’ll cope with this car driver quick very quick because it’s like okay sam shut up it’s dead mrs. no go back in so we can it really love let’s go phil comes back so i may win scarlett we really really get anything good yeah really stretch its legs they tested products which we yeah badly we want to find some snow tested all the drive system that was that

Was brilliant i think i think you sue this car did you drive it better than film here we figured i may be identical to the verdict is that this car is mega yeah really really mega and so confidence-inspiring because that was a prime example as much as we were taking the piss a bit piss a bit at the beginning of the video it was just about that once you got used

To this car which doesn’t take very long you can just push it immediately it took you what five minutes to figure out where everything was and then done which is this performance level quite rare i can’t we’re back with tom we’ve come for coffee the storm is still raging well i’m so glad we bumped into each other yes that was amazing thank you for my experience

I hope you’re meeting with your client when well dude is not a fan of the storm so she’s getting snow back in the car i hope you enjoy the video give a thumbs up you have make sure you’re subscribed for plenty more videos to come i am rolling out with the new exhaust

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Girl Learns To Drive New Audi R8 By Seen Through Glass