GMC Acadia 2013 Transmission Control Module Programming

Welcome to mobile electronic diagnostic best car fixes thank you for following and watching my video again please subscribe share and like it will help me a lot and it will encourage us also and it will be good for us thank you very much now today i have a 2013 acadia the transmission was replaced the valve body was replaced with use one are we gonna be able

To when you use it when you put a valve from another car maybe configuration software a little bit of stuff are different and then you may sometimes maybe the car will not move so you need at least to go online on test web get the right software and program it i am using here uh mdi with software which is test web software let’s try to see if we will be able

To download the software and program this car the right way right now the car is when the shift is harsh stay in one gear let’s see if there is a download and we program the software if it works fine if it’s not the customer have to bring a brand new uh at least to review his job or to bring a brand new module this car it has a transmission control module built

Inside the transmission with all this oil and pressure sensor everything is there so let’s go ahead and see what happens you see the checking your light is on here checking your light is on gmc acadia you have to have internet as usual i already connected so now i’m gonna try to go to the next i did not connect the mdi this is the mdi2 as you see it there is another

Mdi one two mdi one mdi2 if you need to put the usb be sure that the sign of the usb on the top and go slowly with it so now i don’t know if it’s clear or not but i’m gonna go next the car is running so what the car is gmc man this is so small letters but i’m gonna make it bigger later you see here okay 2013 ferris get the car this is not chevrolet this is gm so

Scroll down to get gm this software is work for a lot of cars okay 2013 if you don’t see there go here gm what the carrier now if everything is well connected i will get the vin number you see now ding ding ding cars try to communicate it will pull the vin number for me here if i get the vin number you see four one six eight try to be sure that the view number

If it is not you have to replace it the number ending with four one six four one yeah so this is this big number is wrong this is the number here is here four one six eight it’s good so we’re gonna go back and try to program i’m gonna say yes this okay so click next now it will communicate and give you all the data so this is the data you have to scroll down

And look for transmission control module sometime transmission you see but the transmission and engine control module they are together the computer will look because sequence the computer will look for it and program if the engine computer need update it will update it if not it will bypass it and go to the next so i’m going to turn the key off engine on i have

A good internet and subscription i will click next so what is it with rpo my and vpm with rpo my9 you see like here this car have two rpo so what are you to do i believe we’re going to open here empty this glove compartment some of them are here if it’s not here we have to go and look for that this rpo because if you don’t get it the right way you are going to

Put information that wrong so let me see what i have here i say with rpo my nine let me see what he’s gonna say if it’s not i have to go back if there’s any information that can help if it’s not i have to go back and look for something different why i’m not able to communicate with it what happened okay calibration set for use in hot climate area only use this

Calibration and core cloud will cause the hard stunned starting and drivability problem you see here latest main stream wow okay incorrect selection may cause vehicle function and this of this maybe this is not the one so i’m gonna go back and shoot the other one because rpo may 9 and without rpo vm yeah because let me see this here you have to be patient for

Selecting this information i’m gonna see what happened and i will communicate with silva we’re gonna try again maybe the internet we lost the internet let me see here no i’m good so i’m gonna throw good cannot reach the page we lost our internet disconnect connect again we’re gonna wait for the this again to come if you have internet issue you cannot program

Those cars wow now we have internet problem let me see now if we can do it again let me try here i hope you have the idea you already have the idea but we are going to look for two things the rpo which one we have to choose is the right way and we have to look for a good internet let me see if there is another internet around here i don’t see it but the idea is

We have to program the transmission and we have to look for which one which one uh which software we have to choose and then we’re gonna download the software into it we’re gonna download the correct software to it and it will work fine if it doesn’t work we will go to the next level thank you for watching mobile electronic diagnostic this mohammed idris i will

See you in another video thanks please subscribe share and like

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GMC Acadia 2013 Transmission Control Module Programming By Best Car Fixes