GMC Canyon Tow Test (Long Distance)

GMC Canyon Extended Tow Test

Hello everyone thanks for joining us today uh today i want to talk about a toe test for the 2020 gmc canyon now there’s a lot of good videos out there where people use their canyon and they drive up steep hills and they tow equipment trailers and they do a lot of things and it’s it’s very informative and i really enjoy the videos but none of them seem to do

Anything on an extended toe test and that’s what we’re doing here today is we’re going to talk about an extended toe with a heavy load for our 2020 canyon now stay tuned for all of the different uh specs and things that we have done but what we have done is we used our 2020 canyon to call this uh 18 foot toy hauler travel travel trailer for an extended period of

Time over several days and if you stay tuned then you’ll get a little bit of an idea of the things that we did with it and the performance of the truck and how we got along doing all the things that we did so all right here we are coming through colorado into colorado i should say we’ve been coming through kansas for a long time now and pushing the headwinds

So it’s been pretty slow pretty slow driving and gosh look at this their interstate was really nice and as soon as we hit colorado it turned to pot anyway so we’ll see how things go in colorado so here we are made it to wyoming and we’ve been fighting a headwind all the way through kansas and colorado and now we’re getting to wyoming and it looks like the wind

Direction is changing so we’re going to be possibly fighting a headwind through wildly too but that’s all right things are going good we’re staying safe and the truck’s running all right and we’re blessed as we go 53 miles per hour so i don’t know if you can tell but we’re coming into a hill that looks like it’s about five miles long or six miles straight up

This hill and um probably five percent grade the wind is blowing 20 miles an hour outside or better headwind so it’s real challenging this end of utah getting ready to come into idaho has probably been some of the most challenging uh hills and stuff so far so rattlesnake pass here we are coming into idaho it feels like about a 30 mile an hour sidewinds so

We’re having to drive slow to uh just stay safe on the road still got snow on the mountains so miles and so so in two miles take the exit so i cannot believe how many of those things are out there hundreds of them and look at you can’t really tell how tall they are on film but look compared to that overpass these things are huge what that eyesore

What we did is we averaged over 500 miles a day for eight days we did a trip that was 4 650 miles over 11 states we did let’s see alabama mississippi tennessee arkansas oklahoma missouri kansas utah wyoming colorado and idaho and i made this one but there were 11 states that we covered we crossed the continental divide twice and several times up in the high

Deserts of idaho and utah the temperatures were over 100 degrees fahrenheit outside so it was really a pretty good test for the truck and running all the steep hills up through wyoming we averaged 10.8 miles per gallon over this 4 650 mile trip and our toy hauler here it’s got a dry weight of 4463 pounds and it’s 18 foot it’s 8 foot wide and 10 foot tall so

It’s like pulling a pretty good box down the interstate unfortunately we had a lot of headwind between between arkansas and really pretty much the whole way going through arkansas colorado kansas wyoming we had a lot a lot of headwind up into idaho and on the way back it seems like the wind shifted directions on us so we still had a headwind a good majority of

The way coming back but our toy hauler here weighs 4 463 pounds we’ve got a 1300 cc yamaha touring bike in the back and because we were staying on the side of the road in places in boondocking we made sure we filled up all our freshwater tanks so we’re carrying 40 gallons of fresh water plus six gallons in the water here so we’d have plenty of water to shower and

Do the things to do between here and there we’re running about 680 pounds of tongue weight out of a 700 pounds which is the maximum record recommended by the manufacturer our gross combined vehicle weight was 10 840 pounds out of 12 000 pounds so we were getting up to the limit and our total payload of trailer and cargo and the toolbox in the back of the truck

With all the tools and everything that we carried was 6 380 pounds so so really what we ended up with was 1917 pounds of cargo plus the trailer for a total of 6 380 pounds so if you’re thinking about buying a canyon to pull a trailer or buying a trailer to pull behind your canyon i want you to know that this truck is very capable of pulling a trailer as long

As you have a good weight distribution hitch and you don’t overload it stay within the manufacturer’s specifications and just drive it reasonably and you’ll do fine with it but we had eight days of travel for 4 650 miles and the truck performed very well it towed very well there were a few times of course in strong crosswinds where we had to slow down and take it

Easy because it’s just when you have a 45 50 mile an hour crosswind and you’re pulling a box behind you that size you’ve got to slow down and take it easy so you don’t have any problems but the truck did really well we’re very pleased with it and plan on making more trips in the future maybe not as long as the one we just did but we’re planning on making a lot

More trip so thanks for tuning in and i hope this is helpful for all the canyon owners or attention canyon have a great day

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