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So i quickly wanted you to just go over this beautiful 2022 gmc sierra 1500 denali ultimate in white frost tri-coat so here we can see at the front gmc has changed a little bit of the headlights fog lights are kind of down below in the corner you’ve got the parking sensors gmc is here in like a black or like a dark gray and then the grill also is in a dark gray as

Well now the fog lights used to be kind of in this spot here but now they’re in a little bit of a well this here actually is a spot for more airflow which actually looks really good but i truly do love the kind of refreshed front end for the gmc sierra now let’s take a look underneath the hood so underneath the hood of this beast here we’ve got a duramax producing

277 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque made it to the 10-speed auto very rare to actually have this in the denali ultimate package but that is underneath the hood of this denali let’s take a look around the truck alrighty so taking a look around the denali ultimate we’ve got these beautiful 22 inch rims here look amazing i do like the all black ones but i

Think they look good with this color you’ve got the white color fender liner as well ultimate badge here is with duramax underneath it with the gmc option logo on the side you’ve got your chrome mirror caps with your light on the side and your blind spot monitoring system denali is stamped here on the side you do also have the power running boards that come out and

The kick plate also on the side now for some reason gmc and well gm in general you have keyless entry on the front two doors but they’ve got rid of it for the back two doors i’m not too sure why they’ve done that here’s a side profile of the truck here and it looks absolutely amazing i truly do love that you know they went with an ultimate package to compete with

Like the ram limited and the f-150 limited as well the capless fuel door for the diesel and depth fluid is on the driver’s side here is another look at the back tire and rim looks amazing i truly do love the the look of them but that is pretty much it for the side let’s take a look at the rear all right so the back here hasn’t really changed much for the sierra

Refreshed truck you’ve got gmc denali and then sierra on the side you’ve got the dual exhaust tips you also got the side steps there as well now this does have gm’s multi-pro tailgate which i’ll go over rear camera and then you’ve got your light as well this here you push both of them and it activates both of the tailgate which you know has been around for a couple

Years now which is awesome you’ve got also the little railing here to lift up when you want to access the back of the bed now at the top here you have the bed camera and also your rear camera mirror and then to lift this up you just grab all the way at the bottom and you’re good to go just like that but that is pretty much it for the back here let’s take a look at

The rear seats okay so the back here of the denali this is where the magic has happened so you’ve got this beautiful brown interior and it looks amazing the piping looks amazing the stitching looks awesome and it feels really good the quality has been improved now in the center here we’ve got heated rear seats usbc and usb as well with rear vents and then you’ve

Got the cup holders at the top but even the back of the seat the leather has been improved a lot now at the top two you’ve got the beautiful alcantara they have added at the the ceiling now even going over the door panel as well you’ve got that beautiful brown everything here is leather and it feels really good you’ve got the bose speaker and everything it just

Has been so much more approved and i truly do like the look of it but that’s it for the back everyone let’s take a look at the front seats okay so diving into the front seats here of the gmc sierra ultimate we’ve got that beautiful again leather at the top real wood trim you’ve got lock and unlock memory seating window controls the brown stitching here looks good

Feels good you’ve got the bose speaker and then as we come into the center we’ve got also that more of that stitching and piping carry throughout now the dash has been changed which i will go over but down below is the ultimate badge and at the side they’ve actually included massaging seats which feel amazing but that is it before we hop in let’s take a look at

The new infotainment for the denali ultimate okay so hopping into the jelly ultimate we can see the steering wheel really hasn’t changed much but you’ve got some different material carried throughout on the bottom of the steering wheel and even at the top but as we can see the dash has been completely redesigned for the 2022 refresh model year and i do like it a

Lot but we’ll go over this steering wheel feels good you’ve got paddles at the back you’ve got your windows stock which is same as before for your wipers this here is a very nice configurable display so using this button here on the side well the right side buttons on the steering wheel you’re able to kind of go through the different layouts here and i do like the

Screen now that it’s full digital gmc should have done that way in the past but unfortunately they just didn’t until now and i think it is well needed because it looks amazing i truly do love the screen and the way it looks it is pretty configurable as well so when you kind of go through here the display layout you can change the display you can go to progressive

Which i’m in now you can go full digital which is changes up a little bit but i do like the progressive the best and this is classic but it’s full digital and pretty configurable like i mentioned but that’s how you control it by you just using these buttons you’ve got a heads up display that’s still standard on the denoli ultimate which is awesome you can control

It via the controls on the side but at the top here if we can to touch and feel the material feels really good and it looks a lot better than it was in the previous model here we’ve got that really beautiful open wood trim pushing the button activates the up top glove box and it feels really nice i really do have to admit then we’ve got the bottom glove box and

Then we’ve got the stitching that carries throughout the whole type of interior now this here is the updated 13.4 inch screen i do really like it google and gm have kind of integrated themselves into the infotainment so you’ve got home you’ve got camera angles here which look amazing you’ve got let’s just see that bed camera that i was telling you about let’s

See here right up top there so there it is once you turn the wheel the line kind of moves too to show you where you are if you’re backing up to like maybe a gooseneck or fifth wheel you’ve got audio and then you’ve got maps i actually like the google maps a lot they work very well it’s very easy to use but that’s pretty much it for the infotainment it does have

Massaging seats so by clicking one of the buttons on the side here you go into the massage setting so you can go need and finally they actually have massaging seats which i do really like but that’s pretty much it for the screen here we’ve got home as well we’ve got your volume down below is where your climate control is and your push to start so dual zone climate

Of course we’ve got cooled seats and heated down below is basically your typical gm controls your auto stops our parking sensors lane keep your tailgate to open and close this has been redesigned also for the new refreshed gmc sierra is the center console shifter which i do like i think it looks amazing then we’ve got also i’m going to zoom out here your trailer

Brake controller and then cup holders we’ve got a little slot here as well more storage looks good feels good and then if we come into the center here we’ve got that beautiful kind of brown interior again and then we can lift it up just like that now it is kind of not it’s not as big as it was before but you still get a lot of room if you take this out you still

Get a deep pocket here usbs usbcs all your connections and you’ve got wireless charging but to put that back in there just like that looks good but that is pretty much it for the interior everyone let’s take a look at the price outside all right so the price of this bad boy is zooming in here 95 000 and 43 dollars canadian now that is pretty much fully loaded

There’s really not many options you have to add on this vehicle but that is the msrp on this truck let me know what you guys think about it in the comments and we’ll see you in my next video cheers

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