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The dmc hummer ev suv is designed to be perfectly suited for customers active lifestyles whether off-road or in the city this suv will feel right at home our mission was to deliver a new persona for the hummer ev family one that shares an unmistakable stance and head-turning looks with a few key distinctions with a wheelbase that’s about nine inches shorter than

The pickup the gmc hummer ev suv’s proportions are powerful and tight to deliver a strong commanding presence the design of the suv is different from the c-pillar rearward compared to the pickup and we focused on even the smallest of elements from the technical design of the wheel liners to the rear where the suv’s personality and versatility really shine its tail

Lamps may look similar to the pickups featuring an edge-lit inverted h signature an etched armory v logo but they are entirely unique to the suv being an suv we felt was important to include a full-size spare tire and the design of the carrier reflects the capability and durability of the vehicle like to pick up the suv also features a rear drop glass to complete

The open air experience and it can be operated by the driver up front or on the key fob probably one of the most unique design features of the hummer ev suv is its rear swing gate it automatically opens from the driver’s side with just the press of a button either here at the rear inside the driver’s compartment or on the key fob we’re particularly proud of the

Spring gate’s upper and lower hinges they straddled the tail lamp allowing the swing gate to open like a vault even wider in the vehicle itself from a design perspective the moonshot green matte color available on edition 1 has a satin finish that makes a bold statement especially in contrast to the high gloss fender and facial moldings in addition to the moonshot

Green mat the hummer ev suv will be available in seven other colors this wide range of choices offers customers expressive and bold styling options each of which is designed to accentuate the vehicle’s proportions and powerful commanding presence industrial design inspired the interior of the hummer ev suv where each detail was designed with purpose the design is

Clean and simple and thoroughly modern it’s an interior that’s a completely new approach for general motors the bold cabin design is geometric and textured with surface materials that deliver a premium look and feel it’s lunar shadow interior is stunning and offers a look that is very different than the high contrast interior that debuted on the pickup with tech

Bronze accents this low contrast design is incredibly sophisticated and tactical to emphasize the vehicle’s capability as an suv we knew functionality was essential so the vehicle’s interior cargo area provides incredible capacity plus convenient power fold down rear seats make it easy for customers to make the most of the hummer ev suvs flexibility additionally

The cargo area is loaded with thoughtful touches that reinforce the hummer evs design theme the recycled rubber floor features the distinct sea of tranquility design pattern represented throughout the vehicle and underneath there is a convenient concealed storage area a unique design detail is how it can even accommodate the infinity roof’s eye bar mounting

Frame which nestles and secures perfectly into the injection molded carrier add to that a large storage compartment on the driver’s side cargo tie-downs and 110 volt power outlet and the hummer ev suv is ready to enhance your adventure the versatility and functionality inside the gmc hummer ev suv demonstrates gmc’s commitment to professional grade coupled with

Its bold and expressive design the vehicle delivers a combination that makes it perfectly suited for customers who are active and on the go we developed both the gmc hummer ev pickup and suv simultaneously and from the beginning we set out to deliver a family of two hummer ev vehicles each with distinct personalities yet unified through common design elements from

The theatrical exterior lighting sequence to the infinity roof with sky panels which provide an immersive driving experience incredible design elements like these make the hummer ev family instantly recognizable and finally to allow customers to personalize their humber evs a wide range of accessories will be available colored tow hooks a light bar and even a roof

Rack system are just a few of the many available accessories which will enable customers to own a hummer ev suv perfectly suited for their active individual lifestyles the gmc hummer ev family represents a completely new and unmistakable design statement for gmc it visually conveys an eagerness to force new paths which from a capability perspective it’s certainly

Ready to do the hummer ev suv has a distinct personality that sets it apart of course it will deliver revolutionary street performance enabled by extraordinary next-gen ev power with massive horsepower and torque up to a remarkable gm estimated 830 horsepower and 11 500 pound-feet of torque on top of that available watch to freedom is the ultimate expression of the

Hummer ev’s electrified performance capability as brian highlighted the suv’s wheelbase is nearly nine inches shorter than the pickup not only does this give it great design proportions but it also delivers excellent maneuverability around town the hummer ev suvs short wheelbase combined with available four-wheel steering makes it incredibly nimble the vehicle’s

Turning circle is 35.4 feet which is less than a mustang machi a remarkable achievement considering the maki’s wheelbase is nearly 10 inches shorter at higher speeds when the front and rear wheels turn in phase the vehicle delivers a powerful feeling of effortless agility at low speed the hummer ev suvs available segment exclusive crab walk feature which enables

Diagonal movement could also prove useful in urban settings imagine being able to maneuver around a delivery truck that stops directly in front of you blocking your path available crab walk can help you get around it and get you on your way even the vehicle’s many cameras can come in handy to help drivers monitor what’s around them and be more aware of their

Surroundings the vehicle also offers an enhanced version of supercruise a driver assistance feature which can offer hands-free driving including a new automatic lane changing feature on more than 200 000 miles of compatible and enabled road the hummer ev suv edition 1 comes standard with 22 inch wheels 35 inch all-terrain tires surround vision with 15 camera views

And up to a gm estimated 300 miles of range of course as incredible as it will be to drive the gmc hummer ev suv on the street it will be just as impressive off-road this starts with this 126.7 inch wheelbase which will help make it easy to tackle tight and challenging trails this wheelbase coupled with the vehicle’s short rear overhang enables the hummer ev suv to

Deliver impressive 34.4 degree breakover and a 49 degree departure angle this departure angle will be an amazing advantage when off-roading like when you have to go down a steep hill and then ascend immediately up another on top of that the hummer ev suv’s generous 13-inch front and rear suspension travel will help you take on rocks and boulders and for customers who

Want additional off-road capability addition 1 offers an optional extreme off-road package that includes 18 inch wheels with rugged 35-inch mud tires under body armor and skid plates this package also features an impressive number of camera views including front and rear underbody cameras both of which include a wash system to help with visibility when conditions

Get wet and muddy the hummer ev suv is durable strong and capable thanks in large part to its interdependent body and battery pack structure the body helps protect the battery and the double stacked battery structure improves the body’s torsional rigidity acting as a stiffening member to help with stability while off-roading this robust structure also allows for

The vehicle’s infinity roof system in other words it effectively enables an all-electric convertible off-road suv behind all this is the hummer ev suv’s ultram propulsion system the vehicle features a 20 module battery capable of 800 volt 300 kilowatt dc fast charging that lets you take your adventure even further faster and in a location like this the hummer ev suv

Can even provide power for adventure toys like e-bikes and over landing accessories or auxiliary lights and gear to campsite and it can even help jump charge another electric vehicle if needed all thanks to its available 120 volt three kilowatt power station generator the gmc hummer ev suv’s incredible performance and capabilities will make it feel right at home

Whether in the city or out in the wild we expect the new trail mapping feature in the my gmc mobile app will enable hummer ev owners to discover and navigate available off-road trails all while enabling them to be fully aware of the remaining ev driving range the app will include a catalog of off-road trails that owners can explore which are rated by difficulty

And feature detailed descriptions of each trail trail maps are also designed to be downloaded to the user’s smartphone so when traveling outside of areas of connectivity they will still have full functionality and thanks to wireless apple carplay and android auto trail mapping is conveniently mirrored directly on hummer ev’s center display now as you can imagine

When off-roading confidence in the vehicle’s range is a top priority that is why with each trail route our intention is to identify average energy consumption and tell drivers approximately how much actual charge they need to complete the trail based on their conditions along with the distance to the nearest charging station once the trail has been completed all of

This gives hummer ev drivers the peace of mind to confidently take on challenging off-road trails all across the country for journeys on pavement the energy assist functionality of the my gmc mobile app is designed to help drivers find a nearby charging station plan their route set up payment and even start the charging process when they arrive and finally thanks

To the available digital key technology your smartphone is all that is needed to unlock and start your vehicle no key fobs are needed it’s all about simplicity of controls and empowering drivers like never before and it’s that idea of empowerment and hmi innovation which drove our development at the hummer eb user experience inside the vehicle as well we worked

With perception a sci-fi thinking design agency best known for the creative work within the marvel universe to help create an exciting and theatrical cabinet experience when we work on a project whether it be a film or the hummer ev we obsess over even the smallest detail we like to think every pixel needs a purpose all to ensure the experience is genuine authentic

And purposeful early in the u.s development process the design team shared an image of nasa’s jet propulsion lab with us which sparked our imagination to go out of this world literally gm engineers helped design the lunar rover for the apollo 15 mission and that inspiration played a key role in inspiring our visual language lunar topography became our theme which

Drove us to design the hummer ev with a white user interface during the day that transitions to a dark ui at night with this theme driving our mission we focused on developing clean technical graphics juxtaposed with the organic mountainous lunar surface we even created a customized typeface one that echoes the angularity of the vehicle with a futuristic aesthetic

All of these details work together element by element to deliver experiences for the hummer ev driver that are visually rich dynamic and tailored specifically to the vehicle both its design and capabilities the hummer ev is such an incredible canvas to create experiences for and this starts the very moment the welcome animation appears as both displays dynamically

Come to life the hummer ev badge appears very simply but then the sun cascades over the surface of the moon and casts beautiful dramatic shadows over the moonscape everything is designed to be clear and simple to use through great contrast a natural hierarchy of information and zones for information that make everything easy to find it can’t be overstated enough

Just how challenging it is to create something that is this cinematic in appearance which also hits all of the critical vehicle require environments knowing the customer is at the center of every single decision we make with the touchscreen we really focused on allowing drivers to perform interactions with as few steps as possible to enable this the functions of

The physical buttons below the screen automatically change to deliver intuitive access to climate functions drivers wanted control designing an experience like this isn’t just about choosing colors and button shapes it’s about anticipating the user’s needs a great example is how we are introducing groundbreaking virtual auxiliary switches which allow owners to

Connect and name off-road accessories under the hood and control them through virtual switches the hummer ev also features an off-road app with 3d graphics that depict specific vehicle actions like pitch and roll suspension articulation and torque vectoring it’s all visualized and controlled through a wide range of available and customizable widgets everything

From an over landing compass to an altimeter there’s even a gyroscopic widget which analyzes and processes precise vehicle data made possible through epic’s unreal gaming engine with the hummer evs drive modes we created full screen cinematic moments to celebrate the hummer ev’s massive capabilities unique environments and seamless looping terrains depict what

Each drive mode does each of these is unique and special of course the user experience plays a huge role with the hummer ev’s most incredible performance and capability features everybody gets a level of personalization and customization with adrenaline mode then available lots of freedom takes it to a whole other level as drivers prepare to launch from 0 to 60

Approximately three and a half seconds based on gm estimates it’s an experience unlike anything else rear wheel steering is another great example where we use a 3d visual of the vehicle to show and demonstrate exactly what’s happening with the wheels to inform the driver and when the driver pushes and holds the button for five seconds it initiates available crab

Walk and provides a full screen preview of what the hummer ev will be capable of when it’s activated the hummer ev is loaded with smart purposeful technology designed to enhance every excursion putting the driver in the middle of every moment from the welcome animation instrument cluster your layouts virtual switches and widgets to available drive modes watch the

Freedom and crab walk everything about the user experience reflects hummer ev’s dna

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