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GMC Savana 2.8L Duramax 4×4 Conversion: Test Drive (0-60mph)

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We know you guys loved our GMC Savana 2.8L Duramax 4×4 Conversion build and would really like to see a test drive video of it, so we did just that.

So one thing that’s cool about this man is this has the 2.8 liter duramax engine in it this is it we’re gonna find out if the 2.8 liter is worth the hype that chevy thinks that it is and if it can do 35 inch tires because that’s what we want to put on this van we’re going to convert this one also to four-wheel drive so we’re not going to be using anybody else’s

Four-wheel drive on this we’re going to be using all of our own system on this we’re going to be running our 2.5 coilover kit on this van also so it’s going to have the amazing ride amazing suspension with this new engine we’re going to be have a lot of fun with this see how it is gonna perform and we’ll let you know like we’ll be honest like yeah it’s awesome no it

Is not so we all know that we love the duramax diesel in the van but the six six that was awesome had a ton of power a ton of torque it could tow anything but now the 2.8 liter which now comes in the chevy express van isn’t going to be adequate for what you’re willing to do or what you’re wanting to do so what we thought well let’s go take one for a test drive we

Love driving vans so today’s then we have the 2.8 liter in it we’ve just completed our four-wheel drive conversion and it’s time to take it on the freeway let’s go check it out one thing that’s really great about this kit is that it is really smooth what could help it being so smooth though is these really comfortable ultra seat conversions that we’ve also done in

Them but what we’re having fun now is let’s see how it actually drives on the freeway because on this particular bill of course we’ve gone to the 35 inch tires so here we are on the freeway and this is a fun little turn and what we’ve done different on this is we’re running our new sway bar on this and you can see that as we’re going through this turn not slowing

Down other than the traffic in front of us that won’t allow us to go faster we’re kidding very minimal amount of sway in there which is going to be really nice depending on if you’re going to be doing mountain driving or what you’re going to be doing that’s what’s going to make this new sway bar addition to available on these kids really really nice but i mean

We’re cruising along at 75 right now and it is just i mean it’s awesome this is great super straight smooth really nice and we know that the majority of your time is going to be behind the field whether you’re driving cross-country or getting to your destination and that’s what we want to make sure that you have that ultra comfortable smooth ride which the wild

Type designs coilover conversion kit definitely delivers that so we’re gonna test zero to sixty on this you guys ready all right let’s see shifting gears and late no rocket ship now keep in mind that we’re not shipping we’re not doing anything crazy in order to like keep this that’s just a normal automatic code but here’s where we think like listening really

Dude really well still maintaining that six hour that turn that was nice so what we’ve done different on this is for running our sweet setup nobody rolls those way i mean this thing is just hugging the road we’re good 75 miles an hour right now chevy duramax engine i was definitely hesitant when i started this build and was very curious how well these 35

Inch tires were gonna do with this engine and transmission setup but i have to say i mean really right here i’m coming into a corner and just you know throttling out of it and i mean the pickup is nice i mean it’s there’s no hesitation the torque is definitely there you know so what we did do is we’re running a 410 ear in this so that’s obviously going to help you

Know turn these 35 inch tires also in this this has the 8-speed transmission so you can feel it shifting through its gears a lot quicker so another nice feature about the transmission with this smaller 2.8 litre diesel if i was not worried about towing if that wasn’t a concern of mine if it was overall just i want to get good gas mileage i want a vehicle that you

Know should go a few hundred thousand miles without any issue i’m definitely i’m i think i would definitely go this route i think that this is a nice setup i really really am impressed with just overall you know how this engine does i would also say that i think it’s really nice you know obviously we’ve done a ton of work to this thing in order to you know with

The four-wheel-drive in making the suspension awesome we’ve also included our sway bar set up on this and i mean this thing in the corners i mean it drives great granite i don’t have a porsche and don’t drive porsches but this is what i would imagine it would feel like so i don’t know maybe one of you guys out there has a porsche that wants to let me take it for

A test drive and do a review on it but this thing is really fun it’s a-you know it is a good time it’s you know you’re gonna see the roads that we were driving on through these twists and turns and you know no no body roll it was overall just really good i’m definitely giving this thing a big thumbs up as i can barely see right now because i’m being blinded by

This beautiful california sunset but um thanks guys for watching this video i hope that this was informative if you guys are looking at a 2.8 liter chevy diesel i’m gonna say once again please i know a ton of you guys are watching this that are not subscribed to our channel please smash that subscribe button ring that bell and of course you know we want to hear

From you guys what you would like so tell us you know if you were gonna build a van would you go with the 2.8 liter or would you go with a 6 o gas building a new van i know however we’re all a fan of the 6 6 because that’s going to give us the torque and it’s gonna give us the towing capacity but since that’s not available new we’re talking new vans right now just

Curious what would you guys build a 6 o gas or a 2.8 liter turbo diesel i have to say the decision would be very tough for me i’m definitely digging this 2.8 liter so we hope you guys enjoyed this video again thank you smash that subscribe button i’m jeremy johnson from well designs and i’ll see you guys next time see you guys

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GMC Savana 2.8L Duramax 4×4 Conversion: Test Drive (0-60mph) By WeldTec Designs