GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab Denali

#LarryV is showing a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab Denali – 5U221169 Live at Transwest Truck Trailer RV #TTTRV

Good morning good morning everyone and welcome to transwest truck trailer rv we’re located in frederick colorado my name is larry vickers a quick reminder not only do we sell trucks here but we purchase those as well so if you have a freightliner or a pickup that you’re trying to get rid of please give me a call and i can be reached at 303-684-3404 today we’re

Going to take a look at one of the pickups that we have on the lot this is a 2017 gmc 3500 the trim package is denali this truck has just over 53 000 miles so we’ll start today by taking a look at the side view and kind of see what jumps out at us well first and foremost is the color of the truck this dark blue is kind of unique you don’t see a lot of those on

The road the second thing we notice that it does have a lift kit so it’s a little bit higher than what we’re used to seeing so that not only does that make the truck look level and balanced and has more eye appeal to it but there’s a safety advantage to that as well because when we’re in the truck we’re a little bit higher than cars things of that nature so we

Can kind of see what’s going on another thing that we notice is that it has aftermarket rims on it to help dress the truck up a little bit under here is the fuel tank now this truck holds up to 36 gallons as we continue on we see it comes with electric running boards so that drops down for you and then when you close the door that pops right back on up now

Let’s take a look directly in front so that looks pretty sharp doesn’t it a little bit different design but it’s still really dressed up and looks good a light bar runs right across here we can see the bumper guard located here and this is really a stout one so if we are in an accident everything behind that is very well protected now it does have parking sensors

Running across the front now the gmc grille is a little bit different you can see where this allows a lot of air intake enabled to get to that engine that is the 6.6 liter duramax this offers 445 horsepower and 910 foot-pounds of torque really an engine that doesn’t need much introduction it’s been around a long time and it’ll bring you a ton of longevity and

Durability right over here is where we add the death let me come on around to this side some things that that we can see and do there’s where we would add the oil here’s for the windshield wipers things of that nature that you’re going to want to check on pre-trip inspections now since that truck is lifted a little bit we can get a good view of the front end

Suspension and take a look at the shocks located right there now as we take a look inside the driver’s seat what’s different that we notice okay that’s not a black interior it’s very rare these days to find one that isn’t black as you can see this is kind of a tan or light brown color these front seats are heated and vented all right up here is the trailer brake

And right below that we can see the dial this is a four wheel drive so right there is where you would turn that on as we take a look at the door panel itself we can see that it it’s kind of multi-colored the dark brown here in addition to the dark brown located here it comes with the bose surround sound and here’s where we make the adjustments to the seats this

Lets air in and out of the back so the lumbar system there as you can see it comes with floor mats as well as we look in the back seat we can pop that seat on up and as you can see the formats run the entire length of the back seat now as we take a look directly behind the truck and we’ll start at the ground and work our way up as you can see it comes with the

Bumper pull hitch all ready to go right here is where we hook up the lights in addition to that sensors running along the bumper and we see the gmc sierra and denali badge located across the back there is a backup camera located right here as we let the tailgate down and take a look at the bed of the truck you can see it’s already lined so that makes longevity

That much better since it’s already lined right there is where we would hook up either a bumper pool or a fifth wheel hitch and you can see tie downs located in all four corners on the top down here as well in addition here’s where we hook up the lights yet another advantage and why you should strongly consider this specific truck is the mileage on it since it

Does have low mileage just to 53 000 miles we still have factory warranty left the gmc warranty is five years a hundred thousand miles on diesel engines so that still gives us some substantial warranty on the engine itself as we take a look in the back seat this enables us to get a shot of the sunroof in addition if we take a look at the console we can see that

There is a storage compartment located right there as we look in the passenger seat again here’s where we make the adjustments it actually comes with two glove boxes one on top one on the bottom and right here is the original manual now let’s crawl on in and take a closer look uh one thing nice about this truck is how much we can do from the steering wheel an

Example of that is where we can adjust our radio stations located right here we can also take phone calls simply by pressing the button and that’s one of the services we will provide for you we will have your bluetooth all hooked up and ready to go when you leave the lot on the other side of the steering wheel we can is our cruise control in addition to that we

Can turn the heated steering wheel on with this button located right here as we come on across and take a look at the screen another service we will do for you is have all your presets hooked up and ready to go here’s where we will hook up your bluetooth this truck does come with navigation located right there and you simply type in your destination on where

You want to go and it’ll help guide you to that as we come on down and take a look here this is our menu button located here so we can go in or out on that navigation to show us exactly where we’re not only where we’re at but what’s located right beside us as well as we come on down there is a row of buttons here and it looks kind of complicated but it’s really

Not this button here adjusts the pedals traction control located right here there is a light cargo light in the back of the truck we can turn that on or off located right here this is the parking sensors that you and i looked at we can turn those on or off located here this is lane departure so when you’re in your travels if you start to drift out of your lane

It’s going to notify you of that hill descent is located right here and the exhaust break located here an example of when we would use that if we are towing a trailer and coming down to sharp decline we’re going to want to hit that exhaust break because that’s going to help slow everything down which makes safe things safer for everyone on the road heated and

Vented seats for the passenger are located here over here for the driver’s side now it does have a 110 outlet there and there charging ports located underneath here as well as we take a look at the console we can see a couple of cup holders here this will actually charge your phone for you so you can lay your phone up here and it can be charging while you’re in

Your travels as we take a look at the console we can see a more than ample amount of storage room located right here this is stock number 5u221169 if you have any other questions about it please feel free to give me a call the cell number 970-370 the work extension 303-684-3404 feel free to email me at larry.vickers thanks for tuning in today

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