GMC Yukon Denali Review: The GOOD, The BAD and What can you Expect

The GMC Yukon Denali Diesel is a full-size SUV that never ceases to amaze us with each new version! The next-generation GMC Yukon and Yukon XL are GMC’s flagship SUVs! They are enhanced by delivering cutting-edge technology and enhanced by precision-engineered capabilities. The Yukon lineup is led by two of GMC’s top-performing sub-brands, Denali and AT4. Still representing the pinnacle of GMC craftsmanship, the Yukon Denali takes it to the next level with the bold exterior design, refined interior appointments, and performance features. This is the quintessential Denali, a truly first-class experience! The very first Yukon AT4 brings a whole new character to the Yukon and fulfills GMC’s promise to bring the AT4 sub-brand to the entire lineup. The AT4 gives customers the off-road capability, innovative technology, and bold design they want to complement their outdoor lifestyle. However, in this test, discover the GMC Yukon Denali with a 3.0L Duramax Diesel engine!

Hey what’s up guys welcome to car question matt  is riding the gmc yukon and we’ve got a special   engine in that one because it’s brand new for  this year since the uconn has been completely   redesigned today we’re going to talk about what  i like and what i don’t like about this vehicle   this is probably one of the vehicle

That i would  consider why because of the choice of engine but   also with that duramax engine that diesel power  you can get a lot of torque and it’s an amazing   thing when you’re gonna be towing because the fuel  consumption is really low and since i have two   trailers back home one little which is open and  you’ve got

That idea cargo that you probably saw   in a few video that we did i really like that idle  cargo because it’s lightweight and this machine   can tow with fuel efficiency so the yukon has been  completely redesigned you’ve got a new suspension   you’ve got that new diesel engine and you’ve got  the tons of good engine that you can

Choose so   on the plus point that fuel economy you know i’m  from quebec we did a road trip going to charlevoix   and next thing i know 8.8 liter per 100 kilometers  and you’ve got the fuel consumption on the highway   which is 8.9 so it’s right there on target it’s  an amazing fuel consumption for such a big vehicle  

Redesigned the suspension we’ve got the adaptative   one by the way and look at that you can select  the entry point which is going to simply lower   the vehicle and if you want to go in off-road  mode you need to use low range though you can   raise that suspension and you’re going to be able  to cross some more obstacle with

Some improved   ground clearance you’ve got that comfortable ride  on-road off-road and the noise inside the cabin   is an all-time low for this kind of vehicle you’ve  got the interior space which is cavernous and by   the way look at that center console talking about  some neat hidden storage so i’m going to press on  

The button right here you’re gonna see it slide  well this is a nice big stash and if you need   more stash space well simply open that section and  you can hide pretty much whatever you want in that   center console i was talking about engine you’ve  got two other great engine that you can go for   the 5.3 liter and the 6.2 but

The only downside is  that they’re not going to be available depending   on the version that you’re going to choose i like  the denali package there’s a lot of chrome there’s   a lot of bling bling it’s feeling more like a  luxury than ever with the gmc lineup when you feel   the material when you touch them you’ve got that 

Little luxury touch that i really like even if gmc   is not known to be a luxury company but when you  add the denali logo you get those little attention   that i really like but i prefer much more the  84 package but next thing i know i cannot get   to the remax and i cannot get the 6.2 with that  package what’s happening gmc

That i don’t like   another great thing with that vehicle is that  towing is impressive fuel efficiency is impressive   you can do up to 8 000 pounds of stuff with that  vehicle and still have a full crew complementary   board and a lot of luggage mastering also the  feeling on how it is to ride with a boat in the   back

Or with a big trailer you’ve got the tons of  technology integrated everywhere in the vehicle   you’ve got that nice multimedia center screen here  talking about towing you’ve got that trailering   application which is really easy to use and we’ll  even connect some tpms right there in your trailer   to make sure that you don’t

Have a flat while  rolling how about connection how about that clear   camera view how about the multimedia system in  the back to make sure that the kids are gonna be   happy once you’re gonna roll to the cabin that i  really like you’ve got also a lot of usb connector   you’re going to be doing some reverse maneuver  

Once again really clean i just love this vehicle  it handles well breaks well it’s even better than   what we don’t like though is the price it’s   kind of high for such a machine you’ve got that  formal look of the denali model a lot of chrome   that i’m not a fan of i would have preferred to go  with the 84 but how about the

Tau also the towel   talking when it comes to money when it comes   about really ability a long time when i check   problem with some electrical components with   some transmission so they need to make proof that  they are more reliable than ever with those one   and a downside of the diesel is that you’re gonna 

Have to maintain the full capacity of death liquid   simply stop and that could put an end to your   vacation and we know that a turbo over a long time  of ownership will cost you more maintenance than a   regular v8 engine there’s also less acceleration  power with that duramax engine it’s a lot of   torque though you’re

Gonna be able to move your  cargo around it’s fuel efficient but sometimes you   need more passing power and that’s a little bit of  a downside to the new yukon you’ve got also that   shifter gun is the good old one next thing you  know you’ve got some button some you need to press   some you need to pull i’m pretty sure that

If  you lend your vehicle to a friend of yours well   he’s not gonna figure that out on the first try  you’ve got also the accessibility to the last row   which is kind of difficult the city is going to  fall but it’s not real easy how about also that   configuration you cannot go for the biggest engine  unless you choose

The denali package i’m kind of   sad because of that but otherwise this is one nice  improvement a real great truck i love the feeling   i would buy one how about you guys comment section 

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