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Goal of the Century x BTS | Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.) | Official Music Video Reaction

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Ahjussi Army is back to check out BTS x Hyundai with a fantastic remix of their track, “Yet to Come.” The music on this one is better than the, “Proof,” version imo and I love the additional English they threw in. Think I might just run out and buy a Sonata after this! What did you think of the, “Yet to Come,” remix? Did you prefer it over the original? Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to help my small channel grow. Thank you!

Hey everyone gaijin guinea pig here and it’s been a while since this member of the ajishi army has been able to do any sort of bts related video so i’m excited that the boys are kind of sort of back with this collaboration with hyundai goal of the century yet to come their track yet to come was it honestly the best no it was not their best track it was a good track

Though and they’re promoting the fifa world cup at guitar this is not the first time bts has teamed up with hyundai they’ve done some videos promoting their electric vehicles a lot of eco-friendly sustainability initiatives which is a great way to use the platform so good on the boys for that yeah but i’m a huge soccer fan never mind the man city on the monitor

Behind me they are not my team and i will definitely be watching the world cup so yeah we love bts we like yet to come we’re positive leaning towards hyundai vehicles we love soccer this is a this is a home run before it’s even begun so let’s check this out hyundai bts presents yet to come 11th century mini movie i imagine that’s how jk is chilling next

Brighter than or yesterday sweet a remix oh yeah i’m so glad it’s a remix all english go on boys there’s the korean let me shut up stephen gerard musically i’m already liking this remix better i love it hello in the centuries oh i’m feeling this my car ain’t bad either oh that’s weird they did a video before with dogs i’m looking forward

To the world cup awesome foreign foreign because of course we’re gonna leave it on that you know what no we’re not hold on check this out we’re gonna go right back to this shot right there that works captain’s off boom nice shot uh yeah i’m really glad i checked this out i i was in the back of my head i was worried i was thinking that maybe it was

Just gonna be a little bit of bts like featured in the video and mostly just like car stuff and soccer stuff which is cool but you know i’m gonna make a video on that but this was a really nice blend of sort of everything hear me out soccer the world cup they call they call soccer aka football the world’s game right can you think of a more global artist than bts

To sort of be a part of this campaign and it’s obvious why this is a collaboration that works and i gotta say i’m also really glad that they didn’t just use yet to come for this they sort of they remixed it musically they also added in additional english parts which was very unexpected and it’s sort of that remix element of it that made it even more worth checking

Out is that a correct english sentence even more worth checking out no but you get what i mean anyway i thought it was great i i actually think that i like this version of yet to come musically better than the one that they released for proof anyway those are my thoughts love this shot with the seven you know it’s the seven with the jerseys looking forward to

The world cup this was a great version of yet to come but what did you think of it do you prefer the original or did you like this remix let me know down in the comments please like this video and think about subscribing if you haven’t already but thank you so much for watching and i’ll catch you in the next one

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Goal of the Century x BTS | Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.) | Official Music Video Reaction! By Gaijin Guinea Pig