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Hey how you doing what’s your name what’s this i’m london you can’t shave my hand are you headed to cover you ain’t even got a mask on but you’re talking about covet yeah oh yeah for sure where you from houston okay okay you’re very pretty thank you for sure you interested in getting to know somebody right now why not foreign what’s the issue i ain’t trying

To press the issue i’m just i’m just curious nah i’m not your type for real i’m not interested you’re answering me oh yeah all right well have a good one she wasn’t rude bro i can’t get everybody okay she gonna come back gang she might be a goldie she coming back what’s up so this is your car show up is this your car yeah that’s my car why you like

It oh thanks bro what’s up though nothing much just looking looking okay with you looking out i’m just asking i’m just looking at some nice color oh thank you but i’m actually about to get going so what you excuse me where are you going i’m actually about to go try to get me some food can i go with you come on the other side come over here all right what’s up

What you mean can you go with me you go get some food i mean i guess but like you just kind of told me that you wasn’t interested in talking to nobody right yeah not interested all right if you we can be friends i mean if you’re not interested in why should i be taking you some more that’s basically what i was saying over there you ain’t wasn’t trying to go for

That i see what let me come with you i mean come with me like i say come on me for what you’re not interested this nice car so you know okay but what my car got to do with you you can you can help me help you what you know my hair i mean what i look like i’m not your dude you’re not big exactly so why would i be doing things if i ain’t your dude i’m saying to

Make something happen oh no we can’t make none of that happen because i ain’t no trick so you know maybe you got the wrong one no man so what you about to do i’m about to go home i’ll go home you live in the area yeah or okay for sure for sure well i’m about to get going so can you take me home you can’t take you home he was walking right could take me home

It’s like right there i’ve been like this got one coach so what’s up though nothing you want to take me home where you live at where i’m going that way gps or something all right patrol i mean you saying you live up there you might just show me real estate i guess right yeah i can just show you but but can we just talk for a little bit i’m gonna talk about

What what’s up talk to me what up hi man i do a lot of things actually i’m a doctor i just moved out here um from nigeria i’m a nigerian doctor so i mean but why you was acting like that outside cause i’m just very reserved to stay to myself so a major switch to change your mind all of a sudden i don’t know no i don’t know turn around talk to me because why

Though what’s the difference between me over there and me right here nothing it’s not making sense i mean you got a nice car so therefore you could do nice things for me i mean but why you keep going back to this me doing what is you doing what are you doing for yourself i know a lot from myself so why are you asking me to get you if you do a lot for yourself

We’re just meeting right yeah you’re talking about you reserved but you want a to get your hair done and get your nails done respectfully yeah respectfully i don’t know you at all so why would i do that give me one good reason why i should because it’d be worth it i’m worth it it’s worth it i mean what you doing for me i mean there’s a lot i could do like what

Let’s let’s hear it i mean i don’t know first get to know you i mean how about we get to know each other first then see about this buying like who walks up to somebody and just says oh can you buy me can you get me this get me that on the first first and like encounter i mean this is straight up you know all right so if i’m being straight up you dropping what

Up you dropping that what up huh what do you mean nah why would i drop a neck not a nut i said drop that like you’re gonna you know what i’m saying don’t um yeah but you want me to buy you you said be straight up right yeah well i’m not buying you you know what i’m saying i was i wasn’t buying regardless if you was doing it i’m just saying if you try talking

About being straight up like i’m gonna be straight up too i don’t even know nothing about you you haven’t told me who are you sorry no much huh okay that’s who like what up tell me about you i’m funny i’m a go-getter um you’re a go-getter but you asking me how that makes sense sometimes you need a little the pressure off your back yeah well somebody that

You’re dealing with maybe you don’t you know man i don’t know you like what time is that like what you what you really hear from i don’t know you seem like you really ain’t got money is this car i don’t got money yeah what do you mean i don’t got money because you acting broke how i’m acting broke cause i don’t want to do for you it’s not even that it’s just the

Fact i just said just get my hair done my nails gonna take me out to eat do that i don’t know you why would i what the look like giving you money two seconds ago you didn’t know me okay i was trying to get to know you right that’s baby steps you trying to take giant steps that’s not what’s about to happen i’m about to get your hair done get your nails what type

Of is that like i said if you’re gonna drop that neck what up i mean if you probably just say nine broke if you broke just say that how old is you old enough you got kids definitely not how old are you hold on i’m asking you oh what is old enough for me why would you ask a woman how old is she how old are you 25 years old how old is you old enough old enough well

Look man you ain’t trying to give me your age you want me to buy you it seems like you’re a gold digger if i’m being honest obviously so you can get the how about that you can keep it pushing i’m not giving you no ride all right i need to go home and think about what you did today how about that all right yo this girl i literally just met this girl and she was

Trying to talk about some oh if you broke just say that because i don’t want to get her hair done what’s up yo this new generation of women is just crazy yeah yo that was like a crazy encounter yo i don’t even know what to say i ain’t about to wish our time just follow me on instagram at london’s way underscore we’re gonna keep exposing them all 2022 and 23 let’s get it let’s go game

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