Gorgeous 2016 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali 4×4 turbo diesel Duramax with Allison transmission

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Hey what’s up everybody its mark deluxe motorsports and today bringing you straight off the showroom floor pretty much two months ago this is a 2016 2016 gmc sierra 3500 denali turbo diesel the duramax diesel engine with an allison transmission in this sucker is fully fully loaded obviously because it’s denali comes with everything that all the luxuries of the best

Of the best this is a king up trucks hello i’m gonna try to do a short video but show you everything on this truck there’s nothing wrong with its going to back up camera it’s good i can’t really say much about it because brand new so everything on is brand new tires you’re got 10,000 miles on them so it’s kind of a shitty day out here today but i’m trying to do

The best i can to show you the truck it’s got weathertech floor mats that’s my sloppiness from in here trying to take pictures but obviously it smells like a brand new truck because it’s brand new couple months old leathers in perfect shape led lighting throughout sunroof electric rear window like i said these weathertech floor mats are throughout the whole truck

Beautiful dark wood grain sharks got 10,000 624 miles on it terrier is spotless seatback so it’s gonna electric folding mirrors it’s good memory seats quick exit child patrol sorry for the crappy video bounces but bluetooth it’s good heated steering wheel crash alert assistance controller whatever you call that thing so collision alert there we go so when you get

Close to a vehicle within i think like 20 but ten to 15 20 feet over 30 miles an hour the windshield lights up with three red dots from this projection screen right here and your seat vibrates like hell telling you to stop the vehicle it’s got cooled seats heated seats it’s got a kick-ass sound system it’s got navigation it’s got exhaust brake on it an exhaust

Brake it’s got lane assist which means that when you’re changing lanes if you have this button on it’ll vibrate your right seat if you go out of the right lane it’ll vibrate in your left side of the seat if you go on your left side of the lane awesome vehicle pretty much pays for itself you avoid one action is this tricks loaded load it with everything so i have

No complaints i drove this truck probably 500 thousand miles so far i love it it’s got a pedal adjustment traction control now these lights were here the cab lights they control the lights the led lighting inside the bed it’s got a camper shell on the varia bed cover on also when you get these this light and i show you and it has also the mirror led lights on the

Outsides of the mirrors so if you’re working or doing stuff back there it helps us shitload and they are bright as all hell i can’t even explain how grateful it’s got 20% window tint on the whole truck factory rear and 20% down on the front take you guys for a ride it’s got a sunroof tilt slide so if you guys have any questions of this truck give me a call five

Four zero eight four eight two nine seven four this is the 2016 gmc sierra 3500 denali turbo diesel call me with any questions five four zero eight four eight two nine seven four pop the hood for you real quick to show you how spotless it is he’ll kind of stupid seen how spotless is but its brand new so i can’t really sit as much iranian moment these are all brand

New chinese hell oils got a fresh rule change has a two days ago and has as foglights hivs factory so you guys have any questions give me a call or text five four zero eight four eight two nine seven four this is mark 2016 chevrolet i’m sorry gmc 3500 sierra denali hd caller texting five four zero eight four eight two nine seven

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Gorgeous 2016 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali 4×4 turbo diesel Duramax with Allison transmission!!! By Whats up its MARK!