GR Corolla Update, nope 2022 Toyota Manual Hatchback, Garage Projects and HowtoHeaven UPDATE

Hey guys, here is my GR Corolla Update, which is non existent, along with our newest car, a 2022 Toyota Manual (6 Speed) Hatchback XSE, and a general update! I’m getting the hang of this Apple Ecosphere, so the Vids will be coming again!! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Comment!

Hey how to heaven fans so today what we’re going to do is we’re going to give you a little update video and this is something i didn’t know the camera did i have a dji mount on here here and uh i guess it follows me so that’s kind of cool okay so i want to give you some updates on what we’ve been doing around the garage first of all kind of hurt myself playing

Racquetball um so i’ll be limping a little bit if the camera is a little shaky uh let’s see let me quickly go over some of these projects that we’ve done unfortunately i don’t have the videos up yet but they are coming so let’s see wow this is really cool here’s a project that we finished just a little bit ago and i’m going to publish the video basically this is

Harbor freight ultra quiet one gallon compressor and i use it to pump up my rolling jack really convenient except that thing had no displacement and you’d have to pump it up 10 times to lift that jack up so i got this baby for ten dollars and it had a bad motor there’s the motor i suspect it’s either just this bad connection right here or it’s a bad capacitor

But that’s going to be maybe another video further down the line i’m going to put that motor on that and then just blow it out i don’t need all these little compressors so what i did here you can see my how to heaven sticker i uh converted this and i really like this because it’s five gallon capacity so it’s five times the capacity of that and then it has this

Little cart it’s a roll away as well and then it’s got dual ports there and we come around this way and here’s what i did i mounted that little ultra quiet motor i made that fitting right there tig welded it i couldn’t find another fitting to convert these air hoses i went everywhere granger’s home depot ace hardware so that’s a project that we have recently

Done and let me show you something else i’ll probably include a couple snippets of this cart here pick this card up my son’s in the automotive field so he needs a cart to kind of haul around his materials when he does oil changes and things like that so that was just a simple sticker deal and uh let me show you one more thing this is going to be an upcoming video

On the basics of a kegerator pick this up and uh reconditioned it got it all up and running and in the process learned a lot about kegerators so i’m going to make a video on kegerator basics coming up as well so in my quest get the ultimate oxy-settling rig i’ve acquired some tanks and other things and i’m going to turn this cart which is a dolly into a custom

Oxy-settling rig for the garage you just can’t find one i had one that was actually a commercial unit the tanks were about five feet tall they were really big i end up selling it because they would expire before i could even use them and then i went to the turbo torch which is too small and i ended up with this size rig i also bought that one over there but that’s

Too small as well so i think this is the perfect size for what i do around here heating cutting i still have a i have a plasma cutter but sometimes you just use oxy acetylene so i’m going to make my ultimate welding cart and it’s going to store the hose which is what the other one didn’t you kind of draped it over the handle but i want this thing to be done right

So we’re going to end up doing that that’s going to be an upcoming video so this is going to be an upcoming video and we ended up getting a 2022 hatchback toyota hatchback now the gr’s they’re still on the wait list so we’re still trying to get a couple of gr’s a core and a circuit and according to the internet good luck but hey we’ve got deposits down on two

So i’m going to do a video on this and the uh reason we got this one is sun is because wanted fat and i don’t know if you can see it that thing right in there right about fair that thing what is that it’s a stick shift this is six speed so it’s the xse model it’s pretty well equipped and i’ll do a video on this later okay so that’s the update for today and i

Really like this so we’re going to be doing those videos some of them just need to be edited and then some of them i need to make so the next stop is going to be that welding cart or maybe the xse hatchback with a six-speed manual so stay tuned and we’ll see you guys next time thanks for watching

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GR Corolla Update, nope! 2022 Toyota Manual Hatchback, Garage Projects and HowtoHeaven UPDATE!! By HowToHeaven