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Behind me there’s toyota 86 aimgain, owned by bro lukman but today we’re going to review a car with aimgain bodykit, if you already saw this video, couple months ago ziko already reviewed r35 nismo it’s the same as this car but this car is from 2008 and nismo from 2017 the differences on this car that this one has a lots of modification in exterior this car using full

Aimgain bodykit, later we see the full detail of the bodykit which is very wide, later we also see the detail of it the design is a mix with 2017 gt-r facelift nismo and the non-nismo bro raka changed the aimgain lips into a carbon fibre the carbon fibre is made in indonesia, also the lips given gold touch one thing that i like is that the front splitter is very low and

Wide it’s kinda like time attack cars, also there’s a bracket here that makes it looks like a time attack cars, this thing is also functional for the fender parts, it’s common to see fender like this and the lower front fender that connected to the side skirt because the turbulences that coming out from the tires but if you’re going to use this in indonesia’s street, it’s

Going to be dirty. yeah but there’s going to be positive and negative in any car’s modification this is a design from aimgain and this is an aimgain side skirt but bro raka covered it with carbon fibre so that his gt-r also there’s another gold touch in it. i personally like black with gold and also it has stickers like this, there’s a lots of brands in my opinion rather

Than rocketbunny or pandem for r35 there’s a bit interesting because it used a wing, for those of you who wondering what’s this? it’s a writing the rims itself using work vsxx with 11.5 wide for the front rims with michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires and brembo big brake kit 6 pots but there’s an interesting one, it’s the rear rims. let’s have a look this is a work vsxx, it’s

The same as the front rims, but it has 13 inches wide the interesting part about this rims is that the widest rims that has been used in indonesia is bakajin rotiform with 13.5 inches wide, this is the runner up it’s not a phone again, that’s mainstream. this can put an ipad and the rims is dirty, that means this is a driven car. before we go in, this is the car key. it

Looks like a nissan elgrand car key it’s a gt-r car key, this has been reviewed by ziko lately but there’s so the airsus can be adjusted away from the car and when the car is turned off because this isn’t a gt-r facelift that ziko lately reviewed it, i think this isn’t interior change, it’s more like performance change because this car isn’t about performance but meant to

Be beautiful if you want to find the performance, check out the video about his gt-r nismo before we go to the engine section, i want to rev it up for the engine section, there’s nothing much changed the difference with gt-r nismo is there’s no “made by takumi” writing, there’s no red colours obviously because it isn’t nismo there’s nothing much change in the performance

Because this car gt-r doesn’t need performance change because it’s already fast air suspension using air force. using the pinacle of their product. but the air suspension management system isn’t tidied up properly the owner said that he’s going to tidy up the management system up now let’s we test the airsus remote that i think it’s the most functional feature in a airsus

Car because it can be operated mode 1 is the highest setting, mode 2 is lower than the 1, mode 3 is lower than 2, and mode 4 is air out or the lowest setting we’re going to test the highest setting since this car already why i said this is the most functional feature is because when we parked this car and just walk off from car forgot to set it low the airsus i saw bunch

Of airsus car that when it’s on the road, but this one is very decent, still good looking when driving it overall this car is very good and most importantly well not daily driven but it’s driven not like the “contest car” keep driving safe and goodbye!

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GTR R35 Paling Ceper! | GTR Aimgain Review By Garasi Drift