Happy Wife, Happy Life A Special Tiffany Blue Model X Plaid Interior for Co-Founder Elies Wife

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Hi tesla fans i’m ellie with t-sport line and behind me is another brand new 2022 model x plaid this car is extra special to me and my whole team because you know what it’s not a customer’s car it’s not my car it’s not a company show car actually it’s my wife’s personal car and my wife absolutely loves tesla and i love my wife and today i want to share with you an

Unveiling of what i love and what i feel is absolutely the greatest 2022 model x plaid we’ve built to date here she is thank you check this out i know your eyes are moving towards the beautiful tiffany blue interior but before we move in over there i have to start off with the exterior all the lower plastic trims have been painted gloss black to match the

Paint of the car no more textured plastic we hate that right gloss black to match the car smooths it out makes it look like as if there’s a body kit makes it look very special now let’s get into the wheels these are our 22 inch 22 spoke limited edition to only 22 sets wheels and what’s so cool about them besides the overall look and besides that they’re one piece

Forged made here in california is the fact that they have our floating center caps very rolls-royce right for those of you that know you know and then check out the calipers that leads us into the interior custom painted in tiffany blue that’s where it’s at my wife’s favorite color i absolutely love it too tiffany blue has always been a hot color especially as

Of recent and in couture and cars and interiors so here we go let’s go to the inside let’s check it out this is going to blow your mind over the past two years i have been hunting for this beautiful super soft rolls-royce grade tiffany blue interior and it trust me fans it has not been easy i’ve been completely unsuccessful until today i found the leather hides

Out of the tanneries in europe we have imported them and here you go the world’s first tesla with a tiffany blue rolls-royce grade quality leather interior as you can see we have reupholstered the lower dash area the center console the armrest the seat of course we had to perforate the seats because these are ventilated seats and you want that airflow to come

Through and then our signature diamond quilt in the upper v-neck area door panel inserts adds a very sporty but yet i love that classy touch that it does the lower portions of the doors and of course we have to dye the speaker grilles in tiffany blue to match contrast stitching in white because that’s the best compliment on the outer areas of the seat but but yet

A tiffany blue stitch used on the diamond quilted areas because i didn’t want to make it too busy i wanted to keep it kind of simple not too crazy what do you guys think about that i think this is the way to go but then let’s go into carbon fiber for those of you that know me and my company gloss carbon fiber matte carbon fiber this is where it all started we love

It we’re passionate about it and all the interior carbon fiber pieces that came from tesla in a matte finish are now gloss and to take it one step further we went ahead and reupholstered the yoke steering wheels you can see gloss carbon fiber on the bottom tiffany blue sides we dyed the airbag tiffany blue and check out these seat backs they’re not plastic anymore

They’re gloss carbon fiber as well as row two and row three because you know what i love carbon fiber i love the way it looks in a car and i think it complements this amazing tiffany blue interior perfectly what do you you guys think come on give me some feedback give me some of your thoughts is this interior just too crazy for you or do you absolutely love it most

Importantly my wife does and you know what i love my wife happy wife happy life you know we always talk about the details it’s those little things that just make a build like this extra special and with all the carbon fiber on the interior you know we had to bring some to the exterior check out our brand new gloss carbon fiber side mirror caps bringing some of

That carbon fiber sporty feel to the exterior and then as we move to the back of the vehicle check out our gloss carbon fiber wing this wing is always in the up position for a model x over all the years and we still have this beautiful gloss carbon fiber overlay that just kind of completes it now the best detail of them all before i close out this video check out

The custom painted tiffany blue white and black plaid badge thank you so much for watching tesla fans i’d love to hear your comments what you think about this build please stay tuned become a subscriber to our youtube channel i have so many more amazing videos coming your way soon foreign

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