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Have You Heard of Tourqd ?

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Too often we see meets broken down into niche cars and cult classics. Here at the Tourq’d Cars & Coffee, we’re putting together an experience for all that love cars and supporting local businesses. From sh*tboxes to classics to slabs to supercars to trucks & motorcycles, if you love engines and wheels – you’re welcome here! Subscribe for more awesome ►

Foreign that might be the best box here just because it’s so rare you don’t see grand peas like that anywhere so that’s pretty cool foreign what’s up everybody today we’re doing something a little bit different we’re at a local meat the torch car meat it’s an awesome meat from putting together that’s been growing today we’re gonna focus on three things to

Discard me i want you guys to help me out so we’re going to find the number the top spots cleanest euro third one will be nicest spec supercar since there’s seems to be quite a few high in concerts today so let’s start it off and let’s hunt for the number one box and we’ll go from there foreign this is my 2007 pontiac solstice it’s been an ongoing project for

Me i bought it at a copart auction how about a year and a half ago maybe two and i’ve just been slowly piecing it back together with entirely recycled parts it’s it’s been an interesting ride it’s it’s a lot of fun to just cruise around it’s actually the first time i’ve gotten it out through a car meet i’m pretty excited to show even in it’s rough and unfinished

State i hear the whistle yeah you got hiding in this thing it’s got a supercharger it’s also for sale it’s got an a a huh an a a supercharger okay so it’s pretty much maxed out it’s at 700 horsepower nice yeah six feet yeah six speed it’s for sale if you know someone who would like it how much 30k for a 700 horsepower corvette foreign you mind if i shoot

Your car you mine and we’re too classic i love it my name is mercedes i’m from houston texas this is my mr2 so 1988 i’ve had it for a few months it’s just a five-speed it’s got the 4a ge in it pretty quick it gets good on gas it’s great i love it i’m trying to keep it all original do everything keep it all 80s but i definitely want to redo it on keep it off and

Get it all nice and done so we restore the whole car you know midship runabout love it this thing’s done up wasn’t how much it makes nice wheels nice stance very nice hey brother hey this is i’m trying to get these lambos a spot so give me just a moment right here a lot of nice cars a lot of really cool cars this week honestly not that many boxes or custom

Like really custom uh oh it’s the hot rod builds um last couple times there was a lot of those this time it’s honestly a lot of nice higher end cars good amount of trucks porsches lambos about shooting cars a lot of euros so it’s a good mix of stuff so want to come check out this career right here let’s take a look you know i’ve always enjoyed these body styles

It’s just still running through the small motif s i don’t know if anything else done uh assistant connor i’m from uh kingwood so basically uh i got this card from cali i’m the second owner got it it’s rust free i got it gutted so i put all the interior in it i cracked the head back in may i went ahead and pulled the motor and put two heads on there and uh just

Not the shelf comp cam nothing special just a basic rebuild to have some fun with it yes sir thank you where can i find uh find you at uh turbo shot incredible what was that turbo shot incredible couple good runners up now for uh nicest car and like this hero it’s quite literally one of the coolest audis you can buy right now rs3 it made good power they’re like

Pretty much they’re like half the engine over gallardo so half the v10 turbo pipes in their engine sounds literally just like one it’s a really really really cool car i love these things i think i made a video when nobody watched it but here’s a clip of that make great power great noise i never see my own car and today fix up what’s his name alfred alfred that’s

A fitting name yeah alfred anywhere awesome howdy six wow very cool very cool thank you great dean yeah awesome purebred great day awesome morning foreign so that’s gonna wrap up this video here the torch meat it’s been a really really fun time it’s a great meat a lot of nice cars awesome people great shots great time so if you guys are in the area of the

Houston area come on and check out the twerk meat it’s going to be a really fun time we’re going to make this thing huge and so let me know in the comments down below which car you thought deserves the number one box award so i mean there’s a lot of good options we had the miata we had beetle we had ben’s um uh solstice um we had the camaro over there there’s a

Lot of really cool cars so i want you guys to vote on which one you think it is and then we’re going to create a little award and hopefully if the owner comes to the next one we can present that award to them so stick around for that should be a lot of fun and uh thanks again foreign

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