Having Issues Getting My Hyundai Ioniq 5 Serviced Didnt Expect It To Be This Difficult

My Hyundai Ioniq 5 is past due for service (5,000 mile service) and there’s also a bunch of other things I want to get addressed under warranty. Some fit and finish issues:

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel this is victor of cars jubilee today we’re back in my ionic 5 and i want to talk to you about actually servicing myoniq 5. now this is our very first hyundai group purchase we’ve never owned a hyundai car or a kia or a genesis not only that but it was our very first and brand new car purchase and it was our first purchase

Over 30 35 000 this thing cost us 57 000 msrp so based on that i was kind of expecting a certain level from the dealership experience it doesn’t quite match up so let me explain i did a video a couple months ago showing some of the fit and finish issues that i have with this car starting in the back my hatch doesn’t quite align properly the rear bumper doesn’t

Quite align properly there’s a window trim out here that’s peeling that’s a pretty common issue and also my vehicle to load outlet in the back here which is specific to my limited trim car it has a loose connection so anytime you jiggle it a little bit cuts in and out on top of that i still haven’t done my parking brake recall so i’ve got quite a long list that i

Need to get done for this car and i was hoping to get it all done in one shot at a dealership quick and easy and it just hasn’t really gone that way so the first thing i did was i went online and i searched hyundai dealerships near me and there is a bunch there’s a lot more than i expected so i started calling around now one thing i already knew when i went on those

Websites was some of these dealerships are ionic 5 certified they’ll have a little icon or a little logo on their website but there’s going to be a lot of these dealerships that are not and having bought this car in february in new york i already knew that a lot of my local dealerships were not ionic 5 certified but i also knew that a lot of them were planning to

Be and i kind of thought that by now that they would have been but apparently not apparently even after six seven even eight months the majority of my local dealerships are still not ionic 5 certified well but then i remembered on the forums some people were saying oh yeah you can take your ic5 to any hyundai dealership they can service it even if they’re not ionic

Five certified so i figured let’s put that to the test so i started calling these dealerships and it’s kind of weird because in the beginning their intake person would say oh yeah yeah we can service your inx5 and i said are you sure because i know you’re not ionic 5 certified can i talk to your service advisor so they put me through the service advisor and then

The service advisor would say oh no we cannot work on the nx5 we can’t touch that thing we’re not i5 certified so i went through that process with about two or three different dealerships it was weird that there was this disconnect between their intake and the actual service advisor where clearly the ionic 5 in my local area cannot be serviced by a non-ionic5

Certified in dealership now let me know in the comments below maybe you found one in your area that will do it but at least in my area they cannot i guess i’ll have to go with dealerships that are certified but a little farther out and for me that means my closest local dealer is about 40 45 minute drive with traffic could be 50 minutes and then i looked even

Further and there’s another one about 50 minutes closer to an hour another one about an hour hour five minutes i kind of don’t have that many options so i decided well i’m going to give the closest one a try so i gave him a call i told him hey hey here’s my list of issues it seems like a lot um if i want to get this done do you guys provide loaners if this car

Needs to stay overnight and they told me yeah the service advisor just needs to take a look at the car go over the issues with you and then if needed they’ll set you up with a loaner so i thought okay i guess that’ll work so then i tried to set the appointment and then they said uh well our next appointment’s about a month away so then i thought wow that’s really

Long let me try calling around so i called the other dealer which is about 50 minutes away and they said uh our next appointment’s about a month month and a half away so i said oh okay i guess i’m going back to the first one so i scheduled that appointment at the first dealership and i’d end up waiting and then just before it’s time to take the car in well we take

It on a road trip and then we get the cracked windshield and we get the cracked vision roof which as you can see is still here still cracked but anyways i have to get those things sorted and i don’t want to worry about oh the dealership has my car i canceled the appointment and now we’re to the point where we’re kind of ready to get it scheduled again so i got

It scheduled and as i’m confirming it on the phone i said hey i just want to make sure because last time they told me i can get a loaner if needed is that still true and this time the service department the advisor says no we don’t do loaners uh we do ride sharing so we can get you back to where we need to go but we don’t provide loaners and on my head i’m thinking

Wait what you guys told me last time you guys provide loners and i said that’s what someone else told me and he said no i don’t know where you got that from but we don’t provide loaners here at this dealership so then i said well okay scratch that uh i’ve got to look for somewhere else because what happened is i would drop off my car which is a 45 50 minute drive

And then they would use rideshare i guess they would pay for it to get me back home or wherever i need to go but what if my car is sitting there for a couple days they’re not going to pay for rideshare for me to go to work and back home to work and back home multiple days and then are they going to pay for rideshare to take me from work back to the dealership

In a few days i don’t think so so if you’re in a position where the attic 5 is your only car you’re kind of out of luck because in that situation they’re not giving you a loaner so then i called around to the other local dealership which again like i said is about close to an hour away and they said oh we don’t typically provide loaners either however if the

Service advisor decides that you do need a loaner then they will contact our local herds or enterprise and they’ll set you up with a rental car and i thought okay i guess worst case scenario that could work what if i get there and the service advisor says yeah i don’t think you qualify for a rental car you just have to sit here and wait or bring it back when the

Parts are ready and this thing has multiple things i need to do and i can’t afford to bring it back three or four times so right now i’m waiting for their service advisor to call me back so that i can walk through the exact issues and see hey will this thing qualify for a loaner vehicle in their case a rental car that they’re going to supply to me i’m waiting on

That currently but another thing i wanted to mention was in my calls with some of these dealerships as i was explaining these issues a lot of them seem confused as i mentioned before in my second row we have the vehicle to load outlet and when i mentioned that i had a handful of them say you’re what you’re what outlet vehicle to load what is that and i’m ahead

I’m thinking oh gosh you want me to give you my car but you don’t even know what this thing is so that kind of sums up my current experience with trying to get this car serviced i have yet to take it to a dealership for service after a seven to eight months of ownership i mean it’s been an amazing car i love it there’s little things here and there that i want to

Get done under warranty but it just feels like it hasn’t been easy and i wanted to share that with all of you guys and also see hey wherever you guys are what’s your experience like having your car serviced this ionic five whether you’re in the united states in canada in europe and asia wherever you are i’m curious to hear in the comment section below what’s it

Been like for you guys you get loners do your service advisors understand pieces and parts to your car let me know in the comment section below anyways for those of you considering buying ionic 5 especially if you’re considering getting a top spec limited trim uh i think the servicing portion of it may not quite match the price tag and that’s something to consider

When you’re buying this car but anyways thanks for watching see you guys in the next one

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