Head Vs Heart – Should YOU buy the CHEAPEST Range Rover On Sale? (L322 TD V8)

In this video, I’m driving the cheapest Range Rover on the market, the L322 – and discussing what goes wrong, what goes right and whether the car is good enough to actually buy

Foreign hello everybody in today’s episode of head versus heart the cheapest range rover you can buy the third generation l322 a cultural icon but is it worth the inevitable heartbreak anybody on the hunt for a cut price land rover is sure to benefit from this channel’s headline sponsor car vertical this is a service that cross-references multiple databases

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Rover really is a true motoring enigma it genuinely is a proper icon i think this car has built itself a reputation over the last 50 years that if you were to see one in a museum alongside something like the citroen 2cv the ford model t or the vw beetle it would not look out of place not only is this the car responsible for the posh rotor craze but it’s also

One that is confident in its styling much like the porsche 911 you could take a modern day range rover and show it to someone from 50 years ago and they would recognize it but here’s the really crazy thing speak to anybody that’s actually got a range rover and the story is always the same oh what’d you have before your carrying car oh range rover uh you have

Any problems oh yeah this broke and that broken that broke okay watch out for that oh range rover uh how many problems oh yeah that fell off and that broke and it was in the shop for three months oh okay and uh how’s the current one getting on oh yeah no that’s broken as well tailgates uh stop work working and yeah the electronics have packed up and uh yeah no

It’s been in the shop for three months and oh okay um what are you gonna get next oh range rover yeah car like that that can cause chore madness must be something special right range rover generations also have a tendency to be quite long-lived that’s how the car is over 50 years old and just going into its fifth generation the original now known as the classic

Was on sale for over a quarter of a century having landed at the very tail end of the 1960s and going out of production in 1996. it was in fact on sale for a little while alongside its successor the second generation car the p-38 was really doomed from the outset it was designed by a land rover which really was quite cash strapped however during this phase it

Was bought by bmw who sadly arrived a little bit too late to the party to make any dramatic changes so they opted to release it in asbestos as they could and start work on the third generation car the original intent was for that to use essentially all the interior and gubbins from the then current e387 series a team was set up based partly in germany and also

Here in britain to design this very important vehicle however by the time time this car actually reached the public land rover had been sold yet again to ford who understandably didn’t really want all that many bmw bits in it the first few years of the l322 as it was then known still had many bmw parts in however from 2004 to 2006 the car changed dramatically

Out went the bmw engines and in came ones from jaguar and ford one of the things that i absolutely adore about this generation range rover is that you can clearly tell all the people who designed it were under absolutely no illusion whatsoever about the sort of people who are gonna buy it and the kind of car that it was because if you wanted to buy one of these

Brand new you had a choice really of just two engines you could have a petrol or a diesel and if you bought a petrol you got a v8 no matter whether you bought an early or a late one you got a v8 the early cars had the bmw m62 as seen in things like the five and seven series and the of diesel then was a bmw straight six the later cars offered engines such as the

4.2 liter supercharged v8 as found in the xkr and xjr also i believe a range rover specific variant of the naturally aspirated v8 displacing 4.4 liters which i’ve never seen in a jaguar product and then at the very end of its life the car also got the 5 liter engines by 2010 when these engines arrived land rover had been sold yet again now to tatata and so with

The new power plant also came an upgrade for the infotainment which brought it in line with the rest of the jlr lineup this car is a late 2009 a td v8 featuring the ford 3.6 liter lion engine and i have to say for these cars a big meaty diesel really does make an awful lot of sense i had the pleasure of driving the last of the fourth generation range rover which

Had the 4.4 liter turbo v8 you could also get that in the very last of these that’s an exquisite engine but i must say i also rather like this its power output is somewhat modest 270 horses but its torque is not 470 pound feet that’s 640 newton meters and crucially more than any of the petrol engines ever had many standard range rover features are present and

Corrective from the chiseled and very squared off styling which gives this car an absolutely amazing presence on the road but also makes it surprisingly easy to drive because you can see every corner of the car you’re never in any doubt as to where it is this i have been told by people who work at jlr is something they have always been very proud of they call

It the command driving position not to be confused with mercedes infotainment other typical range rover quirks and features you’ll find in here are the dual glove boxes though the top one is pitifully small mostly taken up by the cd changer you’ll also have the twin sun visors so you’ve got your regular one here folds out and then there’s another hiding behind

It and at the back of course that iconic split tailgate which is a favorite of dog lovers all over the world it also makes an excellent bench for changing out of your dirty footwear or merely admiring the scenery the suspension is macpherson strut up front double wishbone at the back the car also has air ride on all four corners making it very capable but also

Rather comfortable i have to say air ride is one of these things that in theory works really well but in practice not so much here it makes total sense this is a particularly lumpy and bumpy road though this isn’t quite as costing as say it rolls-royce or maybe even a top n7 series or jag it is doing a very good job of smoothing out the imperfections in the

Road all right three-point turn hill start torture test while we test visibility which is excellent we’ve got a reversing camera steering is nice and light this car still has a nice proper old-school gear lever that moves i like that more is much more confident with them the very last of these got the jaguar little rotary dial thing which i’m not so fond of

And below that you will find a selection of driving modes and your adjustment for the air ride as well which to be honest i am leaving well alone because it’s in normal road mode and as we’re on a road that seems about right of course this being a range rover if you actually do want to take it off-roading it is extremely well equipped and will have all sorts

Of diff locks and modes and sensors and things to make sure that it does a very good job when the original range rover landed it was a somewhat revolutionary vehicle the idea of a 4×4 that was also a luxury car was something very radical however by the time this car came along some 30 years later the marketplace was a little bit more crowded not as bad as it

Is today but even with the offerings we have now there is still something special about this car and i think it’s best summarized in one word warmth i have had the pleasure of sampling many of the current crop of super suvs from the germans including the likes of the porsche cayenne turbo and the audi sq7 those are excellent cars in their own right but they

Really really do miss that element that makes this scene just little friendlier you get in something german and typically you’ve got lots of black leather carbon fiber maybe a little bit of chrome or silver in there it’s all very firm very hard they’re all about angles edges and trying to look ultra modern which ironically i think is going to date them very very

Quickly step inside a range rover or many a jag though and things are very different though it may not be quite as high tech and in fact some of this infotainment and the switch gear is really quite embarrassingly poor you sit down and just go ah sameed this car is very kind owner feels the same way about him he changed the rear discs and pads himself it wasn’t

A particularly enjoyable job but after he was done he got back in the car and simply went oh yeah this is lovely he bought this because he wanted something that could be used and enjoyed all year round his partner has a new job which means she’s doing quite a few miles and therefore wants a very comfortable commuter and he also wants something that he can take

Up to scotland at a moment’s notice and arrive feeling refreshed and wondrous this is a perfect way to do that foreign but these are cars that do have a few floors i went to look up a couple of buyers guides for the range rover and when i did common problems included the car from just about every conceivable angle the bmw v8 of this era the m62 is more robust

Than its successor but still suffers from bmw’s inability to build anything other than a straight six oil leaks are very common vanos failures can happen but the big one is timing chain issues they’re not commonplace but become more frequent at higher mileage which now represents a lot of the cheap range rover market according to owner forums later examples from

Around 2004 to 2005 on seem to be generally more reliable with less problems across the board these cars should be fairly easy to identify as they no longer had a bmw engine the jaguar v8s and the ford diesels are a little bit better behaved but even those are not unburstable cooling hoses are a well-known weakness eva even on the very last engines these have

A six-speed gearbox some of the earlier cars have a five these are generally quite decent but do need maintenance which a lot of people skin pump the last cars also got the eight speed but for one of those you are going to pay a significant premium these certainly suffer from corrosion there are a few common failure points this already has a little bit inside

One of the rear doors and under the top half of the tailgate electronics are a well-known jlr weakness and i am slightly concerned at the fact that this car has a digital dash and it surely must have been one of the first cars in the world so equipped this is a 2009 car as with any large cars consumables like brakes bushes suspension components tires and the like

Always keep an eye on too because this will have an appetite for them handily most of the parts are reasonably priced but in truth if the idea of a big v8 petrol is enough to scare you off a car just leave leave it don’t think about it get something else even the diesels are not particularly economical this has averaged around 28 to the gallon and on a run we’ll do

Just over 30 but that’s not brilliant especially when diesel currently costs more than super unleaded i’m sure many people will be tempted instead by one of the supercharged v8s and i can certainly sympathize with that however bear in mind those are cars far more likely to have been bought by people interested in the performance potential and for that reason may

Not be in as good a condition as the equivalent diesel there’s a car show on today there’s a lot of nice japanese machinery about however back to some very good news these have taken over as the cheapest of all the range rovers about 10 years ago i seem to remember people buying classics or p-38s for something like 500 quid and though the day of anything decent

And working for 500 quid is pretty much gone on autotrader today there is an example up for just over 1 000 pounds truth be told i think that’s just as likely to be a spares or repairs car as anything else but from about three or four grand these are cars being advertised as runners and you get a lot there’s double glazing three zone air conditioning okay basic

But sat nav there’s even a tv which still works because it’s digital you have a sunroof up front which makes it feel even lighter and airier again the air ride in here actually works it does its job and these are a brilliant car to drive now this car is currently sitting on some scorpion tires that do look somewhat off-road biased they’re not too extreme and

The tire raw isn’t bad at all those do curb your speed particularly in a corner and you must remember this is still a two and a half ton bus but it’s a genuinely enjoyable two and a half ton bus yes there is a lot of stuff rolling around in the back sorry about that and sorry samid but it’s fantastic this thing it’s not the quickest thing put your foot down and

It’s not massively keen on kicking down but it being a diesel not really sure there’s much benefit to it doing that anyway at just about five meters long it is a large car but not so hilariously long that it’s unusable it also has the decency to be big enough that it actually justifies its size in recent times the range rover has spawned a number of offspring

Some of which i think really do serve a purpose like the villa however stuff like the evoke i really do struggle to justify it because in just about every applicable way a golf is better however this really does the job it is i think a good looking car not beautiful it’s handsome it’s rugged and it’s an icon stick a private plate on this and many people would

Fail to guess that it’s a 13 year old car and a 20 year old design it has space for four adults it has space for four adults things and you really can take your four adults and their things just about anywhere the fuel tank is capacious at 100 liters meaning it won’t need to stop unless you really want to and i feel like this is the sort of car where i could

Happily go from here to scotland stopping only for myself and not the car i do live in the countryside so i could actually in many ways justify having a car like this it does snow where i live it certainly floods and there are many times i’ve not really wanted to take any of my cars out if i had something like this i’d never have an excuse not to get to work the

Real problem is that i have spent a long time saying that nobody actually needs an suv and in many cases an estate will do the job even better or at least just as well i despise the fact these are bought by people that live in urban areas but i can’t hold that against the car and for everybody that does have genuine need of something like this you know what even

Today this makes a very very good car so then head versus heart l322 range rover would i yeah i would oh foreign

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