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Headlights, Taillights, 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE

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It’s all about LED Lighting, the 2022 Corolla Hybrid includes a LEDs all around. In this Corolla Hybrid video I’ll show what you get.

Hey good morning it’s tony talking carb is today’s light show this 2022 toyota corolla hybrid xle edition let’s get started let’s begin with the headlights off first position is going to be into the parking lights so there are parking lights sitting in a parking lot waiting for a friend family member what have you this is their standard parking light uh setup

So led accent lights here and toyota refers to these accent lights as uh j curve lights so all led here and then we have an led projector headlight here as well and then over on the side there’s a small led amber marker lamp on the side as well go ahead and jump inside i’m just going to start it up you can see what that looks like now the corolla hybrid does

Have automatic headlights which means they’ll come on automatically and shut up off automatically when you uh turn the car on and off uh also we have automatic high beams which allow the high beams to come on and off automatically subject to oncoming traffic or if you’re behind another car so this is your high beam lamps and then this is our regular driving

Lamps and then we have our turn signals which are also led amber leds with the front lights and i’ll turn on the flashers or your hazard or emergency lights everybody calls them a little bit different but you can see these are led lamps right here in the front on both sides one of the things that the corolla hybrid xle does not have that a lot of toyotas do

Have particularly on the uh the upscale editions the corolla hybrid does not have the turn signals in the mirrors like you’d see maybe on an xle camry or a rav4 or other upscale models that’s a little bit surprising the le doesn’t have them and the xle does not have those as well but you can see the side lighting as they come around to the edge the way the j

Curves come down and there’s that amber marker lamp as well so i’m going to go ahead and slide around to the back of the car to give you an idea on what that looks like so beginning again with all the lights turned off i’m just going to tap the brakes here and you’ll notice the led brake light mounted above the trunk there and then your standard led brake

Lights as well i’m going to go ahead and start it up so you can see the taillights when driving so brake lights i’ll turn on the headlights and then these are going to be your standard brake lights or tail lights i should say here and over here and they’re nice bright red and those again are led lights also notice we have two lights in the license plate here

Which are also led bulbs if we pop the trunk here you can see them and then also you might notice that we do have the trunk light as well on the xle edition i’ll go ahead and start it up and i’ll just throw it in reverse so you can see what the backup lights look like so there’s your driving lights with the third brake light and then here’s our backup lights or

Our reverse lights the white light bright white lights see them there and then i’ll just go ahead and drive away so you can see as i drive away how bright those led lamps are for folks that are behind you as you’re driving down the road and there’s your brake lights once again backing up and then i’ll turn on the flashers those are really nice hazard lights if

You’re stopping at alongside the road or have an emergency situation or just stopping at the curbside to pick somebody up throwing those on is really gonna give you some excellent lighting and make it much more visible to the oncoming traffic behind you so that’s a quick look at the 2022 toyota corolla hybrid xle sedan hey i hope you found this video helpful

If you did go ahead and hit that thumbs up if you like more videos like this feel free to subscribe to the channel if you have any questions comments or concerns please let me know in the comments and i’d be happy to answer them for you this is tony talking carbiz thanks for watching you

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Headlights, Taillights, 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE By Talking CarBiz.