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Hellcat on Horse & Buggy Wheels goes to town and does burnouts

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Say hello to the hellbuggy ladies and gentlemen 😎 More horses than all the others, without the hassle of feed and horseshoes.

Yes i don’t want anyone knowing you already know you know i didn’t have to title this video hellcat on buggy wheels that’s right we’re putting buggy wheels on our hellcat this video is sponsored by creekside wheel shop get your wheels and tires they have like i go there for all my wheels and tires if you go to creekside expect a pimp and ride no actually

They didn’t sponsor this i just got the buggy wheels from them they’re pretty nice so jason welded some hubs on these they should melt right up they are hefty so we did this same video on uh our duramax with wooden buggy wheels now i could have done that on this but i thought like 110 miles an hour they probably fly apart and then maybe yeah i would fly apart

So we got aluminum ones now these the other ones were wooden and they support the whole pickup truck oh they have rubber they have rubber so we should still be able to get good smokey burnouts with them but this video is actually sponsored by far from stock wheel space just get your wheel spacers far from stock you got wheel spacers i got they got them if you

Need them i have them too i have a lot of them my whole lifetime collection here you don’t know how many ha yeah how was that again i don’t know how many i’ve had break i’ve stacked 10 of these on top of each other and never had one break ever yep there you go nice dude look at the brakes behind them it’s hilarious spins pretty good there’s a neutral look at

The wheel watching wednesday thursday it’s sunday i’m late drives really nice actually i’m pleasantly surprised like it dude it’s like a normal car it handles pretty good and then look look at my wheel like dead it’s dead straight it’s straighter than with the tires on it right yeah like when i think of buggy wheels i’d be like oh my god that’d be so rough

Like grinding on the pavement but no it’s exactly what you would expect you know here’s a little pothole rough spot we’ve driven five miles and nothing is broken we’re hollis i feel like we’re gonna buy ah no we’re fine a spare wheel thing that is killing me is i could go like 80 if i wanted to and probably be fine but if i wasn’t fine then it wouldn’t be

Fun corbin says from a distance behind he’s following us you can’t see the wheels and it looks like the car’s just hovering this is what it feels like to be in a buggy it’d be one thing if this was on like a piece of crap car going through town like everyone’d be like huh that’s funny but it’s on a freaking 50 000 sports car like there’s a cop here’s a cop

Show the cop yes here we go he’s gonna be turning is he doing anything he’s not even he’s on his phone he’s not even looking i want i want that cop to see me in my hell buggy yeah go for it we were gonna get a picture earlier and we couldn’t because you took off before we could even get a picture yeah she’s fast i know i’ve never ever seen a vehicle it’s my

Buggy more horses than all the others how fast does it go here we go 200. seriously yeah howdy diesel am i yes sir whistling diesel he converted to amish off the books i know where you live at yeah howdy oh what now you guys air up tires we don’t have anything we’ve got some flats see what we came in he already knows i already know i can do a burnout pretty

Easy with that oh i reckon it’s funny half the people are just like they don’t really get the joke they’re like yeah nice car man like that’s what they got on it with bigger wheels oh yeah this is this is what i’ve been looking for the wheels aren’t big enough on that one where can i get one of those yeah that’s why i come here look i was hoping they had

Any bigger wheels thanks yeah but how fast can you go i got 699 more horses and all the other bunnies so well yeah but if you can go that fast i can go about 200. backwards yeah i can go 50 though man when you do that on a ride this would be a really good video for uh to do with ross creations and yeah he’d love it this would be funny welcome value customer

My wife texted me she’s like are you in town with the buggy wheels getting pictures sent to me that’s awesome no one’s gonna be rude about it they’re not gonna be like take take your clothes okay whenever you’re ready hi um do you have any like churned butter sorry uh just like a large coke and did you have churned butter butter yeah um i mean i think we

Have butter i’m not sure if we like okay uh don’t worry about it that’s that’s good then okay all right thank you we went to arby’s one time he said it’ll be nine dollars and i handed him legit 40 000 cash and he got so mad he was like furious that i gave him like that much he was like he was like get out get out you can’t do that you can’t be filming me and

All this thank you thank you pranking my grandson to come out here because he’s a car is austin yeah go for it i’ll have him come here okay i’m not whistling diesel okay well i’m i’m just uh yoder all right well i’m the only one making food in there something all right all right he’s the only one making food in there these are good they did a good job oh

Yeah i should have complimented him food’s good lunch is good burgers are good today that’s funny you never like compliment fast food people on their food great job on the it’s like really good anyways i got that clydesdale and she had like leaky oil problems and they wouldn’t warranty her uh so i just shot her because she broke her leg so i just put her down

They wouldn’t warranty it so and they wouldn’t give me a new one so they’re like it’s animal abuse or whatever so fine so i went to the mopar place and they gave me one of these when i come by and i thought oh i gotta turn around and get a picture i got more horses than all the other buggies oh yeah i worked harder i have a good one when you got a gap slow boys

At six but you gotta turn butter one of my amish buddies texting me just now and he’s like dude you’re freaking killing it on them wheels my mom just got a text i just drove past a red car looks like a newer charger with horse and buggy wheels on it when i looked to see if it was your son i saw two guys dressed like amish in black i had a huge laugh home it

Was so funny was that cody and then she said no that’s not my son all right it’s time to try a burnout folks we went to town and nothing is broken yet and i just went like 60 mile an hour and they seem to be doing just fine yeah so all right traction control’s off oh it smoked so quick dude i’m not sure if i want to stand this close dude you’re so black

Dude this thing has the best burnouts crazy um dude you spun the tires right off of it look at this it’s a little warm it’s like a rubber noodle we can go get hey there’s a buggy shop right down the road that seems hazardous oh my god that’s a lot of damage buggy wheels speed rating is probably like 30 mile an hour max right or something and i had

The wheels up to 170 mile an hour and no problems like i said i think that would explode like stretch in half and explode i was going 170 it said and no no i was a little in gravel and stuff big that’s the only damage to the car other than probably half the transmission of the diff that’ll buff all that counts is that we just went to town on buggy wheels

There’s a hellcat on buggy wheels the hell buggy the huggy you butter subscribe i’m sorry i didn’t mean to say that oh that’s so good i haven’t had butter in forever you’re a kid you get a tub of butter just eat with a spoon i had to get liposuction because of that you ever have a buttercup she’s a little aggressive did you know that one entry is all it takes

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Hellcat on Horse & Buggy Wheels goes to town and does burnouts By WhistlinDiesel