Hello RIVIAN R1T EV Truck

Meet one of the most unique EV trucks currently on the market — the RIVIAN R1T!

Hi friends orlando gomez here again with another slot talk and i’m bringing you this one eye-catching truck the rivian r1t truck fully electric ready to go and i wanted to start with some of the incredible features that you see out here you can tell this is an electric truck by this nice light bar over here uh you do have automatic high beam lights it wouldn’t

Be an electric vehicle if it didn’t have a front right plenty of space ribbon logo bold on the top this truck is a beast it’s got over 800 horsepower all-wheel drive extended range battery that gets you over 300 miles on the road it’s designed for adventure and high performance as well as off-roading if you unlock the vehicle the handles just pop up one of the

Most important features of the rivian at the moment is this particular hidden cargo space that you can see up here this is one of my favorite features in here which is pretty cool you can put anything from like a small size grille skateboard so you can actually stand on this and if you want to just hang out in the camping site you can actually sit down as well

It will hold your weight no problem so what i like about this particular rivien is the secure back area so it does have an electric tonneau cover you can control that by the buttons on top of the bed you also have some power outlets on the side perfect for work environment you can just plug them right in since this vehicle is fully electric it doesn’t come with a

Gas tank so what rivien decided to use is add more space into it like an actual trunk if you’re on the campsite as well it does come with a nice little flashlight that you can pull out here there’s plenty of space as well as a lot of technology as you can see we have a very large screen display in the very front the material feels very well it doesn’t feel cheap

And it’s right there in front of you there’s stitched leather all over it so ribbon hasn’t forgotten about you they actually included a nice little outdoor bluetooth speaker for you and it fits right into the design so you can just put it back in there and it looks just like a part of the truck pretty cool and it has a control of the height so you can see on the

Right side you can change your height and it will tell you the height of the of the vehicle the controls here in the infotainment system is very responsive and this vehicle does come already included with navigation all the climate controls are selected through here if you want to keep them in the middle move them around you can actually do it through here heated

Steering wheel heated seats and cool seats so you have full control of the cameras in here as you can see uh the tailgate’s on so you can see what’s going on back there no need to put the vehicle in reverse reports in your battery range it will tell you summaries and how long it will take for the vehicle to get charged but again you get about 300 plus miles of

Range depending on how you decide to use the truck so come down to our store today to take a look at this beautiful rivien it is ready to go you can ask for myself my name is orlando gomez i would love to assist you in your car purchase process whether that’s virtually or here at the store can reach us at 703-241-7200 thank you so much for watching

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Hello RIVIAN R1T EV Truck By Koons Ford Falls Church