Hennessey Venom 1000 vs Ford Mustang GT500 Drag Race

Hennessey’s Venom 1000-upgraded Mustang GT500 is fast, but how much faster is it compared to a stock GT500? On a scorching summer afternoon, we headed to the Pennzoil Proving Ground for answers.

Hello hennessy fans welcome to another great video my name is alex we are on the pennzoil proving ground test track and i am currently in a venom 1000 gt500 today the comparison is venom 1000 gt500 versus a stock gt500 so apple’s apples we’re going to make everything as equal as possible uh if anything we’re gonna give the advantage to the stock vehicle we do

Know that the venom 1000 is going to win but really this is a comparison to see by how much so here we go adam thank you for joining us today on this beautiful lovely summer day my car says it’s a hundred and five degrees out right now yeah it’s pretty hot outside so good testament to these cars and their cooling capabilities because our temps still look good

And we will give cool down laps obviously between all of our testing for safety um but with that i’m ready to go and again i’ll go over your movement oh i’m about to get walked okay i’m ready here we go guys zero to 145 and not that much distance or time these these cars just haul but they haul but they haul ass is what they do they they haul like crazy

These things pull and pull and pull they rev to the moon and uh the dual clutch just bangs out gears it’s awesome they sound sick alex always gets the faster car every time i have to lose so we’re gonna go from a roll this time all the variables are gonna be the exact same both cars are a little warm now they have recovered good with cool down laps so we are

Good to go but we’re going to go from roll so we’re going to try and hit a 20 roll so here we go both cars in automatic mode both cars in sport mode traction control on them both okay here we go everybody ready we’re going stay in auto so besides cool horsepower fast all those words the venom 1000 is also backed by the hennessy warranty we have a warranty

On all of our packages which makes us very unique you get a modified vehicle with the peace of mind that it’s gonna work exactly like like you want it to it’s gonna drive like stock there’s not that many cars that you get with a thousand horsepower that have a warranty so that’s pretty cool especially not modified cars why would you drive a stocking when you can drive this

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Hennessey Venom 1000 vs Ford Mustang GT500 Drag Race! By Hennessey Performance