Here Is Why the New 2024 GMC Sierra HD Is the MOST Luxurious Truck Ever Built

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Welcome to the world debut of the new and redesigned 2024 gmc sierra heavy duty truck i’m standing next to this dually 1 ton 3500 truck it’s a denali and here’s what gmc says they say it’s the most advanced and the most luxurious truck in its class period well in this video i’m going to walk you around the design all the tech and all the stuff underneath like

The capability and the engine and you be the judge is it the most capable most advanced and the most luxurious i’m also going to show you the denali ultimate the new part of sierra heavy duty lineup so let’s get going foreign profile overall the chassis remains largely unchanged but the suspension gets a few tweaks and of course styling is new but specifically

On this dually one ton truck you might already notice branding design now 18 inch wheels polished aluminum and giant front hubcaps and also in the rear for the dually wheel and tire and of course it says denali right here so this is brand new and let me know what you think in the comments below do you like this new style i think it makes the truck make look a

Little bit more butch a little bit more capable overall the payload and maximum towing remains about the same as before on a specially prepared dually truck diesel maximum towing is 36 000 pounds same as the current truck foreign if you’ve been following tfl truck you’ve probably already have seen the 2024 chevy silverado heavy duty truck upgrades that are

Coming next year well what’s under the hood of the sierra heavy duty uh gets the same upgrade and that’s a great thing so right here right now i’m showing you the diesel power truck so the 6.6 liter turbocharged v8 duramax engine has been upgraded for the 2024 model year also some of the design and style has been upgraded as well with this functional hood scoop

Air inlet right here on the hud so it gets a new turbocharger new cylinder heads with additional cooling or improved cooling for the engine it gets updated and higher pressure injection system for the diesel and a couple other tweaks and also a brand new management system basically the computer that manages the engine for a total power output of 470 horsepower

At 2800 rpm and 975 pound-feet of torque at 1600 rpm so those are pretty big jumps from where the duramax was before but it’s not class leading as far as on paper numbers so if you look at ford power stroke that truck has about 475 horsepower and over a thousand pound feet of torque and of course the ram cummins has a little bit more torque on paper but what’s

Behind this engine is a 10-speed allison transmission or allison branded transmission that was there before so and gmc says that’s the way you can put all this power and torque to the ground in the best possible way so i’ll have to wait to see how it works when i drive it but at least on paper it’s an upgrade in in both horsepower and torque of course the 6.6

Liter gas v8 engine is still there but the six-speed automatic transmission is no more now it’s 10 speed allison braden transmission both in the diesel and with the gas engine truck and that also allows the gas powered trucks to gain a little bit more capability and there’s also an addition of the maximum towing package for the sierra 2500 trucks that i’ll

Show you in a second it still has the multipro shown here on the denali so you can easily get up into the truck and this is an eight foot bed of course the gooseneck and fifth wheel prep package is right here and by the way of course the gas v8 numbers the output remains the same 401 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque all right so the truck is getting more

Diesel power it’s getting a new transmission so yes it’s capable but what about luxury here you see the new denali interior for 2024 heavy duty truck and if you know they’re light duty trucks you’ll kind of find this familiar but this uh this just shows the materials and the latest design that gmc is offering and the hugest changes of course are right here in

Front of the driver so oh check out this animation of course that’s the latest screen it’s a 13.4 inch diagonal screen in the center and also 12.3 inch digital cluster right there and there’s also the heads up display for a total of about 40 inches diagonal inches of screens and here’s the big thing you would say okay they just took the interior out of the light

Duty sierra 1500 and they basically plopped it in here well a lot of that is true which is great actually including in this denali the wood the new actually authentic aluminum with a special design and all other materials including the stitching and of course the bose stereo but they also upgraded and changed the door cards a little bit when compared to the 1500

Series trucks let me show you heavy duty trucks are very tall everybody knows that not because of the big frame and the big suspension but they still wanted visibility so what they did on the heavy duty truck for 2024 is this section from the armrest to the bottom of the glass is a little bit smaller so this section is actually different on the heavy duty but

Still materials are still very very nice far as touch points on top and down here in the middle and of course here’s the bose speaker system that i was referring to before so yeah divisibility should be a little bit better because this line is a little bit lower and this right here is the brand new denali ultimate truck which is very important for their

Entire lineup including of course the gmc yukon suv lineup their sierra 1500 and now the heavy duty why is it important well this is where their customers you guys that’s where you guys are going because you’re selecting denali trucks you’re putting every option on these trucks and also 84 off-road is a big part of this as well they also set 84x truck will be

Coming later in 2023 i don’t have any more details but that’s what gmc says so yes so now you’re getting the ultimate truck which adds every feature in one package including as you can see here in the front what they call vader chrome which is kind of this dark chrome including the badge and of course it also shows off the all of the design including the new

Headlamps let me know what you think in the comments below do you love the gmc sierra look or do you prefer the new chevy silverado heavy duty truck look but you can see they redesigned the lower bumper section they put the designation of the 2500 series or 3500 series truck right here in the lower bumper as well and then down here are the fog lamps and they’re

Kind of surrounded by this vertical element as well and vader chrome extends all the way down and even the chrome tow hooks as well and also the wheel design so you have several different options right here right now this is their 20 inch wheel they will also offer an optional 22 inch wheel and that could be an option on a variety of different trim levels so you

Can kind of pick and choose but as far as the denali ultimate this is the way it will come when you select that box and it will have all the features of course and the exterior colors there’ll be multiple colors this is the way the truck is launching but there’ll be multiple colors as well power step this has been here before but i like the functionality of it

Because it kind of tucks in all the way onto the truck when not in use so if you’re on a rough road and going over some a bit of a terrain it won’t get in the way but it makes getting in a lot easier so now let’s look at the interior before i show you some of the features in the back ah yes so this is where the luxuries really turned up and take a look at the

Seats really really plush nice leather everywhere there’s a topographical map of the denali park and also the coordinates to the denali mountain the tallest mountain in north america and this is differentiated of course from the other trucks in the sierra lineup because of how nice the interior is also the seats are 16 way adjustable with massage feature so now

Your heavy duty truck has massage is in it as well let me show you some of the other features as i get in all right so here’s the animation once again of the denali park and the topo map and i wanted to point out a couple more things so first of all the design here around the center console so you see this chrome kind of enveloping but it’s also driver focused

So the passenger is a little bit well i guess protected from this environment because i guess gmc driver is what really matters which i like a lot of features here of course held the sun control real tailgate exhaust brake and your start button is not up here your engine start stop is actually a huge button down here on the center console in the center there’s

A lot of space you can see your usb and usbc connectors here there is a wireless charger right here you can kind of put your phone diagonally let me show you so you can put your phone here it’s a wireless charger and it doesn’t rattle around as it as you move about i’ve used this on some of the other gm trucks so that’s a pretty good design in my opinion your

Trailer brake controller is right here front and center so it’s your hand rests here on the center console you can adjust your brake gain and also manual activation actuation on the brake controller so that’s kind of at hand and this space right now there is nothing but gmc designers tell me this is where you can put some up fitter switches there’ll be up to

Five switches so if you have additional equipment like snow plow etc for kind of a working environment you’ll be able to have some auxiliary switches here as well which is great special wood trim throughout special aluminum trim throughout once again and it’s unique to the denali ultimate truck in the back you’ll find updated tail lamps as you saw on the

Dually it’s the same thing here on a single rear wheel 2500 truck i kind of like this it looks very premium and there’s also elements here on the outside of the light but let’s take a look underneath because i this is where i think really the rubber meets the road and specifically of course the leaf springs in the back so they added this additional spring so

Basically what they’re doing for the maximum towing package and the 2500 series truck is they’re taking some of the components from 3500 series single rear wheel trucks and they’re putting it under 2500s so for a crew cab gmc sierra 2024 the maximum towing rating goes up to 21 900 pounds using the conventional hitch you could see it right here and overall

Rating goes up to 22 500 pounds so these are class leading numbers i checked uh ram heavy duty and fourth super duty uh f250 and ram 2500 um can rated to throw up to 20 000 pounds so gmc what they’re doing here is they’re raising those numbers using the maximum towing package also using the capability from the allison 10-speed automatic transmission and kind of

Packaging everything in one to add capability to the truck which i really love gmc is also stepping up the technology on the new sierra heavy duty truck they’re calling it the pro-grade trailering system and it packages the following so if you are connected to a gooseneck or a fifth wheel trailer using of course their hitch you can see here they also now have

The transparent trailer feature where in the center infotainment screen you can actually see a virtual view behind the trailer using the additional trailer cameras that you can get there is also the growth combined weight rating alert so after you drive with the trailer the truck estimates approximately how much you’re towing based on the load on the engine and

Transmission and based on that it gives you it can give you an alert if it thinks you’re maybe towing something heavier than the truck is capable of there’s also blind spot alert system including conventional trailering and also adaptive cruise control system with trailering including the gooseneck and fifth wheel trailers which is really really great especially

In the mountains where i’m from in colorado all those technologies should be very very helpful when towing of course a whole suite of driver assistance technologies are still here check out the driver area so we have standard ford collision alert lane departure warning automatic emergency braking front pedestrian braking is a new feature for 24. automatic high

Beams and following distance indicator those are all standard and optionally you have rear cross traffic braking and trailer side blind zone alert those are optional features massaging seats button right there and the denali ultimate also has a premium 12 speaker bose system including additional speakers that are not available in other sierra models here’s that

Central speaker right there on the dash for the 12 speaker premium system of course at4 is still a very important trim level for gmc sierra heavy duty it’s still there it’s going to continue for 2024 with the some of the updates already mentioned and also the 84x is coming to the heavy duty lineup of course gmc is not telling us all the capability and all the

Specifications on the new off-road top of the line truck for heavy duty but it’s coming later in 2023 and as soon as we know more details i’ll let you know alright so what do you think i showed you the style what’s going on inside updated powertrains some capability additional technology the gmc has added to their heavy duty truck is really the most advanced and

Luxurious truck well i think in my opinion my first impression especially looking at the denali ultimate truck yeah they checked the luxury box all day long but capability and advancement well i have to drive the truck to find out so that’s coming later thank you for joining me let me know what you think in the comments below and as always go to for

Everything automotive one stop shop right there thanks

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