Heres how cheaters LOSE their track cars

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Foreign ago i gave my prescription on how to keep your woman butt switch cars to go along with a awesome t-shirt i made which you can buy on anyway it included such benign things as you know tell your wife what you bought and don’t have an outside storage facility to hide the cars that she doesn’t know about because when she finds out about

Them you’ll probably have to sell them and don’t try to convince your wife that cars are a good investment because they’re not and when they cease to become a good investment she’ll not let you buy new ones or more but i forgot the number one way to keep your woman but switch cars or the the number one thing you shouldn’t do if you would like to do this and

That is don’t cheat on your wife with your favorite card i don’t mean some like weird thing about your car but i mean like don’t take your mistress in your pride and joy because inevitably when your wife finds out about the affair as mad as she is already she’s also going to hate that car because that car is a representation to her of the pain that you caused her

This was made painfully evident and actually a couple of scenarios but uh one of them is is the the corvette c6rs the red one that i tried to buy and i told that story a while back about how the car had eluded me a couple times i had it on consignment and the owner would bring it out to spring mountain but he had a nasty divorce and the ex-wife did not want to

Sell me the car because she thought that i might buy it and then sell it to her ex-husband she didn’t want him to have any part of owning the car again and the reason for that it wasn’t just that it was a nasty bad divorce it was that he would come out to spring mountain with his mistress whom we all thought was his wife we didn’t know any better but that was you

Know what guys did at motorsports country clubs as they bought brought their other woman and it was kind of a don’t ask don’t tell policy and don’t use specific relationship defining terms like wife or spouse or whatever but anyway so he would bring his mistress out to the racetrack in that car so that car for her represented the affair so she wanted to inflict

As much pain on him as possible and did not want him ever to have that car back so instead she sold it to some guy in ohio from whom i’ve been trying to buy it for quite a while and unfortunately he’s not responding to either of the two interested parties myself or another corvette buyer that have the most interest in it but keeps threatening to to run it at some

Big auction which of course may work out for him but if if he’s not wanting to sell it to the two most interested parties then i don’t know who else he’s gonna sell it to but anyway he’s gonna try so that car alluded me but the the point remains he lost that car and was not able to buy it back because he had used it to cheat on his wife and another car actually

Did come back to me under a similar scenario was a lot more sad and it was a 2008 white gt3 it’s a really really cool specification it had a oem carbon fiber gt3 rs wing it had the bucket seats which were not specked in the north american cars but only in the the rest of world cars as we call them and those were the career the same seats that are in the carrera gt

So they’re really really cool seats so you could get them in europe as part of the club sport package but essentially it was a base gt3 with ceramic brakes carrera gt seats rs wing and i think it also had a single mass flywheel modification so it was almost an rs club sport it’s a really really cool car and i had bought and sold that car a couple of times it was

Kind of always the the one and i’m like man if i was going to keep a gt3 this would be the one but every time i had it in inventory i said well it’s not really the time for me to own a gt3 i need to reinvest the money in the business or whatever just was never the right time so i kept selling it but i would always sell it to a good customer that i knew would sell

The car back to me so that i would get another chance a year or three down the road when you know that owner decided to keep his woman but switch cars again and it came back a couple of times and then i finally sold it to a guy in kentucky super nice guy and he traded in a like a cobalt blue boxster really nice spec as well super clean and kind of you know same

Understanding if you ever sell this car i’d like to have an opportunity to buy it back you know it’s just good business practice in general i want cars to come back through because you know that helps my business long term i need a good recurring supply of cars and i appreciate relationships with clients so i talk to him every year or two and said hey interested

In selling no i’m good right now and then hadn’t talked to him for a while and all of a sudden i get this email from a ferrari service shop and in their daily digest or weekly digest that they sent out i see this white gt3 and i look at it and i go that looks like the one i sold a while back like how many have a carbon fiber wing and ceramic brakes so i asked

Him for the van and ran the vin sure enough it was this one i had sold in kentucky a number of years ago why does he have it and i kind of got a little miffed at the customer in my head because i’m like i sold you the car i kept in contact with you why did you send it to this ferrari service shop that knows nothing about buying cars but you know i didn’t want

To cut anyone out of the mix and i had a good relationship with the ferrari shop and so i called them and said hey i’m i’d like to have that car what do you think it takes to buy it it did have a little ding on carfax which was ridiculous somebody hit an animal with a front bumper cover and it was a 1200 repair but it’s forever on carfax even though the rest

Of the car is perfect and uh anyway so i use that as a negotiation tactic and said you know it’s got a bad carfax but i know the story and i went down and inspected it and it was every bit as clean as when i had sold it the last time and i negotiated a deal to buy it back from the widow at that point i found out that the owner had died and i was bummed because

You know he was a nice guy always sad to learn if somebody’s passing especially a good client i didn’t think too much more of it i just you know handled things as as sensitively as i could good and finish the transaction and bought the car back but then i did a little more digging i don’t know how it came up i think we were just chit chatting with a ferrari

Service shop owner and i just kind of said like oh what happened if you don’t mind me asking because i you know knew he loved that car and was a young guy and a doctor and just kind of odd that he died and heard nothing about it he goes well he actually he uh he committed suicide i was like oh that’s that’s that’s always that’s not good and again seemed odd

Seemed like he had a good life not that that makes you happy inside or deals with your inner demons but just you know came as a little bit of a surprise to me he goes well yeah so he had a mistress and he took her to the track in that car and his wife caught him and the whole story unraveled so once he knew that the jig was up he went out and killed himself

It’s like whoa and of course because of that the wife wanted nothing to do with that car same you know mental scenario i want this out of my life because it represents a pain point for me that is a really awful and terrible story about the consequences of of one’s action but it still proves a very valid point if you want to keep your woman and i guess keep your

Life don’t use your favorite car to cheat on your wife hopefully some of you guys will follow that advice um the the better advice is just don’t cheat on your wife that’s really the takeaway from this but if automotive metal is more important to you than marital fidelity then you can take the second piece of my advice which is don’t use your favorite card to do

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Here's how cheaters LOSE their track cars! By VINwiki