Heres How Long It Takes To Fully Fill A Hydrogen Car

Kyle is in California with a Toyota Mirai where he explains how much it costs and how long it takes to fill up a hyrdrogen electric vehicle (HEV).

This episode of out of spec reviews is brought to you by magna more on that later hello and welcome back to another out of spec reviews video welcome to a toyota mirai and welcome to an h70 hydrogen fueling station now if you’re curious about a little bit more about the fueling process i already have a video on this channel about basically my first time using a

Hydrogen station but since then we just took this on a round trip from here in los angeles north los angeles to san diego and back that video is on out of spec motoring and now we are down to well under 10 full of hydrogen i want to say state of charge but this is all new to me we’re going to see how long it takes to fill it back completely full to 100 here at a

What are we at a true zero h70 hydrogen fueling station so this is all the hardware required for the hydrogen station this is a really nice station there’s two pumps over there with a numeri there and two right here which is pretty neat and we’ve seen insane throughput today we’ve just seen so many cars coming in and out of here fueling up with hydrogen as we’re

Starting to figure out this technology uh this i imagine is a hydrogen electrolyzer station i would think there’s two types of stations you can have one which would be a truck drops off tanks full of hydrogen that are full but i’m not really seeing where a truck would drop any tanks and i’m seeing uh this giant box that basically i think generates the hydrogen

Also if you take a look up this pole there’s like a vent valve all the way up there that can vent i guess excess gas to the atmosphere it probably is really loud from what i hear and um basically yeah i think this generates its own hydrogen which is why it’s labeled as renewable hydrogen in the app and you can see it’s making some noise in there very interesting

Stuff i’m a newbie to hydrogen so all of you hydrogen guys in the comments you can laugh at me you can see just a nice guy filling up with hydrogen over there let’s fill up the mirai from zero to full i’ll explain a little bit more about the process but the first thing we have to do is to pop open the fueling tank which i can do with a button right there okay that

Should display and open this hydrogen fueling port and the way fueling hydrogen works is very interesting uh there’s two different grades of hydrogen there’s h70 and there’s h35 h70 stands for 70 megapascals or the equivalent of about 10 100 and a bit psi of pressure which is very interesting now h35 is the older standard but there’s still some legacy stations

Around this one is not one of them h70m just stands for are you a member of true zero so that’s nothing fancy uh that’s my understanding at least and the um well as i say h35 is really funny because it can actually only fill the mirai to 50 state of charge or 50 full the mirai actually has three individual carbon tanks high pressure carbon tanks that are capable

Of i think 80 90 or somewhere around 100 megapascals basically the fueling process isn’t so consistent my understanding is it kind of pumps in lets out pumps in let’s out so it basically has to pump a little bit higher than 70 megapascals to fully fill the vehicle what i’m going to do is insert my credit card i want to see a how much it costs to fully charge with

Hydrogen i’ve never done it like that and i also want to see how long it takes so we’re going to set the timer i’m going to prepare my wallet i have no idea what to expect but i know it’s going to be quite expensive the mirai actually comes with fifteen thousand dollars worth of free fuel from toyota from a lease or a purchase that lasts three years on a lease

Because it’d be a three year lease or for six years on a purchase and honestly i’m not so against hydrogen i’m kind of coming around to it it seems to work pretty well in the southern california area so let’s get the card in let’s see how long it takes and how much it costs this episode is proudly brought to you by magna magna is a mobility technology company that

Is super unique because they touch every aspect of almost every car in the market especially a lot of electric vehicles and they even can produce vehicles from the ground up now you may remember i shot a series just recently testing some of their new electric vehicle powertrains so stay tuned for a lot of magna content to come we’re going to be going in depth with

Some really interesting topics with these guys and out of spec wants to thank magna for sponsoring this review and tons of other videos to come right here on out of spec we look forward to working with magna to define and find out what the future of mobility looks like well i can hear this giant station behind me making some noise i got my credit card um toyota

Does give free charging and they gave us a gift card but i was like i’ll just pay for it so uh card in it’s very similar to a gas station we are at a gas station remove card okay no problem this is really quite fascinating and i’ll explain sort of the refueling process yes i’d like a receipt that would be nice processing so it’s i guess pre-activating my card

Putting in zip code whoops there we go and um everyone knows our zip code it’s okay please wait waiting essentially what’s going to happen pump ready so we’re going to take this wow it’s actually freezing cold look it’s kind of wet from condensation and look there’s actually a bit of ice on here it must have been used previously you can see h70 is flashing so

I’m going to click h70 i’m going to put this on the port until it snaps on which isn’t happening why isn’t this happening okay i think we’re good can’t pull it off yes i can not good come on maybe it’s just too cold i don’t want to break anything you’re like an idiot you feel that the pressure pop in there there we go that’s what we wanted now we’re locked on

I think it may have actually been frozen in the unit because earlier today i just plugged it in and it went so now it says replace nozzle this is the second time it’s done this i still kind of feel like an idiot okay so nozzle off the nozzle is quite scary looking and return to dispenser okay do we have to go through the process again let’s see come on over here

Now it says connect nozzle to vehicle maybe it needed a little bit of a reset there we go that went in nice and easy that time so here are the instructions says true zero charging all right you have the stopwatch ready i’m gonna hit h70 let’s wait for a second come on over here as soon as we yep start start start there we go so what it’s doing right now is it’s

Doing leak checks so it’s pressurizing releasing pressurizing releasing and it’s basically doing these slow pulses to see if there’s any leaking my understanding is there’s three stages of filling the first is lower pressure you can’t just dump 70 megapascals into this thing so it’s going lower pressure first right now then it’s going to switch to medium pressure

Tank and that then it will go to the full 70 megapascals 10 000 psi to fully charge us you still have the stopwatch going okay so come take a look over here you can see it’s measured in kilograms by the amount of energy that goes in so we’ve done about 300 miles on this full hydrogen fuel tank which is pretty good considering we’ve been absolutely ripping it uh

You know driving down the highways very quickly on the way back we kind of stretched it a bit to make it here but i have to say the hydrogen thing’s almost no different than an electric car if you need more range just slow down turn off some stuff you want less range for it it’s kind of easy and fun and so now what i think is happening is it’s switching from the

Low pressure to the medium pressure and it’s going in everything by the way really freaking cold it’s pretty wild and it just makes noise and yeah come take come in really close so you can kind of hear what this thing sounds like just hissing sounds throughout and essentially the benefit of hydrogen over electric vehicles is the quick filling process the downside

Is you have to come to a station in order to fill it and the station and infrastructure seems to be the problem so come on over just it’s getting loud um and i’ve mentioned this many times but i know you’re going to comment it essentially and now i think maybe we’re switching to the high pressure because i can feel it ramping down and now it might be switching

Up i guess you just can’t shock the tanks i think there can’t be any more than 200 bar pressure between input to whatever the tank pressure is also hydrogen’s one of the only gases that heats up as it expands hydrogen and helium are the two and so what that means is you have to chill this to almost minus 40 degrees celsius it goes through a pressurizer then a

Refrigerant process and into the car because the tanks can’t handle any more than 80 degrees c so it’s going in the car kind of expanding heating up which means it needs to go in really freaking cold okay so benefit of hydrogen over ev quick charging benefit of ev over hydrogen you can plug it into any wall outlet you can charge it at home and it’s just honestly

An easier and better experience for passenger cars however here in southern california this does sort of make a bit of sense because we uh have been staying in a hotel without overnight charging for an ev we also have an ev it takes some amount of time to fill this thing up we’ll find out but certainly it takes more time to charge an ev from zero to full than it

Does this especially as an ev starts to slow down as you get up top this seemingly goes quicker all the way and it kind of stays steady it is temperature dependent forgive some of the noise this is ambient temperature dependent and i think the warmer it is maybe the faster it charges or fills forgive me for not totally knowing all this stuff so we put about 60

In so far we’re at 4.3 kilograms i don’t know if there’s a fuel level anywhere but not that i can see how many minutes in are we three minutes 50. uh i guess it’s sort of impossible to charge it in anything less than about four or five minutes from zero to full just because of what the tanks can handle pressure wise is my understanding um and now it says it’s

Done so what’s the time what is it 4 30. fourth four minutes and 30 seconds it says f6 and i’m not sure if that means it’s faulted or it’s full but it means it’s something so now it says remove nozzle okay so i’m going to i actually can’t oh just about ken take a look at this it’s all icy in there you don’t want to touch that this handle is actually frozen and

Look at this cable you can barely bend it ice is forming on the outside of it it’s like um like a charging cable that’s frozen in the middle of winter for an ep it’s really fascinating stuff so i’m going to replace the dust cap here again i’m not saying this is the better technology to electric or combustion i’m just interested in trying this stuff out and the

Fact that we i think fully filled it in four minutes is pretty nice let’s go take a look at the tank run around now we’re inside of the mirai by the way if you’re curious about the car i have a full driving review coming uh or it’s probably already up on this channel big graphics go on the screen and let’s take a look fully filled miles projected with our ripping

Speed that that’s impressive we’ve done 320 miles but we did top up a little bit in between that so far i am not saying i’m a hydrogen proponent for passenger cars for medium and heavy duty trucks i think i am it’s just interesting to explore the technology the problem is out of all the hydrogen stations kind of in the area oh you’re using my phone it’s fine uh

Like 50 of them seem to be online right now this one’s a good one though brand new it’s worked the entire trip for us um cool well uh that’s how long it takes to fill up a hydrogen car about what was it about four minutes and 30 seconds right that is pretty sweet see you on the next one thanks for watching bye you

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