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Heres the 2015 RAM 3500 Mega Cab 4×4 on Everyman Driver

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Three words today incredible hulk green bam every man driver nation dave erickson here and my first look overview at this monster 2015 ram 3500 longhorn mega cab 4×4 slingshot edition this thing has a 6.7 liter turbo diesel inline six mated to a six-speed automatic transmission towing capacity is insane 370 horses 800 pound feet of torque and we’re looking at some

Stylish wheels 20 inch rims take some i honestly don’t know if this is incredible hulk green this is a custom vehicle for my friends over at dave smith motors in kellogg idaho and the slingshot addition is something they do special for the vehicle so there’s a lot of cool things on this with this accessorized bumper there these really cool rims the rocker panels when

I open it up right now the key fob it’s locked if it’s locked i can just press this button probably there it is let’s open up let’s try it again there we go that’s better look at that step opens up now let’s step in oh this is gonna be fun push by the start i believe this is an eight point four inch lcd screen here touch screen lots of information pretty gorgeous

Let me get a better view for you i know there’s some sun glare i don’t get a chance to drive many ram vehicles so this is a good real first look overview and let’s see here yep i think we’re looking at eight point four inches across and we’ve got touchscreen absolutely view a map it’s gonna go back to media radio good looking display here quite large and all your

Just controls down below climate controls here ones over here oh two wheel drive four lock for low towing controls till haul right there screen off all it turns the screen off okay let’s put it in reverse let’s take a look at our reverse camera tell me there’s a reverse camera it’s in reverse there’s no camera wait a minute no camera here’s your instrument cluster

With what six dials a pretty large center display makes us go through some of that see what they do for us here oh this is pretty cool based on the controls i’m pushing over here on the steering wheel mageau up and down here up enter to the right let’s go back fuel is low radio some really nice stitching on the inside even here on the doors large cabin great center

Console cupholders spot here for freedom charge so oh yeah it’s one of those things where you can put your phone down and just based on its position here you can do i think it’s like wireless charging nice wide mirrors as you might expect on both sides let’s go ahead and take a look at this mega cab and see how much room we have in the back all at door swings open

Nice and wide very good old blank handle here on the side to get back in if this is some hick a cab look at this i love these buckles check this out and that’s talking country isn’t it these are some nice leather interior of course with the limited here and so they’re gonna be just all decked out clearly headroom is not an issue here is a major indent here in the

Roofline there’s even speakers in the ceiling back here and fold-down armrest two cupholders see him right there plenty of room for three os’s oh my god this is its own little seat here you can tell that don’t sit so little seat i think mega cab is the appropriate word for how much space is back here this is good i love a detail love the detail we’ll just hang it

Right here oh yes road trip anyone i’m ready to go just in case there was any doubt there’s tons of leg room behind the driver seat this is actually my position as a driver up front and i’ve got i don’t know eight inches ten inches of room between my knees in the back of the seat so gentlemen saddle up and ride there actually is a backup camera on here for some

Reason i must not have activated it correctly but there is one definitely back here they’ve got some led lights right here tow hitch i really decked this thing out oh like this ha that step up on it now you can get in the bed we’ve got a nice little round box here on the side giant exhaust nice chrome i really like a styling of these rims this is part of their

Slingshot edition dave smith has this really cool package that they do their vehicles they really do them up nice in their accessories department leds here in the front nice little accent lighting slingshot icon here in this grille boys it’s sharp huh i know the msrp here on this 2015 ram 3500 longhorn mega cab 4×4 is in the $50,000 range i’m not quite sure with

All the accessories on this one but we’ll have much more details on this vehicle on every man driver calm thanks so much for watching this has been my first look overview of this incredible hulk green monster thanks for watching

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Here's the 2015 RAM 3500 Mega Cab 4×4 on Everyman Driver By Everyman Driver