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Heres the 2018 Volvo S90 T6 AWD Inscription Review on Everyman Driver

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Every man driver nation what’s going on welcome back on dave erickson thanks so much for joining me this week i am wrapping up my time with this 2018 volvo s90 it comes in two trim levels three power trains momentum and inscription we have the inscription there’s also a t5 t6 and t8 plug-in hybrid version we have the t6 and today i’m gonna tell you what i think

About it so what’s new this year with the s 90 well for one the wheelbase the s 90 models are the long wheelbase by style that was previously unavailable here in the united states the regular wheelbase is no longer offered so now you have this one which i know a lot of people commented before in my just arrived video so that’s the answer the other new element for

2018 is the addition of the t8 in this lineup the t8 plug-in hybrid now i mentioned there are three different powertrains are based on the trim levels t5 t6 and t8 the t5 has a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder made to an 8-speed automatic transmission which is powering the front wheels we have the t6 which is adding a supercharged or turbo and super turbocharged

2-liter four-cylinder again 8-speed automatic but it’s standard is the all-wheel drive which we have here 316 horse is 295 pound-feet of torque this vehicle weighs in the neighborhood of 4,200 pounds so it’s got a lot to to push and pull but this engine does a really good job at it now if you want to upgrade and which is new to this trim level this year is the t8

Plug-in hybrid i’ll have the details on every man driver calm on what that does in terms of horsepower and torque but i really do like the t6 that i’ve had the t6 in the 2017 version so it’s kind of nice to see it again and feel the power fuel economy is 22 city 31 highway and i’ve been getting in the low 20s and i put about 200 miles on it so far this week and

I’m returning it tomorrow so that’s about what i’ll have on it before i close the hood how about this engine compartment isn’t this a clean crisp look i like what they’ve done here with this little yellow tab here to open the hood guy nice a little touch there with this large luxury sedan alright let’s go to enter the vehicle you can keep your fancy key fob in

Your pocket because we have a keyless entry system all you do is put your hand in the handle with the key fob on your person hand the handle side mirrors open up the vehicles unlocked close it up long as the key pops on you you can lock it with just the press of your thumb or finger right here on the handle this closes up and no your lock the same thing would

Be backdoor hand in the handle unlocks and that pretty cool i mean sometimes it’s just a matter of doing the front door but they have it on both doors same thing key fobs ami open up press it this closes up and you know you’re locked i mentioned the s90 has a longer wheelbase it’s a hundred and twenty point five inches and normally you get a set of 19-inch

Wheels on the s ninety but with our inscription we’ve got 20 s well the extra features with the inscription trim level is active bending light switch turn with the steering wheel when you go around corners i really like that feature we also have led headlights with thor’s hammer daytime running lights and auto high beams here’s a look at your real world back

Seat legroom and headroom from a guy who was 511 and there was a lot to like about the interior in the back of the s 94 1 this was my position as a driver up front it’s almost like i’m in first class because someone could actually get in front of me and make it across to the other backseat this is fantastic there’s no question about it a head room really good

As well and i love the panoramic sunroof that they included here it’s a butyl this interior is just spectacular i really really like this leather seats perforated here netting behind the passenger and driver’s seat we’ve got usb ports here in the center for the passengers climate controls we have sun shades integrated into the door panel so they’ll come up i

Can show you that on either side but let me a slide over here it is seating for five you do have to straddle the middle section here which kind of a downside a little bit i wish it was flatter there but hey whatever this is really cool let’s say you want to adjust the front passenger seat from the back you can do that with the controls here on the door so i can

Slide the person’s seat forward slide it back they need some more room maybe someone’s getting in you want to give them some more room and tilt the seat front and back so maybe you have a chauffeur and you want to take advantage of that these buttons also control the panoramic sunroof if i’m so inclined i can open it up from here i can also bring the sunshade

Open from the door panel on both sides so i open it up bring it up over there bring it up over here and i can even bring it up from back this is like a control center in the backseat for the entire cabin one more thing before we check out the cargo room in the back we have a fold-down armrest cupholders pop out right here we have a section for more storage and

This is your pass-through which i’ll talk about with the cargo demo so there are three ways to open the trunk of the s90 there’s a push button just left of the steering wheel there’s one here along the spine the key fob i can press and hold that the third way is simply pressing the button just above the l on the volvo press it comes up now i was really surprised

At the number being so low on cargo volume 13.5 cubic feet it looks a lot longer and i don’t know if it’s just because it’s not as deep that it’s only 13.5 but i thought it was bigger which is more than sufficient for two maybe three sets of golf clubs which i wish i had right now and there’s a pass-through in case you had some skis or some longer items that you

Want to slide through there but groceries duffel bags other things you might want store back there no problem and you have a button here on the along the edge to press and close so you can walk away hands-free which means you’re good to go all right let’s go a handheld now i’ll show you the inside of this luxury sedan tell you what i think about it what you

Might be interested in so here’s how you start it up turn the dial over here there’s no push button start let’s start here on this beautiful infotainment touchscreen which you can swipe left and right and here you’ve got your different safety options cross traffic alert distance alert lane-keeping aid auto start/stop parking in and out got your cameras around

The vehicle i love this 360 view you can even change these lines here to have them there or not take them off so they’re gone now this is kind of your master button going back to home swapping between and here it has apple carplay and android auto capability i have my phone it was cooked up earlier today you can read the performance of the vehicle the sound

Experience which you have to try out this concert hall is like an echoing experience inside the vehicle you can change it to a studio individual so much fun options to work with here for the intensity connect cool and obviously you can see down below you’ve got your climate control so if i hit the 81 i can easily scroll down up and down to adjust the temperature

Close out because it’s kind of chilly outside right now i’ve got heated steering wheel heated seats there’s also ventilated seats for both the passenger and driver so they can adjust that individually but here on the steering wheel mounted controls this which i i kind of don’t like this this is something and i have to have a criticism on because unless you know

The car which i guess over time you will you can’t tell if this is volume or not and this actually is the volume so i can turn the volume up here it’s adjusting there but that’s your volume and your tuning control this is like a page for info which you’ll see there in the bottom part of the instrument cluster over here is fun and i’ll show you this when we drive

There’s a pilot assist there’s also there it is pilot assist and you also have the adaptive cruise control the pilot assist basically drives a car itself with a steering and you can adjust the speed to while you’re driving and here’s the distance between you and the car in front of you as i’m adjusting you there i really like this is one of the most fun things

To play with while you’re driving down here is the drive mode i’m going to press this in and roll the dial the bar here press it in and now i’ve got eco comfort dynamic and individual drive modes and i’ve been in comfort the whole time and i’ve been averaging down there just under 22 miles per gallon for almost 200 miles of driving that has dropped down since

I started this video because the car has been idle but you can see i’ve been the whole time i’ve been in comfort although i could be a little more eco and probably get better fuel economy or less fuel economy by being more high-performance and utilizing the turbo and supercharged four-cylinder alright everybody we’re going to show you this pilot assist system

Which basically steers the vehicle and also there’s the adaptive cruise control working in conjunction so let me get up to a point using the dial here on the left side of the steering wheel go over to pilot assist press enter and now the steering wheel and the instrument cluster is green and the vehicle is steering itself staying within the lines you see how

It’s slightly adjusting now i can lower the speed now i’m down to 30 speed limits 35 i’ll go up a little faster so it will actually go to 35 i have an icon here in the heads-up display also in the instrument says apply steering so i’ll put my hands back on the steering wheel now i’m going to let go of it the car is going to adjust once again recognizing with the

Sensors there is a solid line of left hand so i just have curbing on the right-hand side the vehicle is steering itself i can go a little faster and i haven’t touched a steering wheel yet it’s telling me to apply steering once again i’m cruising controls at 40 we’ll go back down hold the steering wheel engage it and it drives itself this is so cool i’m gonna

Do a brief acceleration test here and showcase the 316 horses that are out of the hood so at zero punch it boom all wheel drive kicked in 6,500 rpm 40 45 50 boom almost up at 50 that’s pretty fast right only a few seconds that was nice and i got the heads-up display shows me what the speed limit is in the area that i’m at and it adjusts the speed limits on the

Heads-up display adjust based on new zones that i encounter so it’s got like us a speed limit sign recognition sensor up there so lets me know right now i’m in 35 mile per hour zone and i’m going 33 miles per hour i’m not sure what other people say about the ride and handling but for me it turns responds quickly to my touch there is a small body roll in it not

A whole bunch one thing i have noticed though i was at a shopping center that are day and getting in and out of parking spots is a little bit challenging with this longer vehicle and i think the the turning radius needs some help but i don’t know if you can really adjust that but i found that using the backup camera as well as the sensors around the car that i

Can get out of it just fine because it gives me a little alerts that i might be getting close to something there was one where it’s backing up there’s a pickup truck behind me there’s a big vehicle to my left and i had some hard time getting back and forth out of it but hey just one of the daily experiences that you’ll come up across when you’re driving this –

It’s got blind spot indicators that go off in the side mirror so if someone’s in my blind spot i’ll see it in both sides comfort wise though not much can beat the interior seats of this volvo i really like it and i can see myself doing long road trips because of all the different upgrades with this this vehicle so the msrp here on this 2018 volvo s90 is fifty four

Thousand one hundred but we have the inscription trim level a couple of packages those 20-inch wheels right here nearly seventy thousand dollars and that 70 thousand dollar mark may seem intimidating but so much great quality inside outside ride comfort power under the hood safety it’s definitely worth a look and absolutely a test drive thanks again to volvo for

The press loan this week and thank you for watching and subscribing drive safe we’ll see you next time adios how do you know you’re getting the best deal on a new or used car call eight four four seven six five zero six one zero make one phone call to hear about all the great deals near you we know all the brands and all the best deals we’re not a dealer we’re

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