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Heres What the Subaru Impreza P1 is Like to DRIVE | ANTILAG Sounds

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First Subaru on the channel. Absolutely nuts to drive, feels like you’re in a rally game!

Very quick very quick i was gonna guys welcome back to another video finally doing something not german on the channel for once we’re driving a limited edition subaru p1 so finally a japanese car and there’s mostly been a case of walk and get hold off to film if you know about your subbu you’ll know that these p ones only meant a thousand of them this is actually

The first super i’ll ever been in all of driven so quite a special one to stay off with hope people start covering more these impresses and evils in the channel as well some you guys should be able to see that sonic blue pages from yeah very special car the p1 i know some of you guys be quite excited especially if you’re big subaru fans this would be a new thing

For me so deftly looking forward to it yeah that’s the beast there the plan now is i’m essentially gonna give you guys a little walk out of the car and then yeah we’ll go for drive alright guys here we are via the subaru impreza p1 a very special car and finally doing a japanese car in the channel as well the goal of today is to basically have fun with this i’m

Not like a huge subaru nerd or anything i do appreciate wrc sort of inspired cars stuff like the evo’s and practices because i was into my rally games back in the day i used to watch a bit wrc as well so we’ll go over be able to spec on these things then we’ll take it for a drive and just jen you get a feel for how these things drive like i’m interested to see how

They’re compared to the modern stuff as well because he’s a proper drivers cause they don’t really make cars like this anymore yeah we’ll get started anyway we’ll begin with the engine of course 2 liter boxer engine standard they were around 280 horsepower this one has been tuned he has also d catch it as well so it’s making around 320 horsepower to modern standards

You probably think 320 that’s around the same as why you get from something like a golf or stuff like that but you gotta remember this thing weighs 1200 95 kilos most of the gear in it such with a very different cause they’re from a different era but i’m sure it’s fun in its own right there were a lot of changes made to the p1 to say apart from your normal subaru

Impreza turbos and it was actually built to tackle a lot of the inputs that were coming from japan so pro drive had a big hand in developing this car that’s why it’s called a p1 the main way to saw highlight is actually a two-door as well these big fog lights at the front now you got this aggressive body kit as well pickering at the back and he’s loved the alloys

As well you can see always ed pro-drive who’s really looking forward to checking out this thing when we go for a drive because like i said used to play a lot of colin mcrae rally back in the days yeah it sings lovely month just become just here just appreciate in the car we’re not gonna get too nerdy with the facts like i said just wanna see how these things like

Lovely p1 badge but this carbon fiber section here on the spoiler see i mean that’s a proper wing you’ve seen the wing on the back of my car not really a wing this is a hinge and we have it p1 badges row p1 on the exhaust tip as well yeah the thing looks awesome is finished in sonic blue the only color you could get the pretzel p1 in these things were developed by

Pro-drive so the main highlight that would be the fact that these things have been tuned for our uk roads there was only a thousand made as well so they’re quite limited run this particular car the owners had it for the last 12 years and he’s only driven it 4000 miles so a very clean example i just loved the location we’ve got it in as well it gives it a proper

Rally heave so vibe right now yeah just generally appreciate in the car when they were new the standard car you said you notice 16 4.6 seconds so bang on the same so figures you’d get from a modern-day car like a golf or of course a very different way of gaining speed manual olli there’s no dsg nonsense here i’ll just show you the interior we generally don’t see

Many of these model impresses anymore anyway let alone a p1 course interior classic 90s japanese cabin the main highlight is the seats ty pro-drive written on them as well i’m pretty sure they are recaro seats as well for more red golden logos here so pro-drive limited edition this is number 283 from walkin see manual gearbox as well no messing around alright so

Nice long door being a 2 don’t only no photos on the p1 let’s hop in first time i’ve actually sign any through this quite a special one to begin the videos where does fish all right very um buckety seats i can say i’m properly secured in here and you got quite a high driving position in terms of you can see directly out like there’s a bonnet scoop as well a very

Different driving position to um you see you also feels very small in here as well it goes to show how big cause of god now because this feels like the way this or width of the interior is it feels like super mini size it’s very strange for me what’s got the square mirrors it’s like a proper light you know driving position in terms of like a driver’s car like feels

Like you gain here to just do driving which is the main thing i know it sounds pretty self-explanatory but trust me when you’ve driven a lot of modern stuff like me you can definitely feel the difference when you get one of these right i know a lot of you guys might think that i’m a very german car focused kind of guy of course with the channel german cars have

Been the focus but stuff like this always gets me excited because i’ve always been into more wrc games mainly colin mcrae games if you guys know they were playing them since i was a kid month so the impreza and the evo always so played a big pile of that but of course they’re not that easy to get hold off stuff like i don’t know yes trees and golf are everywhere

Nowadays something like an impressive p1 you don’t come a buy every every now and again very special car what we’re gonna do now though we are gonna turn it on this car has got a lss also let me show you all the sounds the stuff of course boxer engines have that unique sound pls get to that but i guess a lot of riley vibes there as you had with the als switched

On let you feels like i’m about to start riley stage quite a special moment for me definitely because i’ve been used to hearing these sounds and riley games mainly or on youtube videos first i’m hearing impersonal you definitely feel like you’re doing something even when you’re having the call at the whole call at rocks yeah what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna find

Anything for a drive alright guys so here we are on the p1 i’m just getting uses a clutch it’s nice to be in something a bit more old school like clutches heavier and everything more like compared to your usual like safety jump in a golf or something another golf always comes up as an example on the channel but that’s mainly what we cover and also feels very compact

In here it feels like the size of like you know if you were to jump like a pole or something like feels that size in here but yeah it’s just getting used to it it just feels like even if i drove this slowly for the whole the drive i’d still be like side because for me it’s something new as mentioned i’ve always been into wrc but it’s like these cars are not really

On the roads much anymore you don’t really see them just driving around especially a p1 like this yeah i mean we on some pretty nice roads so as i get used to the clutch and he has big dump abuse like there’s one in your life as well third key and it just gets called 3,000 rpm they really gets going i can see why you laugh he blames their japanese cars definitely

I mean like i’ve always appreciated my nod or we talk about the matcha it’s not because i’m not into them it’s more about what i saw discussing the channel while get hold off most people drive german hatchbacks nowadays so that’s kind of what the channel was built on but yeah it’s not to say i don’t drive or like japanese cars these are something special for sure

Of course it’s not like your daily car but then you don’t read it why one of these for that this is a weekend tool this thing if you want to do rally stages but i don’t think anyone’s gonna take a p1 or a rally stage now they’re too special to do that get used to an hour for a second they are totally different you know see you can look at figures on paper but 320

In this and 320 like an estrogen are estoy different guarantee that okay genuinely doesn’t like anything up to it you only have to touch the gas for a few seconds and it just gives this awesome rush like you can feel other turbos coming on some might not just like this any power band you get in a lot of course nowadays all the hatchbacks and stuff the turbocharged

But they don’t give you that dump of boost registers it’s quite aggressive when it comes off the boosters were like if we like a feeler just shutting down like that filomena colin mcrae game right now that’s the way he comes honest it isn’t any model car look at this tierney has what guys like whatever you tell it to do it does like there’s no electric machine

Asturias a red direct steering delicious you feel like it’s sitting on top of the car like as you can see from this angle as well the bonnet scoop is right there i’m not saying very low it’s quite a high commanding driving position for what you think would be quite a low cost in any place not a sink why talk about the second again hey that sound when you laugh is

Very addictive it’s quite aggressive as all what it does it fully shoves you back when you let off the gas which is very unique rates you can feel they’re having bourbon is your boy like a modern car yeah i just stopped laying off to hear that news in a hangar two blips now and cole easy to feel with these things it’s a shame they don’t make cars anymore death

Leaves a shame i know you can get the super predator they putted the wrx sti attic i think we – dear or earlier this year was the last versions of them they made like a final runoff madhava that corn every took off to be honest the modern hot hatches you folks are as you call for us they kind of took over this segment in a way you know the 300 horsepower all-wheel

Drive touch back on a thing but they’re not they’re like these cars these are proper four-wheel drive systems to start with none of these frog biased ones which shuffle talk around these fiat panda corner you can’t guarantee source light stuff either this is i should be i mean our top i appreciate like you know for packaging reasons and efficiency you’d want those

Kind of systems you know holidays and stuff but yeah when you add power mid corn in one of these this is a proper four-wheel-drive system see there when it comes on power is totally different anything any other three for twenty was back on us for sure as you can see here the gearbox right here like steer this directs while the drought this means which is this on

Appeal i know some people don’t like a car that keeps you involved and i just sit back and just chill like autumn iock stuff like that this you better get involved see here you got barely in there beyond the parlor i just love this gearbox as well as paid direct shift it’s like right there gets flicked between the gears at the store i had to get used to the clutch

But once you get a better rhythm of it you can fully make a lot of pace in this you just got a saw get used to the way they drive in terms of life there are a lot more on it than say your modern car yes toy doesn’t think toy different thing this thing is very quick very very quick surprise my gopro stayed on the bucket is oh it’s the way does the speed as well

It’s not so much like you know the cars quick is more about like aggressively does it like i spoke to a few people before i got in the sea of this like just to get you don’t feel like you’re like friends affirm that but just that how it’s gonna be like to drive one of these and they all told me the same thing lather like it’s going to be a water drive and feel a

Lot faster than what the figures suggest like nowadays ph piece is gonna hand like everything’s for draws power line but they’ve got more norm as a result as well but that gear all these crests and corners good job or drove out to these roads as well something a bit different we have my usual back roads i’m pretty sure this thing could demolish tomorrow and all

The tight whiskey bits right so we just turn the als on you can air log over on us or just one position has changes quite aggressive but we’ll give it going doing or aggressive even more so – before the trial is a bit less smooth to get on them before but a lot more banks going on us for sure who wants to do they you just pulls you around you can feel like the

Four-wheel drive sending power which is a nice thing and the steering is so uncorrupted that’s the main thing you know like now electronic systems yet over a still all the time isn’t it yeah i’m pretty sold on the whole idea of a subaru definitely i mean i just it took it took a drive for me to finally see what their farm always appreciate them it’s not been the

Case like you know and all you that german of cars and i wouldn’t consider like a japanese cars more about waking your whole of the star with and also you don’t really see people’s driving around everyday so it’s a very special car hopefully we will drive a lot more japanese cars a channel from now on try some evo’s we’ll try some of the strippers as well my trial

Form a client modern super to see how maybe they’ve maybe gone backwards in a way cuz a lot of people do prefer these older ones see he does like sort of beg the question like why do a lot of people not like the the current day subaru impreza or the wrx sti because if you drove like this it definitely makes a nice alternative to having your regular hot hatch but

Maybe they’ve gotten more refined i mean this is dog sleep developed by pro-drive and then the full works so it’s probably not gonna be like this yeah with this yeah because anyway i think one will do you guys were up with the video here there’s a nice field for the subaru p1 the first super you’ve ever driven and probably one of the most special ones i’m going to

Drive i hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to get a bit of thumbs up as well and subscribe for a lot more content to come big thanks to the owners willful let me have a go it’s a very special car is eddy for 12 years and he only brings out occasionally so a big shot in here guys we’ll see you next one you you

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Here’s What the Subaru Impreza P1 is Like to DRIVE! | ANTILAG Sounds By TR Hamza