Heres Why The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Is The CRAZIEST Car You Can buy For 5,000 | Review

Welcome Back to JNS Daily Drives, Where Today, I Drive The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG!

Welcome back to jns daily drives everyone my name is jacob and today we’re gonna be taking a look at this 2012 mercedes-benz c63 amg in today’s video we’re gonna go over the exterior as well as the interior stuff a little bit about what’s powering this beast see what it’s like to drive let’s get started i’d like to start this video with the front end of the c63

The c63 has always had a very aggressive stance all the way stemming from the 2008 month it got refreshed in 2012 and looks even meaner keeping with those sharp edges that were the thing with mercedes back in that time on the hood here more aggressive lines down below painted black grille and lower splitter there looks very mean i think it looks absolutely awesome

The headlights also look really good when illuminated it’s really bright out so we won’t be able to see them we have more vents down below here to help with cooling and help with aerodynamics of the car you can kind of get a sense of the wheel arches on this car just from the angle that you’re at right now well take a better look at the side in just a second

But overall i think the front end looks really mean i’ve always loved the c63 s front end just so aggressive now we move to the side of the mercedes-benz c63 and we can begin to talk a little bit more about the design so as you can see this car is a lot more aggressive than a standard c-class from this era we have absolutely gigantic wheel arches in the front and

In the rear it’s absolutely ridiculous we have the 6.3 badging there and i’ll tell you in a second where this actually doesn’t have a 6.3 litre v8 but moving on we have a nice low side skirt down there and some beautiful body lines that add to the overall aggressive nature of this car we have these 19-inch wheels the standards are 18s but this has 19 inch black

Wheels which i think make it look absolutely beautiful 225 width in the front and 255 width in the rear and as you know c63 s are known to get out quite a lot especially with 255 s in the rear also to help stopping this car we have absolutely gigantic brakes huge ventilated discs in the front and in the rear which help with stopping immensely this car stops on the

Freakin dime you couldn’t stop it any faster if you crashed into a tree i’d like to talk a little bit about the rear seats space v somebody who is around 510 sitting in front of me i have plenty of legroom but as soon as somebody who’s six feet tall comes in here it’s a little bit tight i’m six foot two my headroom is actually not bad it is a little bit tight and

I almost hit my head but it’s good enough that i can fit in here any taller i think it might be a little bit too tight we have climate control back here as well overall it feels pretty snug back here i kind of like it now we move to the rear of the c63 where we can begin to talk a little bit about the diffuser the exhaust and the trunk space so on this model year

Of c63 we got this beautiful carbon fiber spoiler it fits in really well gives it a more aggressive look and overall add to you know what’s relatively an understanding car if it’s not driving and you hear it a little bit more flashy and i like that i think it looks really good it fits in well with the tinted windows the black wheels and the diffuser the diffuser is

Extremely aggressive three bladed diffuser that goes all the way down and then circles around those four exhaust tips this has one of the best sounding exhausts i’ve ever heard now amg is known for their exhaust and we’ll get to that in just a second but i’d like to take a look at the trunk space to see what it’s like back there open up like so the trunk speed is

Actually pretty good it fits pretty well i could probably fit probably three maybe four four might be pushing it a little bit but one of the interesting features about the trunk in the c63 is that it actually goes up on an incline once you get further back these seats do fold down giving you extra cargo space it’s a located right here is the cargo space with the

Seats folded up for five passengers and then right here is what the seats folded down now that we’ve gone over the exterior of the c63 let’s go ahead and talk a little bit more about that engine now that’s a 6.2 liter v8 producing 451 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque now i know the designation is 63 it says three on the sides there it says six point three

In the instrument cluster but what does six point three have anything to do with the six point two back in the day mercedes had a race car that had a six point three liter and that’s what this car is harping back to the six point three is harping back to that race car this car actually has a six point two liter or a six thousand 209 cc engine and trust me it sounds

Pretty freakin good so here it is the 6.2 liter v8 making a whole bunch of horsepower and a whole bunch of torque this amg engine was actually hand-built by man named sasha buchen all amg engines are hand-built and this is absolutely no exception i think we should hear how it sounds now that we’ve heard how the engine sounds let’s go to the back and get one of the

Meanest exhaust clips i’ve ever heard over all gone over the exterior of the c63 drive before we go on with the rest of this review i have to say a massive thank you to moon and the rest of the guys over at their national motorcars for providing me with the c63 for the day if you haven’t seen any of my videos recently they’ve been providing a lot of cars for us so

Special shout out to them linked in the description below as well as right here is their website along with the link to this exact car which is for sale right now make sure you go check them out so now that i’m inside and i’m driving the mercedes-benz c63 amg from 2012 we can begin to talk a little bit more about that engine and the transmission that it’s made it

To so like i said it’s a 6.2 not a 6.3 v8 naturally aspirated producing 450 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque and that’s all made it to a 7-speed angi speedshift mct and the transmissions are pretty quick when you’re in sport plus they’re very crisp when you’re in manual they’re also very crisp down shifts are a little bit lackluster they’re not as quite as

Quick as i would have when you’re in manual mode but that’s just a small little thing if i go over into manual mode they’re here this car is so much fun there’s very few cars out there that put a smile on my face quite like this one does this thing is absolutely ridiculous the power third gear let’s go down the second sixty plus fifty kilometers an hour whoa oh

My god this thing is absolutely insane whoo the sounds that it makes the speed that it gives the throttle response is so quick that’s the marquee of an amg cars just keeps going keeps hitting you like that it’s like getting punched in the face it’s absolutely insane say your husband your wife your girlfriend your boyfriend wants to drive it they don’t really like

Cars they don’t know how to drive performance cars they can keep it in comfort mode because it’s an automatic it’s super easy to drive there’s nothing difficult about it it’s like every other car it’s not until you turn everything up to 11 in manual or sport+ mode that you really start to feel what this car can do in terms of the way that it feels though and the

Comfort inside in comfort mode it’s pretty good you go over bumps you feel them but it’s not too bad these seats i’ll get to the seats in just a second the seats are amazing but income promote everything is pretty soft it’s like every other car going to sport everything’s a little bit stiffer sport plus that’s where things get pretty stiff and then you start to hear

The engine a little bit more now the seats the seats are very very very comfortable the bolstering on these seats are better than any bolsters i’ve felt on any other seat they’re also very comfortable too they’re firm with an on tune firm to firm it’s just that it’s hard to drive but in this car it’s pretty easy because we’ve got that nice suspension and we also

Have the nice seats and i just can’t believe how well these seats hold you in let’s talk about cornering for a second so the c63 is known for getting its tail out a little bit i say a little bit i mean a lot i’m not gonna turn off traction control but i’m gonna hit the tracking control button once to put it into sport handling mode okay let’s go into manual mode

Look at downshift into third all handles so well tight as a drum absolutely no body roll and as long as you keep it not going crazy until you get out of the corner you won’t die and that’s the most important part about this car is making sure that you’re safe so now i want to talk a little bit about the features the overall design and the feel of the interior

The quality of the materials in here are bar none the seats the leather everything feels absolutely fantastic the steering wheel one of the best steering wheels i’ve ever felt it just feels perfect in your hands perfect 9 3 position and then tending to you has a nice part as well flat talked as well as flat bottoms and a very unique design to the steering wheel

Itself i think it looks awesome it feels great in your hand you can ask for more from the steering wheel really the pops that this thing makes are insane if i go ahead open the sunroof hopefully the wind noise isn’t too too battles slow down just a little bit it just pops on command know what you want to do a lot of car what a car let’s go ahead we’ll throw it

Back into comfort mode so we can talk a little bit more about these safety features in this car so for an amg car for a car that has 450 horsepower and wants to kill you half the time it actually has a surprisingly good amount of safety tech we have blind spot monitors there which we have forward collision warning as well as lane keep assist this is all found in

The drive assist page on the central screen here attention assist blind spot assist lane keep assist they help immensely when you’re just in regular traffic because you don’t know what everybody else is gonna do not everywhere is just wide open road where you can floor the car so having these safety features is absolutely awesome in terms of space in the c63 i’m

Pretty good i have lots of headroom because of the sunroof i can lower my seat a little bit more i have some awesome bolstering which helps me hold any type hit room is good because i can release the bolstering in case you have wider hips shoulder room is also great i’m not really cramped at all in here like i said the rear space is a little tight but it’s not

Too too bad same goes for the rest the cabin it’s just very well spacious in here now i want to talk a little bit about fuel economy on a c63 which is a really funny thing to talk about in this car so i’ve been averaging around 22 litres per hundred kilometer which is terrible that is horrendous fuel economy but you don’t expect this car to have great fuel economy

Because it has a 6.2 liter v8 you just don’t expect things like that from this car and sure you’d be sacrificing it with this concept of getting maybe a c 350 but can a c 350 freaking rocket you like crazy no it can’t this might be the most fun car but i naturally ever driven and i’ve driven a lot of cars and this one very well might be the most fun of all of

Them i mean what more can you ask for what i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video on this 2012 mercedes-benz c63 amg as much as i did this thing is an absolute blast to drive one of the best cars for under $40,000 honestly in my opinion this could be the greatest car for under 40 grand make sure to smash that like button don’t forget to hit that subscribe button

As well we look forward to seeing you next time

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Here's Why The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Is The CRAZIEST Car You Can buy For $35,000 | Review By JNS Daily Drives