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High Speed Chase | 2022 Genesis G70 | Shutter Speed with Caitlin Ting | Genesis x MotorTrend

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For the third season of Shutter Speed, we partnered with MotorTrend to unite some of the world’s top female photographers and stuntwomen. The result? Action on action on action. First up is motorsport photographer Caitlin Ting along with host, actress, and stunt driver Ashley Cusato and stuntwoman Lea Croteau. Watch as they channel the classic LA-noir industrial feel to capture the excitement of a high-speed car chase in the stunningly redesigned 2022 Genesis G70.

It’s one thing to shoot a car that’s just sitting there still but to shoot a car that is drifting or creating any sort of motion it’s unreal there’s nothing compared to it today i woke up and there was a g70 on my doorstep we are here in malibu headed down to san pedro to the san pedro docks actually where i’m going to meet caitlyn ting some of the most iconic

Films in history have been shot down in san pedro the usual suspects fast and the furious to live and die in l.a we’re going to choreograph a really cool gritty chase scene so i’ve been working in the entertainment business as an actress and stunt woman there’s really no better way to show off the performance of this 3.3 v6 genesis g70 than to bring an inside look

To how car chases in the film industry are actually made and there is nothing sexier than a fast driving aggressive car chase hi caitlin so great to finally meet you in person it’s great to meet you in person so listen i saw some of your photography motor sports and drifting it’s absolutely phenomenal it’s gorgeous really stunning exciting stuff and i’m excited

Because we’re going to do some more of that today yeah i can’t wait in fact we actually have a race and stunt driver leah croteau who’s going to be here with us today so you are in good hands lee and i are here to choreograph and create some cool action car chase for you to photograph thank you guys for being here thank you you got it we’re here for your vision

So don’t be shy speak out today and we’ll do it we’re we’re like your paint brushes you know you just tell us what you want us to do and we’ll just fill the canvas with whatever you want i can’t wait we’ve got this warehouse and we’ve got this wharf behind us so it’ll be a lot of fun yeah it’s really cool they’re going to be coming in and around and up this ramp

Here into the warehouse it should be really cool and i brought out my lightest lens for this it’s my 4028 i bring it everywhere it’s my favorite lens to use i use it for all my drift events it’s like cheating every shot is perfect that was great if you guys could keep it a little tighter next time yes ma’am i’m shedding it once what i’m really looking for is

A nice head-on shot of them sliding around this corner to get up the ramp so i switched to my 135 so i could get a little more of the scene because we have the harbor behind for a shot like this i’m trying to really focus on the front of the car with the smoke behind it kind of just uh everyone always can spray and pray that’s pretty close copy that i think it’d

Be pretty dramatic if we did a j turn right through that warehouse door it will set the genesis and the chase car up nose to nose hey that’s a terrific idea and then maybe how about a reverse 180 after that you read my mind all right and action giving you a kiss i hope you like it that’s really great really dynamic yeah i think i think i got the shot oh look

How convenient there’s some water in this warehouse i think we should take a detour all right ashley so you’re going to drift through the puddle towards the door and leah you’re gonna chase spin to win i like it i think that should stay in i really liked it that’s right we’re dancing i did not expect the 360 now okay this is the last shot of the day i’m gonna

Have you drift out of the door and then drive down the wharf i love it that was awesome that’s a wrap that was it that’s all i wanted it’s perfect all units all right uh i was impressed by the g70 on many different levels i mean it’s chassis is athletic it’s sporty it’s agile and yet there’s like an elegance about it so the g70 just absolutely looked

Stable planted muscular just it would just go away from me every time so i really had to work for the shot i really liked the color i liked the lines there was one where i was on my 400 and i captured them coming towards me and i think that that’s a really dynamic shot there was another one that i captured of ashley drifting out of this door here and it kicked

Up a bunch of dirt and you can see the taillights they just popped and the genesis logo popped it was unreal the puddle photo i think that’s probably one of my favorite ones too there’s something really dynamic and interesting using water with cars the whole aspect of just working together with these three great females in such a great car wow we’re just kind

Of bouncing ideas off of each other and we really came up with some really good choreography i think you

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High Speed Chase | 2022 Genesis G70 | Shutter Speed with Caitlin Ting | Genesis x MotorTrend By GenesisUSA