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Hilux AMG Engine Swap 6.2-litre V8 from a C63 AMG, is this the maddest bakkie in SA?

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Oh i get a lot of funny looks when i go down the road firstly with a custom number plate it makes people wonder why would somebody do this maybe you can’t afford amg or something like that that’s possible as well i also got some 63 beijing on the sides and every robot i stop at the people the other vehicle and then i put in two and two together and then the

First question is is there really a 63 motor in there and it’s quite fulfilling to see people actually being amazed by the vehicle or what has been done on it hi my name is quinton boylan this is my what do you call it the amg ilux or it’s a hilux bucky or a little pickup truck whatever you want to call it with a 63 amg motor in it i built this vehicle because

Mercedes brought down the x-class and i never put a proper motor into it so this is a reliable toyota with a more reliable power source in it and maybe to be different than because i can do it and it’s it’s one of my dreams and that’s what i do it’s my passion building one-off vehicles if you can say that i’m the owner of colton toyota spares we specialise in

Cult and toyota buckys we’ve got a salvage yard so this is what it’s it’s part of my passion and i’ve got availability to spares and it’s part of actually marketing my business although it’s not my business to do conversions i’ve had a couple of guys asking me to do the conversions and i want to keep it exclusive and unfortunately i won’t be able to do i would

Not be able to do it i don’t want to do it for anybody else i want to keep the vehicle exclusive if that makes any sense yeah so basically we try to mimic is that the right word to put some amg love into the hilux it’s got amg brakes in the front it’s got amg look-alike wheels and then the interior as you can see is amg seats custom made for me by asg the

Car runs the motec m150 management done by mjr technologies they supply and fit all my my tech stuff i need to make this work and if it wasn’t for martin at mjr this would not have been possible though they do the wiring they do the honest and everything around that i only use my tech in each and every one of my vehicles and that’s from streetcars two road cars

Two track cars to my drag cars it’s proven technology the amount of stuff we can do that is amazing and i think the biggest thing beyond or behind it is martin from mjr he’s a pure genius and he’s always willing to assist and help and we’re always trying new stuff and new things on the systems we’ve actually mated a d4d3 liter diesel gearbox to this particular

Motor just to make it more drivable and enjoyable the previous one i bought was manual and it was just a sleep to drive it in traffic because obviously of the clutch preventing it to slip you had to put a copper racing clutch in it and it was a real sleep to drive the car so yeah this is a daily driver i use this thing i tell my other vehicles with it and i

Thoroughly enjoy it adapting the dvd auto gearbox to the engine was was quite a challenge because you also got a torque converter involved held enviou from mr systems did the adapter fires as well as the adapter that actually goes onto the torque converter which then bolts onto the ring gear of the 63 merc and it’s actually working fine we like i said we do it

As a daily drive it’s it’s it’s fun to drive in traffic and it’s not a hassle at all the chassis the chassis on this gt6 shape is much narrower than the d4d chassis we actually had a huge problem we tried to get branches or headers into this vehicle there is no space and we didn’t want to cut on the chassis so it’s actually running stock mercedes c63 headers

Within a baltic source that’s on the car obviously we tried to keep the core oem plus look if that makes any sense i hear everybody’s saying that but it looks stuck it looks the way like it’s supposed to be in there this is a facelift 2021 legend shape bucky so it’s not a new bucky that was brought off the floor it was actually accident damaged and i fixed it

In my panel shop or booty shop big up to my guys there that’s another part of my team anyway the face the facelift was brought in from malaysia uh which i brought in and i actually ate it on the bucket before they were even launched in south africa and then obviously none of this was possible and the conversion without my right hand man old hercules my name is

Chunky von vake it wasn’t possible without him even with all my cars my dryer cars my race cars my road cars and he’s also my second in charge in my shop the whole interior was built custom built by autozone by abdullah and his team we got alcantara covered dash red stitching the seats opc corsa seats we recovered that with amg theme the door panels has been

Done the center console the steering has been done it’s half a counter or off leather so it’s a complete custom interior just to bring in the theme or the amg theme also as the stitching on the seats and the diamond pattern on the seats so it’s all been done just to bring in some of the amg flavor into the toyota highlands i often get some people asking me the

First question if it’s for sale yes it is for sale for the right money so don’t catch a fright when i tell you how much i want for it oh

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Hilux AMG Engine Swap! 6.2-litre V8 from a C63 AMG, is this the maddest bakkie in SA? By