Hitchcrafter Review| Custom Bed 2022 Ram 5500| CDL Hotshot trucking

This includes my experience with Hitchcrafter located in North Carolina. Hitchcrafter.com

Thank you foreign what’s up guys welcome back to the channel you guys are new here my name is phil i go by 23 phil and today we are in the process so we are all strapped down and uh we’re going to obviously have them put on chassis coverage fenders and uh you know a fifth wheel and all that jazz it’s gonna be a couple toolboxes on here and uh

The tank unfortunately didn’t come fast enough i do have a fuel tank that i purchased um the my original fuel tank was uh basically as you guys see i have a black rds 95 gallon toolbox auxiliary tank combo that is what i ordered unfortunately it uh did not come in in time and they unfortunately had to sell me an aluminum one which i really didn’t want an

Aluminum one as i think that a black one because everything back here is going to be black i wanted a black one to kind of to to blend but whatever you know beggars can’t be cheesers and i’m begging like hell so we’re in the process we’re on our way to go get the fifth wheel and everything put on the truck of course we got blue bertha here she is uh ready

To assist us getting to north carolina we are headed to hitchcrafters hitchcrafters is a company they apparently specialize specifically in fifth wheel setups and hitches and beds and stuff like that i actually found them by doing a little bit of google searching after struggling for a while to find someone who is capable of doing this at a reasonable price

And i found it through hitchcrafter so uh we’re hoping all goes well let’s uh let’s go and hit the road see you guys soon foreign thank you foreign they appear to be just a small mom-and-pop operation and according to the young lady at the front desk they do numbers so it was hard personally for me to um to find someone who was interested in doing

The bed on my 5500 and personally like they are you know i mean fairly small like their website is actually very well done very well put together but for the most part like there was you know no youtube channel that i found um and if you literally just add an s if you just add an s to their website hitchcrafters.com it took me to some completely different

Sites so um you know their hitchcrafter.com they have literally you know there’s a couple trucks literally sitting right next to me a couple 5500s and then you know back this direction they’ve got um several uh copart trucks it looks like that they’re doing beds on um but basically you know essentially that’s what my truck’s gonna ultimately look like

With uh you know the fender setup toolbox and basically what how mine is going to be set up is the way that second one is set up over there with the fuel tank up there but personally i have already ordered my fuel tank separately because they i was told that they had an eight nine week wait on their fuel tanks and my plan was to actually bring my fuel tank

But it did not arrive on time as a matter of fact i got a text from uh uh the wife and she literally said that the fuel tank arrived today this morning so um although the fuel tank arrived you know i’m already here in north carolina i trailed it here on the new craftsman um and uh smooth as can be by the way um getting it here and i’m really excited for to

See what you know how this comes out but uh again you know i will you know be back talk more about you know my overall experience with hitchcrafter but again small mom and pop operation like that’s basically their shops across the street my truck got pulled into basically this uh building here and it appears that they literally do just one truck at a time um

It was my understanding that they are pretty booked out so they really didn’t have the time uh to you know for me to just bring and drop the truck off and for them to complete it but the fact that it only takes four or five hours from start to finish like is pretty damn impressive so it tells me that they’ve literally got these things you know the kits and

Things built and they’re literally a hundred percent done and essentially just in position to you know what i mean to literally crank them out but so based on what i’ve personally experienced i can say that i believe that you totally could you know jump the line if you will by simply bringing your truck up here dropping it off if there’s a day that someone

Cancels or doesn’t show up you know they’ll get to work on you know kind of the next truck in line if it’s already here so just my you know opinion in two cents just based on what i’m seeing in regards to their operation thus far but i’m super excited for this to be done the 5500 i’m you know eager for it to you know to hit the road and begin going you know

I’m going to be towing the new craftsman um utilizing the 5500 40k grocery weight rating we’ll be able to you know stack 22 23 000 pounds behind the 5500 comfortably um so i’m very excited for that so uh we will uh wait for the truck to get finished and i will tell you guys more about uh you know my overall review all right y’all well they said uh basically

Four to five hours to be done and uh i literally just rolled out of my bed out of the back of the truck holy there she is foreign successfully whitey whitmore is officially chassis covered with fenders and uh the fifth wheel hitch it is a 34 000 pound hitch a seven-way pin up there we do need to put uh some dot reflective tape here uh shout out to

Hotshot wizard for mentioning that to me um i mentioned it to hitchcrafter they said that they don’t do dlt reflective tape and they didn’t have any to actually install so it is what it is but we’re about to take the truck off the trailer um and uh get her put back in her driveway and finish getting her all set up we gotta we still got obviously if the

Stickers license plate um making sure all of our paperwork is together and uh we still have to build a bed for this for this specific truck thank you effects thank you that is going to do it for this video appreciate you guys watching as always please like share and subscribe if you haven’t already and any questions concerns comments please drop it

Down in the comment section i’d love to answer any questions you guys may have in the meantime stay hungry stay powerful peace

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