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Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 | Car Review

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This 2014 Honda Accord hybrid is one of the most fuel-efficient middle-size sedans on the market. The fuel efficiency is outstanding for such dimensions of a car. Accord Hybrid achieves an overwhelming 30.0 km/l. Watch this video to learn more about its great features and accessories. Enjoy! 😊

This 2014 honda accord hybrid is one of the most fuel efficient middle-sized sedans on the market the ninth generation of the accord lineup offered since 1976 features advanced innovations keeping its credit as reliable and built to last this time the overall dimensions of the car are smaller than the previous generation now the accord is closer to the civic

It is a good choice as an executive limousine or taxi because of its high level of comfort and low consumption the front appearance is characteristic of honda with its large batch and chrome aerodynamic grille it perfectly blends in various sensors of honda sensing comfort and safety equipment system such as lane keep assist system adaptive cruise control and

Collision mitigation braking system 2014 accord features an advanced dual projector squared lens headlights and led daytime running lights a dynamically shaped bumper incorporates slim and efficient fog lights the grille has an interesting honeycomb like structure that reaches good aerodynamics with no troublesome active shutter mechanism as used for example

By toyota in the previous plug-in it’s a 4-door 5-passenger middle-sized sedan it is elegant and restrained despite being smaller than the previous generation it offers more space in the back seat it has a fairly taller roof line and bigger windows than competitors thus the rear visibility and comfort for the second row passengers are high a cart’s length is

4881 millimeters its width is 1849 millimeters and its height is 1460 millimeters it comes with 17-inch unique alloy wheels designed for the best aerodynamics the classic sedan with the spotty twist has an elegant rom stripe on the stately boot lid and large led tail lights the spalty aggressive looking aerodynamic bumper features a rear air diffuser the boot

Space is close to 495 liters unfortunately the rear seats are not foldable and there is no trunk pass-through as well cord’s interior offers ample space the seats are comfortable and soft the multifunctional steering wheel has a wide adjustment wrench enabling the driver an ergonomic and comfortable position the instrument cluster is digital and user friendly

All relevant data is displayed pleasantly dual screen setup for navi dvd radio and reversing camera dual zone ac and valuable accessories a dedicated ac outlet for passengers traveling in the rear seat is a nice feature this honda accord includes accessories and features such as keyless entry push start power window power mirrors airbag abs and more the engine

Is honda’s innovative hive efficiency system of new generation powertrains airstreams technology two motor hybrid system it is a four-cylinder atkinson cycle ivy tech 1990cc equipped with the mu sport hybrid immd system combining electric and combustion power demonstrates smooth and powerful acceleration performance achieving excellent comfort and quietness the

Power of the combustion engine is 146 ps it is coupled with a maintenance free 169 ps electric motor the maximum engine torque of the gas engine is 16.6 kilograms per meters from 3500 to 6000 rpm the torque of the electric drive motor is 31 kilograms per meter the big horsepower of both the gas engine and the two motor hybrid drive system is 199 horsepower a cord

Hybrid has a 1.3 kilowatt hour the ion battery its operational capacity is covered by honda’s warranty up to 10 years or 240 000 kilometers the transmission is ecvt and front-wheel drive the fuel efficiency is outstanding for such dimensions of a car accord hybrid achieves an overwhelming 30 kilometers per liter if you are interested in buying a honda accord

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