Honda Civic Type R Vader Addition: ride out with my pals super civic

I went out with my pal in his awesome Honda Civic Type R which has a few mods. went out for the good of the channel, so big up to my dude Jason for taking me out in the Sith Lords daily driver.

Hey welcome to come to the cliche even my pal stand at the side here jason say hello jason afternoon all right so um starting to get into kind of the whole gig of car videos and the very first one we’re going to do is my pal jason’s absolutely four honda civic type oh but you can see they’re just in the background i think i think the superlord himself would drive

This to test scores to get these weekly shopping and looks absolutely dope man i really really good um you’ve got to drive here get some photos do some cinematics have a walk around with jason a bit of a blast back then we’ve drove here i’ve made sure he’s just kept his foot very much off the gas just so i don’t get any surprises i don’t want to spoil they couldn’t

Surprise me with buckle yeah check that out let’s have a walk around dude see if it is you’ve done quite a bit yeah yeah november last year um the standard got it from uh honda in durham one previous owner and we need more mail so i might get it really um so straight away got into the full kit a full matching kit all around and then um so what’s it called

That’s uh you’ve done one of the most recent things about uh the handmade um custom intake and then it was remapped last month at the 350 horsepower that was in the wet law so i couldn’t really get all that well i don’t it was absolutely chucking it down so i’m going back with motors tuning um in a couple of weeks i’m gonna do another couple of runs and see what

Electric comes out with because you can get these up to 510 horsepower can you uh there’s a guy down in leicester somewhere he’s got like 505 and i’ve got some forged engine stock is a 300 though 310 my 306 to 310 standard but um i’ve got a palace back one and there’s this map up to 400. the more power you’ve got the more engine where you get all right so this

Is come on let’s have a look at your handy book so you’ve built your own intake haven’t you i swear even choose to quit tonight same power output only use the forge forge and tear pipe and k n 54 5000 series intake um with a replaceable cleanable filter a genuine honda maf sensor so that constantly 300 quid to build a lot cheaper yeah and it starts and it’s

At the beam up and it’s hard to remap the intake i’m gonna tell it air the air bypass deleted foreign dashboard so good oh that’s like to get computer game level yeah so you know jeez and that is quick that wasn’t full that is quick then wait what a little drive then let’s see let’s see what it’s all about you’re teasing what are you doing there

You’re teasing it it is quick that’s not even in armored this is just normal driving mode with where’s our mode onwards when you hit this so yeah it changes what does it do like it changes the um accelerator sensitively so instead of having to press the axillary i say you want half power don’t press it down to half late sending it oh just gives you extra but

It gives you everything takes off all of the abs and safety devices it’s sharpens the suspension again it’s basically track mode oh is it 2017 devices off and what’s what’s all the sounds that’s going on there that’s the ntx that’s the intake the intake um and then between gear changes people get it okay i run up yeah a little i’ve stopped listening to the

Stereo i wouldn’t rubbish now running the doors down at the shop whatever the radio on but if i’m out on the road geez oh yeah as well it’s it’s when emma’s in the car you’ll be laughing i can’t stop smelling it is midnight it’s absolutely it’s good living around here as well because um like we’re on the outskirts of durham so within them so in the top

That’s what it’s made for take hands and chalk breaking the downside of the car really is the running costs so i get i’m looking i get 30 miles per gallon that’s just driving normally 30 thirdly if i’m being careful um but the other thing is they because it’s it’s been telling it’s like a future classic oh i only made a thousand and seven of them what did that

Um there’s a there’s a big internet search at the minute to try and find all the cars based on the r numbers down here what’s yours zero four two one three but um so they found about half of them but there’ll be a lot of bean scrap that i’ve been around the same with anything like this still there so i’m i’m glad it’s time to just get less and less and less and

Less you keep it late decent you’ve gotta you’ve got to spend the time on it servicing the maintenance so i’m booked in for the next service the six year service which is the big one i think this is as quick as the lunacorn is what sorry is this as quick as they’re playing the corn faster snow 16 about five seconds this is going to be it’s 5.5 standard with with

A map in the nta i don’t know five maybe five i have it that’s where i’ve been doing the concerts it’s gonna have to have a head to head on we will we’ll have to get find a board like this actually the best way to do it is to roll along with 20. do it

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Honda Civic Type R Vader Addition: ride out with my pals super civic By CantShakeTheCliche