Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Review – 47 Miles of Pure EV Range

Welcome to the jarvis sea 2018 marks an important year for honda it’s really gonna be the year they’re gonna look back and say this is when we really started the electrification process of all of our vehicles earlier this year we reviewed the hydrogen fuel cell clarity a few months ago they did a soft launch of the b ii v or battery electric vehicle and now we have

The all new plug-in hybrid clarity before launching the plug-in hybrid honda conducted focus groups around the country and it’s amazing how many people have no idea what a plug-in hybrid is of course you can have range anxiety with any kind of alternative fuel vehicle but this is in my opinion the best of both worlds so one way to look at this car is that it’s a

Pure electric vehicle for the first 47 miles on a full charge and that’s significant because maybe you only have a 10 mile commute to work you may never have to visit a gas station but for those times when you do need to have some serious range you have a 300 mile trip once the electric is used up you have a traditional hybrid vehicle much like a toyota prius so

It really does give you the best of both worlds and with a starting price of $33,000 it makes a lot of sense under the hood of the plug-in clarity you will find a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder atkinson cycle engine the combined horsepower and torque 181 horsepower 232 pound-feet of torque it really is an impressive vehicle yo honda says that by 2030 electric vehicles or

Some combination of electric will make up two-thirds of their lineup this is not the first time that honda has brought a plug-in hybrid to market a few years ago they had an accord plug-in it didn’t do so well primarily because it only had about 20 to 25 miles of range but 47 miles of range the clarity is clearly head and shoulders above most of the competition

The exception will be the chevy volt on the felt to have a real impact on the market they needed their own platform which is why you have these three clarity vehicles now overall i like the styling and when you look at certain individual elements it looks good however there’s this i can’t for the life of me understand why they went with this this reminds me of

Gm cars from the 60s and 70s when they had this removable flap just need to get to the tire i know it’s for aerodynamics but it really does make this car look less attractive i’m hoping there’s gonna be some kind of mid-cycle refresh in the next couple of years to address this the cargo area of the clarity is surprisingly roomy and you can even have the option of

Folding down the seats that’s all good now a lot of time you see these electric vehicles especially ones that have been retrofitted like an accord for example and you lose a lot of trunk space because this vehicle was designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle they’ve addressed that where i think honda was a little bit short-sighted is not making this

Into a hatchback you already have the can back design and while hatchbacks years ago we’re not that accepted in the market today in the u.s. they’re very much accepted and i think it would just be a better vehicle and would have a lot more utility on the boast best-in-class rear seat room as you could see it’s extremely roomy in here and there’s room for actually

Five adults in this car unlike some of their competitors it’s actually a good place to be the sufficient headroom not bad there we go 60 as you could see the clarity is not gonna break any speed records but it’s also not slow you have different drive modes normal as the default and you have econ if you really want to eke out a few extra miles of range and sport

Mode which we’re in right now the other thing you have are these paddles which you’re going to start seeing on more and more electric vehicles the leaf went with this a paddle but the bolt for example has that has one paddle shifter to basically slow you down using the regenerative braking this one has two on the left you have the negative which will slow you down

And on the right you have the positive which can actually speed you up without having to actually touch the accelerator now overall i think they’ve done a great job i like the instrument panel i like the gauge cluster it’s very futuristic you have an eight-inch infotainment system with apple carplay and android auto standard the upgraded package and the touring

Includes satellite navigation not very necessary but when you look at the seats in the touring you get the more comfortable power seats versus the manual seats in the in the base model overall i think they’ve done a brilliant job with the packaging it’s priced right and certainly positioned to take on the competition this is not a volt but it is a chevy and we

Recently drove a volt which is the top competitor for the plug-in hybrid clarity now when you compare the two cars the volt is a little more expensive has about five miles or 10% more range but i think that’s really where the comparisons stop this is just a better driving car i have more faith in honda it’s less expensive and deteriorate just blows the interior

Of the volt away starting price i mentioned 33,000 for the base model a little over 36,000 for the touring model we’re driving here today i really like this car i like where honda is going with it if you want that $7,500 federal tax credit you better hurry because right now all indications are that the government will not renew it for 2018 but they may surprise

Us thanks for watching i’m ron door and we’ll see you next time on the driver’s seat

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