Honda CRV Hybrid Review

Honda has put it’s hybrid technology into the CRV and they have done a great job. The 2020 CRV is an excellent all around vehicle. Be sure to check out the next video to see how it does off-road!

Welcome to engine adventures today 2020 honda crv touring trim and it’s the hybrid model i’ve actually really enjoyed this hybrid it does have a cvt but it doesn’t pretend to shift like a lot of other cvts do it actually just holds the rpm where it should be which i really like if you’re gonna have a cvt might as well optimize it for what a cvt is made for also

When you use the paddle shifters to downshift essentially because it will not uh do the up shift portion of it the same way or downshift i guess what it does is apply engine braking or regeneration since this is the hybrid model it will charge the battery and use the resistance from that as you’re using the down paddles so the downshifter paddle you can hit it

Like i don’t know i think four times and each time it adds a little bit more engine breaking to it pretty cool so it’s powered by this little earth dreams four-cylinder engine and it’s got the electric motors and i’m not exactly sure if it’s got a generator and a motor i will have to research that and put it up on the screen it does seem to work really well it

Does have a standard battery there are a lot of hybrids that don’t have a standard battery as well or at least a few not a lot and so they they use the hybrid battery to run a 12-volt section off of it as well unlike other hondas there’s only one spot here so on like the pilot and passport and ridgeline and stuff there’s a few slots so you can raise the hood up

Really high but it’s easy enough to reach into this one just like the rest of honda’s vehicles it doesn’t pass the fog light test which in this vehicle is probably okay but there’s still times on the road when you want to have your fog lights on without your headlights on so i mean it would be nice to have actual fog lights the all-wheel drive system is actually

All driven from the front i believe there’s a clutch pack here right in front of the rear differential so it has a full on you know drive shaft and everything running to the rear wheels even though it’s front wheel drive biased some hybrids many hybrids that are all wheel drive actually will have electric motors powering the rear only so there’s no power from

The gas engine this one is not that way it’s powered by the gas engine and the electric motors all right inside it’s really nicely appointed like i said it is the touring trim which is the top trim heated seats nice leather in uh everything just looks good i don’t know whether that’s real or fake but still looks good and good sound system it’s still i don’t

Know what options it’s missing here but lots of uh little cubbies i mean it’s a honda so honda always does a really good job with all those little cubbies and it’s a pretty basic setup which is not a bad thing so there’s not a whole bunch of frills and other things all around trying to grab your attention and distract you i mean it does have a few screens this

Is just showing what the engine is doing as far as powering the wheels powering the battery or if it’s regenerating and then this other one for off-roading this tells you this one tells you where the power is going which wheels have power over here on the left is the battery up there on top is kind of like the tachometer and just on the left if you have a green

Bar coming to the left as you’re driving that means it’s regenerating and if there’s this white bar going to the right then that’s how much power you’re using so if it’s all the way to the right you’re giving it full power and so it’s kind of like tachometer not quite the same thing of course but similar it does have wireless charging and again honda storage

Honda always has interesting storage solutions there’s a power outlet down there two usb ports up here it only has the three drive modes you have full ev economy and sport fully v it’s a little bit hard to drive in full ev mode this one was actually easier than other vehicles i’ve driven some vehicles i’ve driven you go to full ev mode and as soon as you hit 20

Miles an hour 25 miles an hour it switches out of ev mode or if you push the gas a little bit too much this one they give you a little more leeway on pushing the gas but um anyway this one does pretty good at staying in ev mode only instead of kicking on that gas engine up here my big tofosi jet sunglasses do fit in there not very many vehicles have that so i

Was happy to see that and then of course it’s got the sunroof and you can set the mirror up if you do it right there we go so you got that mirror that can show you everyone in the car let’s jump in the uh middle row real quick i don’t know if there were too many features i mean it does have before we jump in the middle row the heated steering wheel the adaptive

Cruise control and those bars are how far away you are from the vehicle in front of you it’s got the lane keep assist it’s got road departure mitigation and so i’ve been trying to do better about testing all this stuff but every single time i use it in any vehicle it does something weird and so i was just driving down the freeway to me the lines were perfectly

Clear somehow i picked up a crack in the road or something i have no idea what it picked up and it tried to swerve basically out of the lane into the lane next to me luckily i was paying pretty close attention but other than that the system worked well for i don’t know maybe half an hour of driving and then i turned it off after that just because i don’t want

Something to happen when maybe there’s a car right next to me or a semi i’m really close to other vehicles and it just decides that it’s going to make a sharp right hand turn in the middle of the freeway so i turned it off and you know those systems are great but they’re just not there yet so i usually turn them off this time i tried it out and i still had to turn

It off let’s jump in the in the back seat take a look around back here there’s plenty of room that’s my driving position i’m five foot ten probably 511 with these boots on but there’s a decent amount of space there for me and my driving position i actually slid the seat back a little bit so i could show you the steering wheel and stuff a little easier so the uh

Might be a little bit more room even than what i’m showing a couple of charging ports back here you got vents here but also right there not on this side i wonder if that’s an air intake van i don’t know um decent speakers back here cup holders are in the doors and in the center armrest and that’s about it for the middle row even though this is the touring package

It’s not um like a super luxury vehicle if you’re looking for that kind of stuff you have to go to acura if you’re looking for the honda style so these door hinges i’ve got a 2012 pilot and i hate these so they’re plastic and they just have these little bumps right here on my pilot they don’t work after you know i mean they kind of work if you’re on any sort of

A slope or whatever they don’t work very well so i’m surprised they’re still using that same system after so long maybe it’s something just with mine maybe not let’s take a look in the back here i do have a bunch of crap here right now a bunch of stuff um there is a decent amount of space i mean you can fit luggage for four four or five people in there pretty

Easily and to fold the seats down you just grab these levers it’ll fold down you get a flat loading floor might as well just do that so you get a pretty flat loading four all the way up there and it’s easy enough of course this cargo cover comes out but that’s not too bad and then let me shut the camera off and move all this stuff and then we’ll look underneath

At the spare tire stuff all right so before we open this up there are a few anchor points around on the uh sides there and you can use those to tie things down if you need to but i don’t see any up front so that that’s for the seat but there aren’t any others up there kind of weird so underneath here it’s kind of your emergency stuff that’s your emergency fuel

Fill it’s a capless system so it has those two uh flaps i guess you have to push open so the first one’s up here and then the second one’s down there some spigots aren’t big enough on gas cans to be able to get both of those so they include these with a lot of vehicles i don’t know if i’ve explained that in other videos probably have but so an interesting thing

Under here so you got this huge thing i don’t know why that’s so deep i mean i guess i would personally if i wanted more storage in there maybe remove that so you can use this whole thing as a storage and then down here they just give you basically a flat repair kit and let’s see if i can undo that anyway that’s a an air pump 12 volt air pump and it has right

Here so you have the air setting you can flip that over to repair setting that’ll pump in basically the slime or whatever if you’ve used that stuff before to help seal it and then you pump it up it’s a more efficient way than using a spare tire but you know if you have a blowout or something big of course it’s not going to work for that so one thing up front here

You have a volume knob but it doesn’t translate into a tune knob at all so you just have the one there you can control them from here and if you just touch it and let go it goes to your presets if you touch the button and hold it down left or right it will switch through stations one at a time otherwise you got to come over here and switch through them that way

Not the worst thing in the world especially if you just have a few presets you listen to you can scroll through them there on the steering wheel easily but uh one thing that i don’t like personally is not having a tune knob everything else is really easy to use you have your climate control stuff all right there dual zone and all that other stuff’s really easy

To use as just the radio knob and then the push button transmission some people don’t like it i mean i don’t care it works great doesn’t bother me at all a lot of people would prefer a shift lever or a shift column obviously a manual transmission would be great but in a hybrid that’s a little difficult and we’re in america so death to the manuals i guess um but

Yeah that’s easy just push the brake push the button whatever one you want to go into reverse you do have to stick your hand in there and pull it down so it makes it a little bit of a lockout mechanism it makes it harder to accidentally hit reverse because it takes a little bit of effort and then neutral again foot on the brake push neutral if you’re trying to

Get out it will as soon as i open this door put it in park and that’s in any of the modes put it in drive so to keep it in neutral you hold the button down for a while oh hold there you go push it again there you go so now we’ll stay in neutral even if i open the door so uh sport mode adjusts the throttle it just makes it more aggressive economy is the exact

Opposite and then ev is full electric um to go back to normal mode you just push so if you’re in sport mode it does change everything to red turns on the engine as well in sport mode um but turn it off you just push the button again same with the economy typically i drive around in economy i’m getting about 30 miles per gallon right now not bad let’s go over the

Monroeni of course this thing is supposed to get better than 30. so there’s 38 miles per gallon combined 40 city and 35 highway and um i’m not too far off of that but i am a little bit lower than what that’s saying so we get the two liter v-tech four-cylinder engine all-wheel drive system and the uh hybrid sorry the color of this one is sonic gray it’s kind of

Like a bluish gray i like it base price 35 950 and total price 39 950 interesting there’s no additional destination charge and no options on this vehicle which that’s kind of cool for it to be this well equipped with no options but again it is the uh touring package or touring trim level and the hybrid so there are a bunch of extra things in there like those

Standard safety features we talked about all this leather and everything standard on this top tier touring trim congratulations to jacqueline out in california for winning the high lift handle all kit and the mymedic first aid kit be sure to stay tuned so that you can participate in any future giveaways thanks for watching engine adventures review of the 2020 honda

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