@Honda Fully Unveils 2024 Prologue, Its First-Ever Electric #SUV

Honda Fully Unveils 2024 Prologue, Its First-Ever Electric SUV

October 6 2022 at 9am eastern time following several teasers honda has fully unveiled the design of its first all-electric suv the prologue arriving on the north american market in 2024 the honda prologue combines a brand-specific design the work of the honda design studio in los angeles and the general motors sourced altium platform honda says the prologue will

Complement its light truck lineup as it will be positioned above the crv and alongside the passport offering generous passenger and cargo space the electric suv has a wheelbase of 121 8 inches 3 0 9 3 millimeters identical with the cadillac lorike and chevrolet blazer ev and is about 8 in 203 millimeters longer and 5 in 127 millimeters wider than the all-new 2023

Honda crv the exact dimensions are 192 inches 4 876 millimeters in length 78. 3 in 1 988 millimeters in width and 64. 7 in 1 643 millimeters in height for comparison the cadillac lorike is slightly longer at 196. 7 and 4 996 millimeters and the blazer ev is about 194 and 4 927 mm long the cabin is said to offer ample space for passengers and cargo although honda

Does not provide details the automaker does talk a lot about the design which it describes as neo rugged with a clean and simple surfacing highlights include the front fascia influenced by the distinctive exterior of the honda e urban ev the sleek horizontal tail lights united by a trim element featuring honda lettering in a stylized typeface the large 21-inch wheels

And the panoramic roof all these are said to give the honda prologue a capable and planted exterior if you look closely at the rear end shot the prologue also features the brand’s e series name badging to align with honda’s global ev models the prologue will be available in an exclusive north shore pearl exterior color inspired from the natural beauty and colors

Near lake tahoe in california furthermore honda says the visual of fresh fallen snow on the mountains was used to inspire the exclusive charcoal and light gray interior color speaking of the cabin the electric suv showcases a tech-rich interior featuring a standard fully digital 11-inch driver display panel and an 11. 3-inch audio connectivity display we can also

Notice physical buttons for the climate control and seat heating under the central touch screen a multi-function steering wheel and a tall center console with a wireless charging pad for the mobile phone two cup holders and a covered storage compartment under the central elbow rest our goal was to create a clean harmony based on a rugged suv image by coordinating

The colors and materials to express neo rugged design styling that’s familiar to our customers and uniquely honda masaki sumimoto design led for the color materials and finish honda is not talking powertrains for expected to borrow one of the dual motor setups available on the chevrolet blazer ev though maybe not the 557 hp powertrain from the range-topping ss as

With the blazer ev the base choice should be a single motor fwd powertrain offering a range of around 250 miles 402 kilometers the japanese automaker plans to launch 30 new evs worldwide by 2030 with a global sales volume of 2 million units in north america the expansion will begin with the prologue in 2024 followed by the models based on honda sony architecture

In 2026 and a new series of affordable evs co-developed with gm in 2027. all these models will be made in north america source honda motor company thanks for watching credits to insideevs.com and spied build llc please like my video and subscribe evpedia for more electronic vehicle news and updates

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