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#Honda HR-V #Vezel vs #Toyota #Corolla #Cross 2022.

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The #HondaHRV 2022 version for European customers will start to be sold later this year with a new generation Hybrid engine system that helps the car save more fuel than the Toyota Corolla Cross.

Power no the honda hrv 2022 version for european customers will start to be sold later this year with a new generation hybrid engine system that helps the car save more fuel than the toyota corolla cross the toyota corolla cross is a combination of sedan and suv steering wheel dashboard design the kerala minimalist design dashboard with mechanical buttons has

Been omitted is the point that is very popular with customers this is a flat design with two trayvon’s oil air vents in particular the shiny chrome line running along the body connects the two air conditioning vents to make the interior more luxurious the lower half of the dashboard is covered in dark red leather with the same color as the seats and door topping

A glance at the interior compartment of the honda hrv 2022 can see that hard plastic materials are still used a lot this makes some customers a bit disappointed because they have not yet felt the luxury the steering wheel of the toyota corolla cross has a three-spoke design like the old version and is covered with smooth leather with many convenient buttons the

Underside of the steering wheel is covered with luxurious chrome plated lines and helps to design the cockpit in harmony behind the steering wheel is a 7-inch tft color screen speedometer cluster that is more customizable suitable for young people the new honda hrv for the european market has been detailed with arguably the most important part of the car the hev

Hybrid powertrain the only powertrain option in the old continent currently toyota corolla cross 2022 has two engine options specifically two zrfe gasoline engine 1.8 l and hybrid engine inside 1.8 l four-cylinder in-line petrol engine dual vvti with a capacity of 140 horsepower at 6000 rpm torque of 177 newton meters at 4 000 rpm super cvt i continuously variable

Transmission the hybrid engine for the high-end version has a 600v electric motor maximum capacity of 72 horsepower torque of 163 newton meter besides there is a 2 zrf xc petrol engine 1.8 l with a capacity of 98 horsepower and 142 newton meter of torque the engine is equipped with an ecvt transmission but the hrv 2022 will mainly operate on an electric motor

Producing 131 picoseconds and 253 newton meters of power it is powered by a generator and a 1.5 liter atkinson four-cylinder ivtec engine that produces 106 horsepower and 127 newton meters of torque this engine will take on the task of pushing at higher speeds the petrol engine can also charge a lithium ion battery powering the vehicle in electric only mode for

The first time honda announced the acceleration time of 0-100 kilometers slash h for the hrv with the time of 10.6 echo seconds fuel consumption is rated at 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers combined under the wltp cycle the shorter gear ratio in the single speed transmission between the electric motor and the wheels also helps increase acceleration toyota corolla

Cross 1.8 gc vt engine and performance powering the toyota corolla cross 1.8 g cvt is a modest 1.8 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine taken from the kerala alta sedan using the same basic platform here in the toyota corolla cross 1.8 gcv cvt the engine pairs with a simple cvt continuously variable transmission and produces 140 picoseconds of

Maximum power and 172 newton meters of peak torque toyota corolla cross 1.8 g cvt features in keeping with its positioning as a premium car the toyota corolla cross 1.8 gcvt has been equipped with a long list of smart equipment even though it is a base variant toyota corolla cross 1.8 gcvt has been equipped with details such as projector headlights with daytime

Running lights led fog lights and taillights electric and power folding outside rear view mirrors height adjustable driver’s seat 60 40 split rear seats multi-function steering wheel push-button start automatic climate control 6.8 inch touchscreen infotainment system with six speakers front airbags side curtain and driver’s knee abs with ebd and brake assist

Vehicle stability cont control traction control hill start assist reverse camera and rear parking sensors as with the jazz and city the hrv automatically switches between electric hybrid and powertrain depending on which powertrain is most efficient in a given driving situation there are also three driving modes that can be selected by the driver the sport setting

Provides more responsive throttle response while the econ reduces throttle and adjusts the air conditioning for increased efficiency normal pr provides a balance between the two honda says the e hev powertrain is more efficient than the split electric hybrid system other companies are using especially toyota its single speed transmission provides much less drag

Than conventional planetary gearboxes by minimizing gear shifting ultimately reducing energy consumption using only electric power honda hrv 2022 is equipped with electronic handbrake auto hold downhill assist wireless phone charging and usb connection port front and rear seats are covered in leather with felt mechanical adjustment depending on the version the

Car can be equipped with a panoramic sunroof or not the speaker system has been tuned and fine-tuned by real-life car experts creating an acoustic space with the most authentic feel you

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